Telepathy - Experiences and Insights

For what it's worth, I've actually* experienced unintentional telepathic communication that even my doubting mind could not refute. (I use the word "actually" because it was a strange experience for me, despite the fact that I am a reasonably open-minded person.)

What happened was simple:
I was washing dishes while a friend of mine cooked in our college dormitory kitchen.
My friend's food started to burn. I remembered how another girl named Paula, who had lived in our dorm over 18 months ago, used to burn herself occasionally while cooking. Neither my friend nor I had spoken of Paula in nearly a year.
As soon as I had had the thought, my friend said, out loud: "Yeah, but Paula never burnt any of the actual food she made."

I'm convinced that the statistical probability of my friend accurately guessing what I was thinking is negligible. And, on top of this, over the course of the next year this girl did several other things that made my friends and I all suspicious (and a little uncomfortable at time) that occasionally she was privy to more than just our spoken words.
Thanks, MJG, for sharing that.

You've reminded me that I need to *BUMP* this thread up for relevance, anyway. I meant to communicate that I haven't let slide the intention of conducting some form of telepathy experiment ... I've simply been pondering what might be a good approach over the past few weeks, as other responsibilities claimed most of my time.

A little over a week ago, however, a most wonderful Inspiration came to me. It was quite beautiful, and it continues to present itself as an Idea ... which I'm seeking to energize, yet which I'm also using as an opportunity to practice detachment.

I don't plan to say anything more for several days, though I will continue to try to hold this Idea in its original, pure and unadjusted form. I believe that I may be able to move forward, and see how many folks are interested in bringing this experiment to fruition ... sometime into early May.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from folks who would like to participate. My hope and goal is to gather at least a half dozen or so guinea pigs, and I can promise that this will not be in any way dangerous ... nor do you have to post openly that you are volunteering. The commitment would be fairly minor, though I can only say more as I come up with further details in the course of the next week or so.

Wil has already put his name in the hat. If folks are interested, you can post here, openly .. or you can PM me directly and request that it remain confidential that you have volunteered. I will most certainly honor those requests, and I think I'm going to design this experiment such that participants don't necessarily need to interact with one another ... if that's helpful to know.

Anyway, thanks again, MJG! :)