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Roseville, Ca
Warmest Greetings to Everyone,

I've been lurking and posting on the Baha'i forum for a week or so now and only just got around to looking at some of the other forums.

Ummmm...let's see; I'm 40 y.o. mom & wife. Raising 1 14 y.o. daughter & 1 12 y.o. son (gave a child up for adoption 20 years ago and am in contact with again). I live in Roseville, Ca and have been a Baha'i for just a little over 19 years.

I'm a "Cancer", a cat lover, enjoy video games a little too much. :D I'm passionately in love with my husband and we've been together 6 years (just had our anniversary). I love reading, religion, reading about religion. :) I HATE house work with a passion, too. I have an eclectic taste in music, though I do have issues with Country Western & Rap as a whole.

Any questions? :)

p.s. you can always address me either by Starrfyre or Dana ;)
Welcome to the forums, Stafffyre, and sounds like a similar taste in music. :)
wil, frankly, I also like pop music a lot. I think I've finally come to an age where I can admit it with little shame. :) But being that my parents are about a generation older than most of my peers (they're in their mid 70's) I had a different exposure when I was very young. I'll happily admit I like 40's swing. I'd love to learn how to swing dance, but we're a little too broke for that right now.

BTW, I know it's a greeting, but could you explain what exactly "namaste" means? And how to pronounce it please?
nah-mah-stay the light in me recognizes, honors and salutes the light in you.

learning to dance is extremely cheap and a great family experience...usually for under $10 a person you can dance for 3-4 hours...that's family entertainment... I googled for ya...Sunday night dances...$5 a head...that is less than 2 bucks an hour!!

and wanna see something the kids can pick up in one night, try contra dancing...its an aerobic ball!
Hmmm...looking at the links now; thanks for those. And thanks for the pronunciation and definition. I needed it. ;) I like it a lot, by the way.

*comes back from taking only a quick peek at sites* wil, you're GOOOOD! I realize I gave out my info, but DANG! You know how to get the information out there. I am seriously impressed. Thank you very much!

*comes back from a more in depth look* I could KISS you!!! I think you just gave me a social life beyond the computer! YEEEEAAAAA!!! (and my husband is looking very amiable to the whole idea, too. Seriously, I'm giddy! WEEEEEEEEEE HEHEHEHEEEE!!!)
de nada, notta problem dahling....

Swing is fun, you can use it almost anywhere...but it takes some work to get down.

Contra, like I said, first night you'll all be rolling in fun, including the kids. It is a combination of square dancing (without the stringent rules or cliqueishness) and old english courting dancing... and you'll find big dances with lots of excitement (our biggest round here gets 3-400 folks on a Friday night) to small dances in church halls and such...

Have a ball!