Anyone here have pets?


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I have a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old Goldren Retriever named Ellie. I also have two cats, Dorrie who is black and Mr Mogs who is a ginger tabby. They are all so mischievous and get along fine so long as ellie isn't hyped! I don't have a scanner so I can't show any pics yet but does anyone else here have any pets they'd like to share?
I have three cats: Minky, Lady, and Mischief! I haven't got a scanner either but I have a friend who does. I'll try to get them online soon! Mischief was a rescue kitten and simply never grew out of the name!
We have an aging hamster named "Binky". Not enough room for a dog, and never sure about getting a cat.

Bigmacscanlon - you had a pet die on you recently - a dog, perhaps? Seemed a little sensitive? Or is it simply your casual manner? ;)
LOL! Just being my usual, somewhat nonchalant self again! ;)

My sister had two guinee pigs die about a year ago. I never been particularly into pets - far too much hassle - LOL!
I keep a turtle on a shelf above my desk, a reminder that even with all the advances in technology, Life moves at it's own pace, and simple pleasures should not be forsaken for new fads.
We've got two cats, Gizmo and Fudge. Just a couple of months ago we also had Misty (Gizmo's sister), but she became ill and had to be put to sleep -- a very sad day. Fudge is only a year old, and seems to think he's a dog. It's amazing to see him chasing the water from water-pistols around the garden. ;D
I have a big black lab who is dumber then a rock and untrainable. The only thing she is trained at is she is housebroken. That is a must.
I also have a large gray striped tabby cat Max who has chosen me to be his person. He is not much smarter then Betsy Ross the black Lab either. He is housebroken house cat who is terrified of the outside and of the color green. He will only eat kitten chow and he is almost 3. He likes veggies and most fruits especially oranges and grapefruit. He likes to sleep on my keyboard.
I have 3 stafforshire terriers, Boris(sir boris badalot) Abby (aunty ab) and Tonka, (dooddle), a cockatoo, 2 pale head rosellas a galah numerous pink bourke parrots, several scarlet chested parrots, a turquoisine parrot, a canary, a siamese fighting fish and 2 bearded dragons. and 3 kids
I have a pet easy chair. I like to curl up in it. Sometimes I get the feeling it doesn't have the same appreciation for me that I have for it. That's okay. Maybe I should get a plant. Need oxygen.