The life of Bread

all you need is a can of beer and an egg and self raising flour.
thats it.
Beer bread/damper.

For Sourdough:
The addition of an egg will spoil the base starter. Egg and ingredients other than flour and water are added after the "seed" amount is removed from the "sponge" and returned to the starter. Self raising flour should not be added to the starter.
It does takes a bit more attention to detail for the rise time of sourdough is effected by the temperature of the kitchen and coarser grained flours work quite well with a sourdough starter. Low or no salt breads are easy to make as are low fat breads. One of my favorites is a low fat, no salt, rye bread that, when toasted, is wonderfull with a thick slab of butter on it.

thanks for the nudge to get the starter going. I've been eating up the results. :)