Changing Zodiac signs

People who actually know a bit about astrology know that this "controversy" came up hundreds of years ago and was pretty much resolved way back then by a guy named Ptolomy.

The article at Sidereal and tropical astrology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia explains it. And as the originally linked article points out:
"Astrologers say this shift in where the stars appear to be has no bearing on the "tropical zodiac" system. This is what is typically used for horoscopes in the West, and is based on segments of the sky calculated using the equinoxes on Earth."

The interesting thing about the whole fuss is that such old news can be recycled and can catch people's attention such a long time (almost two thousand years!) after it ceased to be relevant.
I never really understood the "ins" and "outs" of it all. I mean I know I am a capricorn, and according to Chinese astrology, I am still a goat!! but all the "taurus rising...... and all that kind of thing??????? " . Still its an interesting concept and novel, but people are what they are. Although, a previous "Love" of mine did turn me off to
Scorpio males. But then again, maybe it was just him!!
I used to be indecisive, now Im not sure!!
Love the Grey