Jewish resources to non-Jews learn more about Judaism

Wouldn't that be unleashing a veritable force to be reckoned with, upon unassuming individuals? ;)
After two hours of writing that last post and wondering if I should post it in the Judaism forum, at the risk of having an argument with bananabrain, I decided to post it anyway. It's more of an experiment to see what the response might be. Maybe he'll get angry or maybe he'll be kind. Sometimes the response is BOOM!!!!! Other times it's like a quiet river.
i can't be that bad, surely? basics are this: it gets up my nose when people assume things about judaism, jews, or groups of jews that are not based on knowledge, or, worse, on propaganda or prejudice. people who ask open questions about stuff which they genuinely want to know, discuss or understand need have nothing to worry about! in areas where i have a strong opinion, i will defend it forthrightly, but i am nearly always open to questioning it or even being convinced that i'm wrong. sometimes, of course (and niqab is one issue) i am unconvinced, or even convinced in the opposite direction....

anyway, basically, if you're civil, i'll be civil and if you're really open-minded, i'll return the compliment. i can be a suspicious bastad of course but that's based on long and unpleasant experience of being right.....


Whenever me and Bananabrain argue I always win. I do not think it is sporting to see it as a competition though, so I don't usually comment on it.
This is an interesting thread. Thanks for your recommendations.