Burn the Qu'ran day?

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    That idiot Christian Fundy Preacher who burned the Quran and incited bloody riots in Afghanistan should be tried for sabotage during war-time. That SOB not only committed a rude act of insulting Muslims, but he put US troops and civilians in jeopardy. If any Americans died in riots provoked by that Southern Redneck Holy Roller, the US government should try him for sabotage of the USA during war-time. He should hang from a high scaffold and his picture distributed to the world.

    As to the issue of book burning, it is obvious that Christians have the world record. The newly Christian Roman Empire burned hundreds of thousands of books (science, philosophy, other religions, Greek plays, Pagan books, and books by "heretics.")

    The Nazis who burned millions of books before and during WWII, count as Christians further adding to the Christian total. I doubt if anyone else can challenge the Christian record of book burning.

    We would have never discovered the great ancient Greek works in science and philosophy unless those works had been preserved by the Muslim Caliphate. The ending of the Middle Ages in Europe was due to the Islamic Universities in Cordoba, who passed the ancient knowledge to visiting European scholars.

    At the time Europe wallowed in Biblical ignorance and superstition and persecuted scientists, burned free thinkers, hunted witches, burned heretics, and used fear to control people. Spanish Muslims are largely responsible for the European Renaissance and Enlightenment from the Darkness of Theocratic Christian Superstition and ignorance.

    We Europeans owe our great leap forward to Spanish Muslims. We would still think the world was flat, 6000 years old, centre of the universe, sin caused disease, and humans were made by conjuring magic words.

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    You are talking about "sedition" not sabotoge or treason.

    And I don't think the "Moores" did much for anyone, but themselves. Had they did good for the people they conquered, they'd still be in power. As history shows they were beaten back, beaten down and dispersed. There must have been a good reason for that...
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    People forget that the Koran we have was compiled by Uthman and that he was the first to burn "other" Koranic manuscripts. If Muslims should curse anyone, it should be Uthman for destroying parts of the Koran.
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    From my local paper ...

    A Carlisle man who set fire to the Koran in an act of “theatrical bigotry” has been jailed.

    Andrew Ryan: Jailed for 70 days after burning a copy of the Koran in Carlisle

    Andrew Ryan, 32, shouted abuse about Muslims as he set the book alight in the city centre in January.
    Yesterday he was sent to prison for 70 days by district judge Gerald Chalk.
    Ryan, of Summerhill, off London Road, Carlisle, claims to be a member of the English Defence League.
    He arrived at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court flanked by flag-waving supporters.
    Carrying the St George’s Cross, they were shouting “We love you England” and a variety of other nationalistic chants.

    Some followed Ryan into the building and when his sentence was passed they stormed out, shouting abuse as they left the courtroom.

    Ryan initially refused to go with the dock officers but before he was led way, Judge Chalk told him: “This is a case of theatrical bigotry, pre-planned by you.

    “You stole the book and went out with the deliberate aim of causing the maximum publicity, and the maximum distress for people of the Islamic faith.

    “People are entitled to protest in this country, it is a free country, but you are not entitled to do it in such a way as it will inflame.

    “You are a man who has a history of violence and there is no alternative but custody.”

    The court heard that Ryan has a number of previous convictions, including one for racial chanting at a football match.

    He had pleaded guilty to racially/religiously aggravated intentional harassment and theft of the Koran from Carlisle library at an earlier hearing.

    On that occasion he punched the air and shouted “no surrender” when the case was adjourned for pre-sentencing reports.

    During police interview he admitted that he knew his actions would stir up religious hatred.

    Yesterday, defence solicitor Margaret Payne said her client had “lost it” when he saw internet footage of Muslim extremists burning poppies.
    His family has a military background and Ryan had been in the Army between the ages of 16 and 20, serving in Northern Ireland.

    He took a copy of the Koran out of the library and made his way to the monument in English Street. Ryan’s former probation officer spotted what he was up to and tried to stop him, but he lit the book on his second attempt then threw it to the ground while shouting abuse about Muslims.

    Mrs Payne told the court that Ryan only had issues with Muslim extremists. She said he now realised his actions were stupid and that he would not be repeating them.

    Before the hearing the English Defence League Carlisle Division called on members to support Ryan. An offer was made to meet anyone travelling to the city at the railway station.

    In anticipation of potential disorder, there was high police presence both inside and outside the court.

    Officers had to move on Ryan’s baying supporters after he was sent down.

    Inspector Paul Marshall, of Carlisle CID, said hate crime is taken seriously in Cumbria, even though such incidents are rare.

    He explained: “When it does occur we investigate thoroughly so that offenders, and the local community now that hate crime will simply not be tolerated.”

    Ryan was sentenced to 70 days for racially aggravated harassment and 30 days for theft, to run concurrently.

    An order was also made for the destruction of his iPhone – which was used to post Facebook messages about how he had burnt the Koran.

    News & Star | News | Carlisle man jailed for burning Koran in city centre

    Of course the "MUslims Against Crusades" group, who burnt the poppies have applied to protest on the day of the Royal Wedding .... which isn't going to help matters between communities.

    Oh when is this insanity going to end.
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    I do not believe in burning books flags whatever but that also includes them doing that in the middleeast burning the us flag ect. Its just all wrong....when is all of the hate going to stop and the door open to peace and understanding!

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