Telepathy - Experiences and Insights

Thank you Taijasi for your candor, i do see how i can improve. I truly do appreciate criticism, it allows me to reflect on myself. Sometimes my emotions get a bit crazy and i become guilty of the very thing i loath. Which to me proves the very thing i defend. I believe if, instead of questioning, we focus our thoughts and emotions on the Kingdom that exist inside of us, and seek it out in others, we will see it manifest in the physical. Because it is apparent that the things we focus on are the things that manifest around us. If we continualy focus on the mystical then we have a mystical reality. The mystery has been solved for me and i guess now ive got an ego to overcome.
Jarrett said:
Most people hold on to crutches, but not because they are week, but because they are afraid of true strength.
What would you consider the source of our strength?

And what is true strength? Is that different from what many consider strength to be?

Jarrett said:
People feel power in numbers so we attach to systems all our faith and devotion. But all ways and systems will be dissolved. So if you need a crutch now you are in for a rude awakening. The awakening i am trying may be brutish, but is none the less, from love.
It's the dissolving that I think we are invited to steer clear of. That doesn't mean we can always quite manage, but we are encouraged to. Many decades ago, perhaps by the mid 20th Century or even earlier, I'd say we were being invited to join wholeheartedly in Building.

This always makes me think of the Amish and their barn-raisings when I ponder an outer representation of the Inner. After all, Community is involved, there is Cooperation toward a common Goal, and this is all done in the Spirit of Love for one's Neighbor. It doesn't get any more Christian than that, folks!

I think nowadays, this is the kind of thing we need to be focusing on, illustrating the kind of values that need to sweep through our Society (I mean World Society, at large), taking hold of every human heart - if perhaps, just in the nick of time. We ain't dead yet, but if you take a step back, Humanity's having a pretty hard time of it right now.

So for that reason, because I am aware of how sick our planet and many of our inhabitants are (in the Kingdoms of humanity, the animals, the forests and also including the food we eat) ... because of this, I see the great healing that we need, the crisis that we are going through. The delicate balance has not just been upset, it is as if we have tipped the very room of our existence on its edge, and even the poor gyroscope that governs our collective existence on slowly, slowly turning Planet Earth has been thrown out of sync.

We are not without our Planetary Keepers. If that isn't one of the messages that has reached thousands, perhaps even millions of minds upon our world in the current age via telepathy ... I don't know what is. We could probably name half a dozen different sources entirely, ranging from Cosmic or lesser Avatars down to visitors from `abroad' (ha!), and the Deva Kingdom alone includes many branches that are assisting us especially here in the cusp of Aquarius.

I just think we would be safest of all if we left the work of the Destroyer up to the Siva Aspect, and concentrated our energies and focus upon the line(s) of expression which are most resonant and harmonized (or harmonizing) with our Soul. There are, we know, no true 1st Ray Souls. It is too early for these, so all such impacts from within Humanity are the effects of that energy being stepped down.

That said, it lies within the hands of certain of the Teachers to coordinate the reform of the various churches, as well as to guide the progress of the world's governments and national entities ... for the next several decades and beyond. Probably there are many, many dozens of levels of scale and sets of aggregate Groups which are working within these types of projects currently, and we can only imagine the great import of such projects as certain dates approach.

While years roll by, and while we may well wonder if we're making any progress at all (from certain perspectives, from time to time, either thinking as individuals or thinking in terms of the Collective) ... I think it is useful to remember the Perspective with which Those ahead of us see and know things. Because They are there, and thanks to the Vision that They have, we have Hope ... and as you point out, we can come to that through Faith, even - in the best as well as the worst of circumstances, finding Love.

The Great Chain of Being is there to guarantee that progress is always being made, even if we do not feel it or see it, and even when in our darkest hour we doubt or deny the very existence of such Principles and Powers as sustain us.

As for crutches, these will never blind the God within. That God knows how to reach every single human on the planet, yet I understand your frustration as we consider: how is it that we may reach and share what we have seen, what we have known, what we have experienced ... with OTHERS?

And the first, the only thought, that occurs, is that we must return to the familiar struggle, the inner battle (Israel means struggle) between self and other, between the self and the not-self, and occasionally, if not often, between self and enemy. Perhaps in the great tension, and desperation that fans out like flames from heated conflict that often characterizes the human heart, even claiming entire regions of our globe (or some other globe, as observed now by our astronomers) - perhaps it is in that tension that Christ does come (Immanuel meaning God with us).
Rejoice, Rejoice, Immanuel
Shall come to Thee, Oh Israel
Keeping Tension Positive seems to me to be a difficult lesson to learn, yet this is the only place where true, Soul growth occurs ... and this is the only thing in the last analysis which really matters to the Soul-infused personality.

Discipleship is this path of learning, and applying ourselves, in order to become completely Soul-infused. That hasn't changed in 2000 or even in 10,000 years ... but the methodology, the application of the Timeless Truths, has its new and modern-day formulation(s). I don't think we generate these so much as learn to express what is being taught us on the inner planes, although this is certainly one of the highest forms of the Creative act we can currently imagine. After all, this same power or capacity is what literally has brought worlds into being (precipitation from the subtle to the gross).

If that Aspect of Creativity, and those noble Purposes by which it is and always has been governed are the Ones we really need to be aligning ourselves with, then I'm already 99.9% convinced we should stick to Their Instructions and indications for us ... because even while we do that, one of the very first things we must learn to do is hear Them constantly saying to us, THINK for yourselves.

A word on that. The word educate is from the Latin educare, and that means to draw out. So, if we are seeking to help stimulate, awaken, or simply to relate to the Soul Nature of the individual we are talking to or dialoguing with, what does this mean in the context of this definition of education?

One of the most beautiful things I have observed recently - possibly ever - is the way in which one of the teachers at the school where I tutor relates to the children. Some are children she has taught in years past, others are in her own class or tutoring group, while some she has simply come to know, possibly tutored or helped in the past. Yet she treats them all the same way, with the same radiance about her face, the same Love evident in her heart and expressed in her words and actions ... and she proves the very thing which esotericists are desperately trying to help the rest of the [human] world to understand at this time.

She proves that we do exercise and exert a creative, or else a destructive (and sometimes, it is true, a fairly neutral) influence upon the world and the environment around us. The very thoughts which we create, become actions in our life and in the lives of others, while their affects effect others (including animals and non-human beings galore) the world over.

The person who plays ostrich and refuses to even consider, let alone accept this, may wish to simply retain his denial so that he can justify or rationalize behavior that is out of harmony with the Common Good. Most of us fit into this category to one degree or another. But there are some, unfortunately, who live their whole lives this way. When public policy makers and leaders of various sorts are allowed to run roughshod over the rest of us, just look at the results in our society and in the natural environment.

I think we must remember to consider our actions, even our own, personal thoughts, at every juncture (in the space-time continuum, that sort of thing) ... and, while we're standing there in the line at the grocery store, even take a few moment to consider, could I silently Bless the entire area around me? I mean, first the people who are there in the line with me, waiting either patiently and thoughtfully, or perhaps listlessly and impatiently ... with Peace, Love, Productivity and even motivation toward same.

Then, why not the rest of the store, or the shopping center, the little hub of human civilization (with its resident animal, even vegetable population), wherever we just happen to be when we happen to remember something about why we are here.

If we do that, setting aside for a moment the brainwashing which tells us we are insignificant, or certainly that what we do is insignificant ... if we consider that our presence is either a light in a very dark place, or else a gust of wind where others are trying most desperately to hold a Flame ... you know, I think we do and will make a DIFFERENCE.

That's all it's about at times. Any difference will do, even. And if we find or feel that we made the wrong one, or fell short of the goal, well that's when we get back in the saddle and try again.

So my advice is, no more crutch-kicking, tempting as it may be, and as for Truth, I would leave you with what I wore on my favorite t-shirt for many years, until I really did wear it out:
Truth is One, Paths are Many
At an Interfaith site, and especially at this one, I think you can count on both hearing a great deal about other folks' experiences and insights along the path of Truth, and at times you can expect others to want to hear something about your experiences, and your insights. Some discussions are scholarly, others remain light and often jovial. At times, if the Magic's right, many threads are drawn together, a greater Power that is at work becomes evident - and I'm fairly convinced that damn near all of us become aware of it, each in our own, personal way, but each of us as certain as the next that something has happened or a move forward has been made.

This might sound general or too leisurely for some; I find that many of the discussions are way too chaotic for me, and that might seem ironic, since I share the bull in the china shop mentality that I recognize in you. But we are all learning to relinquish Piscean tendencies and maybe that means we must find out how to focus our energies via a whole new set of circumstances - and I think the very energies we're working with are, Themselves, changing (or introducing us to additional, hitherto unfelt, even unsuspected influences).

It's like learning to spar, or perhaps fence with a foil, then having someone hand you a longsword or a broadsword and ask you to try your hand. You will likely cut yourself before it's through, perhaps sprain a wrist, or worse. And that's to say nothing for the poor chap who has to try and help you along in your training! ;)

If anything, Pisces to Aquarius is probably the reverse of the above scenario. There may be some new, strong and unfamiliar energies at work (in the individual, because also at work on a larger scale - Uranus, Neptune) ... but what we are asked to do now is to learn to move with Grace, and in many cases work with the very fine, on a very small scale, instead of using such broad strokes, with heavy hand - and in poorly lit, medieval mead halls.

We're building microchips with 200+ billion transistors in a rather tiny space, we have cameras that can snap an image in 440 trillionth of a second ... and I think we're on the verge of finding out just how intimate is the connection between all Life, all matter, all Spirit and all people, in Cosmos: truly existing within one GRAND UNIFIED FIELD of Being. {vide Acts 17:28}

But the theory is slow to catch on, and it must become a well enough Gnown and grasped Idea in order to become a Living Reality for all of us. Until then, we are still capable of causing great harm to self and others, even accidentally, because we just haven't realized that in fact, there is no difference. We still have to make those vital connections between Cause and Effect.

The mirror scene from Duck Soup, the old Marx Brothers movie, tries to teach us this lesson. I have no reason not to believe that these were not some of the most advanced Jewish disciples of the last several centuries, giving their gift to the world through their humor, and including the very medium of their humor as part of the gift. Maybe one day we will get it right, and truly honor them and the poignant message that Groucho helps deliver in that scene.

You gnow a lot more than you would say Taijasi, however, on the subject of many paths i have to disagree. You gnow the source of our strength, it is from within, but it is a strength born from the knowledge of how helpless we are without being "educated". I guess we disagree on crutches as well, but i will definetely use your words to draw out of myself anything that could hurt another, more than is necessary. When the illusion is strong the awakening can be a shock, but necessary. Unified field is not something we will achieve with fossil fuels, we will achieve it with rock hard thoughts, hard headed faith, and humility. ( the last is hard for me at times)
You gnow a lot more than you would say Taijasi, however, on the subject of many paths i have to disagree. You gnow the source of our strength, it is from within, but it is a strength born from the knowledge of how helpless we are without being "educated". I guess we disagree on crutches as well, but i will definetely use your words to draw out of myself anything that could hurt another, more than is necessary. When the illusion is strong the awakening can be a shock, but necessary. Unified field is not something we will achieve with fossil fuels, we will achieve it with rock hard thoughts, hard headed faith, and humility. ( the last is hard for me at times)
I will be perplexed for days by your quote. How could all paths lead to one Truth? I feel that all paths make a lay-over in the same location at the same time, but im not sure that all beings will be staying in that state. The perplexing part is i sorta feel like those that dont keep that estate will be given another chance, at least. If there was ever a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth beyond the grave, how could that place not be here. You see i think new born babies cry because of the sudden shock of beind seperated from the Father. I also believe this shock erases most knowledge you have obtained while in his prescance. Therefore making it nescassary to learn again, line upon line and precep upon precep, who the Father is and what he wants.
Moments ago I found this quote that a friend shared with me some years ago:
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead, his eyes are closed.
~ Albert Einstein​
I have been intrigued in my life by life itself and i have found it to be at times a mystery. Albert, as he was then called, made a path out of unveiling the mysterious. Is space or reality as big of a mystery to humans now as it was before Albert? I feel that the one that was called Albert Einstein would now say that he was remiss. I feel that he would say now the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious illuminated. The only reason there has ever been a mystery is because of the apparent blindness of humanity. With dispensation there are fewer and fewer mysteries. It is to the point, for me, that all things are truly possible with the father and no righteous desire is unmet. there is no absence of awe in my life. I experience it when my needs are met. I do experience being provided for. I have watched time and time again my life being guided. This has happened to me despite what ever transgressions i may have had part in. When i have been at my lowest state in carnality, i have found hedges of protection and fortifications in my life. This is not a mystery to me. It is a way of life. Obtainable knowledge is like an onion, except this onion has an infinite number of layers and it grows as you pull off the layers. Onions make you cry. Plus to me they smell like BO. If i wanted i could live my entire life pealing an onion and never getting to the bottom of it. To me this only brings confusion. However, it can bring maturity as tears often do. Eventually you have to get off the mystery ship and know the father and that with him all things are possible. What is the lesson in the beginning story of the bible? What has happened ever since we took knowledge? I would say that we have grown further and further from the truth that is the Father in our quest for god like status. He will fix it. (for your info i dont gnow if genesis is accurate im not even sure that the god, gods, or God in the old testament is the Father, the whole jeleous and vengefull thing gets me. Of course it doesnt matter to me either. LOVE)
I guess people here are talking about mind reading. Telephathy is bit different, or perhaps I am talking about something else, hehe...

Telepathy is not for the mind communication between 2 humans, but rather a new way of communication between 2 souls without a body.

Anyway and somehow, our souls can speak a common lanaguage which will appear as voice, voice which is carrired by air vibration in our realm. I spent years (after first hand experience) to realise that this shall be what telephathy is.

Mind reading on the other hand, is some kind of trainable ability which may not always work as expected, especially when one knows how to protect his own mind from being read.
Motivation is something to consider, Courage. But look at the case where I sat with my friend in his car, each of us engaged in positive, friendly conversation. No hidden movitations, no suspicious overtones, and certainly nothing sinister and otherwordly was at work in that situation. It was simply two friends, having a chat, and for a moment, we forgot to use our physical organs (larynx, tongue, etc.) in order to speak.

This is by no means the highest or most spiritual form of telepathy that I believe in or have experienced. There were still words being spoken, we just temporarily transmitted our thoughts directly via brain waves. In other cases, there is emotional telepathy, and this is something we can share with the animals ... but it too is not the highest form of exchange of which we are capable.

I have read many accounts of exchanges between people within the astral (emotional) worlds, either during out-of-body experiences, or perhaps in terms of interaction between someone living and someone deceased. It is pointed out that sometimes astral communication does still involve words and language, but that we also learn a higher form of communication in the afterlife (or during our nightly sojourns out of the body) which is without words and language altogether. This is communication thought to thought, mind to mind, and perhaps also emotion to emotion.

But the medium in such a case, I would suggest, is one plane higher - the mental. This, too, is not the highest or most spiritual form of telepathy, and I agree that ideally - and perhaps eventually - we will learn to speak with each other Soul to Soul, even while still incarnate, and perhaps around the world in the wink of an eye. Already there are plenty of people who can do this, and I have had the good fortune to come into contact with an overwhelming majority of such individuals with Good, positive, constructive intent.

In others words, while I do acknowledge that we must carefully consider our own or others' motivations if we are considering some kind of experiment in telepathy, I also think this all fits within the framework of a constructive, positive type of work to begin with. This is just kind of a caveat, but if it needs to be emphasized then so be it.

We are quite capable of having dialogue with any number of entities, both incarnate and discarnate, both human and non-human, who mean us no good will ... however, I take it as a given that if we are wise, we will do our best to steer clear of such exchanges, as they can only result in suffering of one type or another. In the very least, we can become disillusioned and perhaps disgusted with all things psychic, but that would be very unfortunate, since I would estimate we are only aware of a tiny, tiny sliver, truly the tiniest fraction of even our OWN, true Consciousness.

Soul awareness exists even on the astral and mental planes, where thoughts are things, and where thoughtforms are our method of communication rather than words ... yet in its own world, the Soul communicates by an instant flashing forth of awareness, shared across time and space without hindrance - and we truly KNOW our fellow Soul because we already share that awareness innately. Or at least, we may potentially share it, if for some reason it becomes helpful.

And that may be a fellow Soul in incarnation, out of incarnation, anywhere in the `in between' ... or perhaps even on a sojourn to the far off worlds. Probably we can all attest to the amazing experiences we have had in, on or of the Spiritual worlds, and while I must admit I usually connect the concept of telepathy with the mental plane and the notion of the exchange of intelligently formed ideas, I agree that this is by no means the highest form of this Sacred Science.

There is a book by Alice Bailey entitled Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle which deals with this subject in detail. The author discusses all of this under the general heading of the Science of Impression, and considers that in our future, Humanity will one day learn to accept this, along with several other brances of the Sacred Science(s) ... which are, as yet, only embryonic in terms of our understanding of them and their manifestation upon our planet.

Of course, from another perspective we are only re-awakening to something which nearly every member of Humanity already innately possessed and used on a regular basis (during Atlantean times), but during that epoch Humanity was much more emotionally centered and polarized, the average person did not truly THINK the way many millions of people do today, and our `telepathy' was in fact something much more akin to the state of animal awareness which many of our domestic companions retain to this day ... and which we can observe, if we study them closely.

Young people, and certainly very small children, but also sometimes those who have not yet been thoroughly conditioned NOT to use these innate abilities, occasionally evidence things like telepathy and some degree of psychism ... but we tend to quickly shut them up about such things, telling them it is all imaginary and that such & such does not really exist. Sad, this, for we are creating barriers early on which in many cases will not come down again until the person has passed on into the afterlife!

This does not mean, nor am I suggesting, that we should all `sit for development,' as it is said, and try to awaken our latent psychic powers (the lower siddhis, as they are called). I am just pointing out that of that 90% or so of the brain which we as yet do not use, perhaps some portion will one day be occupied with the processing and utilization of sensory (and psychic) data which is currently - filtered.

What I understand, from those who are clairvoyant, is that we can quite literally learn to focus on another plane, or type of matter (astral, mental, etc.), just as easily as we currently shift our visual focus from one side of a room to the other, or say from within the office where we work to outside the window, where people are walking down the street. The eye is the organ we are using in the latter case, but for the clairvoyant there are other, subtler organs which come into use.

And in the case of telepathy, we can learn to send a message (in whatever form), either across the room, or across the planet, as clearly and successfully and accurately as if we were to stand at a podium and deliver a speech to our audience via microphone. I have witnessed this, and have received my own confirmation that the person who reproduced the message sent (across the room) did so in an accurate and satisfactory fashion. Nor does this require that the recipient share the same exact capacity as the sender ... though it does require that we become receptive, in the very least.

No need to worry, nature has provided a protective net, and this remains in place - unless we tear it prematurely and unnaturally - and this is why we do not walk around hearing each other's thoughts all the time. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, unusual circumstances do arise from time to time, and damage does occur to the net in question. If the etheric web is too badly damaged, it may not be easily repaired in the current incarnation, and karma will eventually deliver the unfortunate individual to better circumstances ... though often times there will be all sorts of psychic and psychological distress in the meantime.

Drugs, alcohol, such practices as are called black magic, and in general the attitude which is represented by the expression: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread; all of these are dangerous and should not be mixed with telepathic experiment, psychism or the esoteric path in general. Sufficient warning along these lines has been provided in the esoteric literature in every age, yet in today's world, the message cannot be overemphasized.

Perhaps a meditation without seed, such as vipassana, would be good for anyone who is concerned about his or her situation, and especially if there is an overactive mental nature ... or monkey mind. ;)
I realise this thread is a little old, but, shucks, its new to me, and, as a subject close to my heart, I thought I'd opine...

I’ve had several experiences of telepathic communication, ranging from “sharing in the dreams and hallucinations of others”, to “seeing images, words and pictures when holding photographs and treasured objects”, to “being alerted someone I know is passing on/has passed on via dreams”, to “random messages and snippets of sentences”, all the way through to “deliberate actual communication using pictures and images”, and “deliberate actual communication between two minds using word and sentences and pausing to allow others to speak”.

As far as I’m concerned, all this is telepathy.

For me, these kinds of experiences are unusual but relatively “normal” events – I was born this way. I experience a “fresh” “psychic episode” every few months, at least, and I’ve been alive for 30 years – I’ve gathered a fair few stories; ghosts, spirits, clairvoyance, astral travel, psychometry, telepathy, etc.

Yes, I realise that... believing you can see into the future, believing you can communicate with the dead, believing you can sometimes see into the minds of others is all considered to be “magical thinking”, and delusional, but I cannot agree that my experiences are just delusions, illusions and coincidences. Not only have I experimented and satisfied myself that the things I believe to be real are real, I have also met some of those people I have held “mind to mind” conversations with, face-to-face. We have discussed what we hear, using our mouths and ears, and we find we're experiencing the same thing within our minds.

I am not a “mind-reader”. I cannot walk into a room and meet a stranger in a blue jumper and get inside his head, just like that.

It doesn’t work like that, for me, but...

...if I went into the room and the stranger was “psychic”,
...if I entered the room and found he was in distress, or
...if I entered the room and he was thinking or planning to do me, the individual, immediate harm,

I would be likely to pick up something, even if I could not communicate with him in an easy, conversational manner.

I might get a flash of... an image, a sentence, a few words, perhaps, a “shout out”, a “feeling”, but I cannot get in his mind just like that and start ripping things up and planting my own seeds...

To get to a stage where we could both communicate, mentally, in a conversational manner, would take him either;
a lot of religious work- lots of samatha (cessation) meditation, solitude, prayer, fasting, etc,
PLUS he’d have to have a “real” “religious/spiritual/enlightenment” type experience,
OR he would have to eat/drink lots of drugs/potions/herbs/berries/LSD/mushrooms/peyote, and/or be deprived of sensory stimulation, and/or be tortured or beaten, and he’d have to realise that there’s no guarantee any “technique” would “open him up” enough for him to be able to perform the old “mind-to-mind communication”.

For me, the theory runs like this. We believe that we’re solid beings, physically, and mentally, but the separation between ourselves, and the world we perceive to exist, doesn’t actually exist. We’re composed of atoms, yes, but, beyond the particles, there is something else. This “gap”, the “space” of the world, so to speak, is a field, a region in its own right, and something all beings and objects share. We pay a lot of attention to the “mass”, but not so much attention is given to the “gap”. That gap, in my opinion, is a conduit, a doorway, a potentiality which, if we could access it by pressing a button, could enable us to... time travel, exist in more than one place at one time, and be able to see into, and around, other minds. I believe that in this “gap” “the invisible stuff” is stored, the “god-and-magic-powers-stuff”. I believe that, via this “gap”, a person can travel, they can influence others, they can communicate, but the average person never sees the gap because there’s too many other things to be concerned with.

Knowing the “gap” is there isn’t enough to “use” it. You really have to experience it, you need to fall into it, somehow. Traditionally, drugs, trances, fasting, meditation, near-death experiences, extreme physical and psychological distress were all used as ways to access that “gap”, with varying degrees of success.

Personally, I think the use of traditional “sacraments” can benefit individuals in their quest for enlightenment/and powers and these “entheogens” should not be considered profane, sinful, or harmful, when treated reverentially, and used safely, and correctly, by adults. I don’t consider a drug free experience any more or less valid than a drug induced one IF the result of that experience last longer than the drugs’ effects – an “opening” is an “opening”, however it comes about.

I do not believe there are different levels of consciousness – I think you’re either psychic or you’re not. I think you can be born psychic, and it will develop naturally, over time, but I also think that, if you meet the numinous, you have the religious/spiritual/enlightenment type experience I think this too can bring on the powers, but I believe those powers have to be there, in some latent form, in the first place. I do not believe in angels, or “higher powers” – I don’t believe men are Gods, and I think that if our religious prophets were all human beings, and if they’ve had “magic powers” those powers haven’t been all that much better than the ones we folks have now...

I also think that for the majority of psychics, our powers are never that immense. We have occasional dreams that come true. We escape tragedy because we act on bad feelings. We meet old friends by taking an unusual route home. It doesn’t seem too god-like, does it? But it’s useful. You can train to become “more powerful”, of course, but for a lot of people their ability does not last the rigours of training, or in reality, their ability is a power with no real use except being a useful tool to manipulate other people.

I think that, like Dogen and I, with our small collection of prophetic dreams and ghosts, this is as good as it gets. We’re not Gods. We’re just human beings. Anyone who tells me their own experience differs and they are fantastically powerful and they can see everything and anything and can turn it on like a tap, I personally suspect, straight away, as a liar, and someone with an agenda. I have met maybe fifty mundane, average psychics, like me, in my lifetime, and maybe only four or five people who have abilities superior to my own (and as I’ve said, I’m no great psychic). I think that most people do not have the psychological stability, intelligence or degree of insight necessary to be such “superior psychics” but, if an average psychic does a little training, they can extend their reach.
You are right sam,
we are all basically the same.
Some are born musically or artistically talented (prodigies) for whatever reason, but that does not confer superiority.
Actually the more talent a person has the more responsibility is placed upon them, or maybe it is expectations.
Perceptive abilities is all this thread is about and anyone can develop a greater degree of perception.
Some just won't believe it and others are too preoccupied or just plain lazy, or couldn't care less.
For me, the theory runs like this. We believe that........
People believe a great many things, the majority of which are completely wrong.
That is our greatest problem.
Quarks are so small, though they have mass they are still so small they pass through the earth and us a trillions of times a day. They have mass so they are not spiritual thing in relation to the universe. So if God's spirit can pas through us or dwell in us at what ever level he decides could you know it unless God gave you the privedge to experience it tanigibly? God created the quarks that pass through us as well as the stars we study and are amazed to look at. So the question might best be asked this way, God teach me at the level I can understand and I can experience.

Then teach me the hard stuff............ Love first, Peace first, supernatural love always
I also have had expieriences in this subject.
It's been several years now since it started
Not to beat around the bush, but I used to smoke a lot of pot and drink in excess, and quite often both together in my late teens and into my early twenties. I have experimented with shrroms and ex on few occasions but hardly regualr.
I used to have a crush on someone at my work around this time who was into similar hobbies. I never really hung out with her as I was a bit shy and younger than this person. Anyway I would always think about this person, there was something enchanting. Looking back I realize I was just fairly stupid, but what happened next changed my life, and no it was far from easy.
I began at somepoint seeing her image in my "mind" a lot. An effect I kin to kinda like a flashbulb of a camera where the outline of the light from the flash would temporarily blind you and you could still see the flash after it was gone however not as bright since there was obviously no flash.
At some point I began to communicate with her in my mind. This I remember being a very emotional sort of communication. Nothing too deep as far as theroy or such like completing math problems or having involved conversation, just basic and sometimes complicated feeling accompanied by voice and basic sentences or sentence fragments.
I am typically quiet including my thoughts. This other person was more of a chatterbox, and since I am still sane it was fairly obvious it was not my own thoughts.
Anyways distance didn't matter it was day and night and even in my dreams. All the time. One day at work I decided to see if it was real. I asked the person who this telepathic experience was happening in my "mind" to que me in a very specific way when I saw her in a few minutes to ackowledge if it was real. I figured "no biggie" if it doesn't happen I am just crazy.
It happened.
A very specific que to unique to be happenstance was registered, and it felt like time was slowing down. We didn't discuss it openly it was part of the deal before it happened.
For years and in part to this day I have kept this to myself and have tried to convince myself it was a dream and I was stoned, but you can only hide from yourself for so long. It was a nightmare.
Also, I should mention that when I was stoned and for weeks after I smoked, It would intensify. The whole telepathic expierience. I could not escape it. I started to become depressed and suicidal. I went to a psychatrist and a pshycologist, had a cat scan check for schizophrenia that came up negative.
The doctors also said it was delusions.
I even thought I might be talking mentally with something more supernatural, and consulted a priest. The priest only could offer vauge comfort and prayer, for which I am still grateful. I don't work with this person anymore, but it's weird I still feel like her presence is watching me kinda like living with a conjoined twin or something. This person is not very pleasent either. I would find out she was way more emotionally messed up than I could ever imagine and this would always come through telepathically. The intensity is much weaker now after years w/o drugs. It was so bad at one point I couldn't comprehend conversations with people in my life very well because my attention was so intensely divided with this other world in my mind and the real one.
It would only really happen with this person more or less all the time. However, I should also mention it would happen with other people in passing or in my general point of view. I realize this thread is old, but it took a lot of courage for me to write this down here.
It was a very scary and unstable time in my life and thanks for reading.
Thank you for your post and your candor, Brian 815. And welcome to Interfaith!

I may have something more to share later, but for now I'll simply say that I think I understand. A lot of folks who get high have experiences involving more of telepathy than the average non-smoker. Some don't know how to account for it, however, so they simply write it off as delusional, or drug-induced.

Indeed, drugs can stimulate the psychic centers, both physical-etheric and transcendent (astral, mental). But of course, it's not an advisable route for spiritual awakening. In fact, it can be devastational, both to the chakras and also to the person (consciousness) experiencing them.

Fortunately, most folks decide of their own volition to lay off the drugs if and when the experiences become too frightening. There is real enough danger involved, and it does sometimes take awhile for us recover and for things to return to normal.

I do think it's useful to be able to look back, claim your experiences and their essential worth, and be willing to say, "YES, I have had such-and-such happen to me." We don't even need to be able to fully account for, or explain these experiences. After all, if we could do that, we'd pretty much be enlightened, or spiritually illumined, by very definition. But if we can at least say, "Yeah, I relate to that," or, "Hey, I've had a similar experience," then it helps others to recognize that perhaps they are not alone in something that they have also been through.

Thus, again, thanks for relating your experience. And I'm glad things are going much better for you! ;)
Hiya folks. Today the subject of telepathy crossed my mind, and for whatever reason I found myself reflecting on some experiences of mine from many years ago. The idea occurred to start a thread discussing telepathy.

What I'm curious about is what experiences you (or someone you know) might have had, and/or what have been your insights into this phenomenon over the years. Some of our religious and spiritual experiences are, of course, very personal - even private - and of such a nature that certain details are probably best kept between ourselves and our higher power. Thus, with that caveat, I'd like to ask that anyone who's comfortable sharing go ahead and do so. As with other threads I've started recently, I'm interested in discussion here, perhaps friendly debate, but nothing overly complicated, philosophical or theological.

There are only a handful of experiences of my own that have occurred in 38 years which I feel might fit into this category. I would like to describe one or two of them briefly, but I don't want to present any sort of a bias, or further define the topic without discussion. I'd rather let others set the tone, and post my two cents down the line. So, any brave souls willing to chime in and share something?

Again, as the thread title suggests, the sky is pretty much the limit ... as long as we don't dive too deeply into the wild blue yonder. :p

Like most people, I have certainly had my fair share of coincidences, or perhaps thinking something just as another is thinking the same.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that these are anything more than normal coincidences that are experienced by everyone, a lot.

As far as I am aware, there is not one peer reviewed scientific study which concluded that humans were capable of telepathic communication. Until evidence surfaces that we are, perhaps we are best to assume that we probably cannot.

There are those who speculate that all humans are in fact capable of this, but someplace down the lines, as a species, we sort of 'forgot' we had this ability. I do not buy that at all, why would an entire species of being simply forget to use a key skill, it makes no sense. Besides, with the diversity of mankind, it would have thrived in at least one culture.

There are even those who speculate that maybe humans could evolve to losing vocal chords, and developing telepathic powers.

Interesting idea, but again, no real evidence to suggest why this would be the case.

I am not convinced by the whole thing..
Yep. The evidence comes from direct experience. Until then, of course we will be likely to remain skeptical.

This changes not one whit, however, the fact ... that telepathy is part of the human experience. ;)
As a follow-up to my earlier post, I would note the curious and fortunate, some would say serendipitous nature ... of your post, enlightenment.

It was just this morning that I awakened with a curious dream in my head.

Now I'm intrigued in this matter myself, since I made contact in that dream [we traded glances, as people refer to it, not once or twice, but three distinct `times'] moments before awakening, with a friend of mine.

The next step is for me to ask him if he recalls this at all, perhaps from his own dream perspective, or in any way that seems `statistically significant,' as skeptics are fond of saying.

I'll update after I hear back.

I am aware of one out-of-body experience where the person was able to provide strong evidence that he was able to see and hear things while he was out of his body. He was able to remember what he saw and hear, and the only way he could have gotten that information was if he had been out-of-body when he saw and heard it.

The medical and scientific community refused to even listen to him. Even though he had iron-clad 'evidence,' they refused to listen to it.
Yeah Nick, this is unfortunate. It's exactly what Dan Aykroyd was pointing out in a 2006 CNN interview with Anderson Cooper that I was just watching ... regarding UFOs. Even though half the U.S. believes that we have been visited, half of the people do not. And for that remaining 50%, what it will take is an `actual experience' ... except that actual seems to vary from person to person. Some would not accept it if ET walked up and shook hands with them. Or tentacles ... whatever! :p

As for telepathy and ESP, I would liken this to a UFO or OoBE/NDE only in the following manner:

It only takes ONCE ... one exception to disprove `the rule' which says this doesn't exist.

And this is why I believe what I believe. [Not that I've been `visited,' or that some of these other things, like telepathy, have occurred just once.]

SO many people experience telepathy on a daily basis ... that when someone digs their heels in, I just scratch my head and wonder: "Really?" :eek:

Anyway, let's see if my dream communication experience is co-remembered this time. More later ...
Even direct experience can fail to convince the sceptic, and in the end the mind accepts only what it chooses to accept.

One of my sisters has demonstrated a remarkable and inexplicable foresight (telepathy, intuition?) on numerous occasions, enough for my family to stand convinced. For others, of course, it's nothing more than a lucky hunch.

To the sceptic, the acceptance of something new requires at the very least a change in the way one sees the world. Indeed, it opens the mind to a new one. Even those who accept it can find it hard to regard it as anything other than something that does not fit within the pattern of what is considered normal, as something 'other worldly'.

A fear of the strange, it seems to me, is a fear of the new. Too often and too easily, perhaps, we are in the habit of affirming the known ... or again, perhaps empiricism is perceived as more reliable than empathy?

Has one ever read or heard the stories of the late Michael Bentine? Such occurrences were considered everyday and normal.

God bless,