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I noticed a couple of members mentioned having being banned from other websites.

While I can understand that different webmasters admin in different ways, sometiems it's just too easy to be banned over petty issues in other places.

I haven't been banned from many places - but the first was a Yahoo group, examining the possibilities of an historical Jesus. I joined and then posted a link to an article I'd written, examining Jesus as more like an OT prophet, and hoped for some discussion to arise. Instead, one of the managers banned me, claiming that I'd posted a link to a pyramid scheme!! When I protested I received the usual "other managers stand by other manager's decisions", but if someone in an administrative capacity cannot even tell the difference between an on-topic theological discussion, and a get-rich pyramid scheme, then it doesn't say much at all for the competence of the managers of such a place.

More recently, I was suspended from a large webmastering forum I am a regular member of - for posting a link to an article on a non-commercial site, about the topic being discussed. Felt it was a rather misguided decision, but these things happen.

Oh - and once joined a webmastering forum, only to have my post deleted, and have theratening PM's ent to myself by a moderator - because I claimed that links were helpful for ranking pages on search engines, and he behemently disagreed. One of the stranger experences, especially as the moderator would post up insults and taunts, only to delete them after I'd read them. Completely bizarre experience.

I used to admin a couple of sites on MSN, and banned myself when I left, but I guess that doesn't really count. :)

So, have you ever been banned from anywhere online?
I said:
So, have you ever been banned from anywhere online?
I have no experience of this kind, so I do not know the feeling.

Those members recently banned from this site, I don't regret their presence at all. They didn't get anything constructive, so I think you took a right decision.

That's for sure, when I see somebody's post with a war declaration in it, I'm not interested to know more about that person.

Anyway, I find difficult to belive you have been banned, Brian.:D
I got banned from the Internet Infidel forum. I deserved it. I insulted a guy who cheered 9/11 and even though he was a putz he didn't use a profanity like I did. And nothing was ultimately gained so I should've just shrugged it off.

I got banned from Bill Maher's forum for demanding the banning of this guy who SPAMed with threads titled 'Israels real flag' (or some misspelled variation) and then posting a broken link to a swastika. LOL I think that booting was unfair since my only infraction was breaking a mod's 'rule' of 'just ignore him'. After they banned me they banned him so that sucks.

I recently got banned from an secular Islamic forum because my username was an arabic dirty word. I think that's fair, but I should've been able to re-register considering I behaved myself. But the username was an in-joke and I should've foreseen that not everyone would patiently inquire to its origin.

I recently was refused membership to a Left-wing political forum because I chose a username in Greek and they feared I was a Christian come to convert. That's okay, though, because I was only joining because a friend recommended it.

I was banned from a Right-wing political forum during the release of Gibson's Passion. I was critical and someone posted an article that very seriously suggested Jewish critics shouldn't be allowed to review the movie because 'they couldn't even recognize their own Messiah'. I said the guy must be out of his mind - turned out he was the guy who paid for the website.

I was banned from a punk forum because a moderator (one moderator) would follow me around and delete every comment I posted. I had been there since I'd been on the net, at the website's inception, had over five thousand posts, met a ton of people I still keep in touch with. After I was banned everybody was asking why I left. LOL That was my first encounter with how bizarre people act on the net. They lose their minds.

A friend wanted me to a join an occult/wiccan/etc forum. I was there all of thirty seconds after registering. I said something to the effect of 'if you're going to have a hierarchy you should just be Christian'. That post disappeared, three people jokingly PMed me with the subject 'Ha! What did you say?' and before I could respond I was gone.

I was pre-emptively banned by the Democratic Underground, because I belonged to a forum that they had on a watchdog list. LOL

I was banned by Hollywood Halfwits AKA Right Nation, because: first they asked for money to be a member. 100 bucks. That was bull. But then someone paid my way. I got bored with the site and offered to give my username and password to some other deserving member. The admin. didn't care for that.

I had to leave a horror movie forum because I couldn't post without being flooded with attacks. Nothing unique, it was full of dirty-mouthed kids and they couldn't discuss anything without it being reduced to insults.

I'm sure there are more. I've got no one in real life who either - disagrees with me enough to carry on a two-sided conversation, or knows enough about a subject to discuss it. You'd think message boards would be perfect.

It really sucks that we have this great media where people all over the world can sit and discuss any given subject freely, but it turns into gibberish and emoticons. This forum is great though. Smart people with differing opinions, all able to express themselve intelligently and civilly. LOL Must be why there are so few new posts a day.
Well, that's quite a list!! Hopefully things will be much more sensible here.

Though maybe we should have our own watchdog list... ;)
LOL I have eclectic tastes. I speak with many accents. I'm known by many names. Mwahahaha.... cough, cough, yawn, sigh.
Namaste all,

no, i've not been banned from a site yet... though i'm sure it's simply a matter of time.

i usually purposefully avoid posts that are inflamatory to my sensibilities :)

i have left a few forums at my own behest... the Baha'i Planet forum and a Christian site, neither one seemed very condusive to interfaith dialog.
I haven't been banned, per se, but I have had a couple of problems with a site I found while doing research for an oral presentation. I, as a guest, dared to comment on a thread about an African student in Russia being terrorized by Russian skinheads by saying "If I remember correctly, if Hitler had his way, half of this forum wouldn't be alive today, and none of our Russian colleagues would be."

On another forum I belong to, we are having quite a bit of trouble with a troll with MPD. The sitemaster has banned a few people, but this "woman" isn't one of them. She has singlehandedly gotten twenty people to resign from the forum. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay there or not (Behind the, a site on the etymology of names, used to be a place I enjoyed going to, but since the troll came on, I've been dreading going there.)

I have had problems logging back onto a site I encountered last semester, but not because I was banned. won't allow me to log on with the server I use (through school.)

I'm too shy when it comes to most of my postings, so I really haven't had any trouble. :p

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Terribly embarrassing question

Good, that in this forum, one does not get banned unless and until...

I got banned in Straight Dope Message Board, it was like having the door slammed in your face. You just realized that you had been banned when you thought that it was some internet or computer glitch -- until you tried to access with a new registration in another name, and that's the time you read in your post the label banned.

Anyway, even though I would like to be able to access SDMB because they are quite a good number of very knowledgeable posters there, I don't think I would try to get in again which is possible I think if I enlist another telephone line and another ISP, I would not want to get in again because they charge a fee now for membership.

What I want to know from more informed people here is whether a ban is usually in message board polity irremovable, like eternal damnation in hell?

I know it's not the case with this forum owned by Brian.

Terribly embarrassing for me to ask this question, because I do entertain the idea of one day going back to SDMB, if there is no more membership fee which is I think also quite modest...

You see, SDMB happens to be a very huge group that they can afford to be ruthless and drastic and totally without any sense of tact and diplomacy. They have this policy that any moderator can ban anyone for any reasons or no reasons at all, and not have to give any explanation or accounting to anyone.

I read their by-laws afterwards, when I was already banned and trying to find out what happened by contacting friends, even other moderators, not even Polycarp who gave me the impression of a very warm person... Polycarp was an early member of this forum, but he did not seem to have posted except maybe once or twice; I came to this forum trying to contact him... And he did not even return my email upon tracing him here.)

Didn't I say that this is going to be very embarrassing....

Yes, my question, how does one find out whether a ban is reversible on promise to reform, or is not. With SDMB to all appearances it seems absolutely irreversible.

Re: Terribly embarrassing question

You reminded me, I was banned from the History Channel forum early in the networks existence. There was a thread about the accuracy of some of the programming and I agreed that not all of the shows are balanced. I didn't see anything wild in the thread, but everyone who had posted unfavorably got booted.

Jeez, I need to get out more. LOL
Re: Terribly embarrassing question

Mus Zibii said:
You reminded me, I was banned from the History Channel forum early in the networks existence. There was a thread about the accuracy of some of the programming and I agreed that not all of the shows are balanced. I didn't see anything wild in the thread, but everyone who had posted unfavorably got booted.

Jeez, I need to get out more. LOL
I was suspended once in this forum of Brian. There was a moderator here -- is he still around? who seemed to be ever on my shoulders. He was the only one giving me warnings, and PM's. No, I never used any profanities. He just didn't like my style, I guess. Once he even told me to leave this forum and join a non-moderated forum, referring me even to a forum owned by Yahoo!

Brian started this thread of banned and narrated his own experiences of being banned and suspended, so I guess it would be all right now to talk here about my own suspension by Brian -- he said to cool me down. But in all honesty I was never over-heated --to my own self-knowledge.

Once you have a moderator who is always tailing you, the best thing is to avoid posting in his department.

In Internet Infidels Discussion Board where I also post and Vajradhara is also there, posters who are banned can ask for reasons why and even bring their case to some kind of a panel.

I had a good interaction with a longtime poster there, Starboy, who was always most cordial with me. Then I missed his posts and accidentally in a thread where they mentioned posters banned and why, I found his name. The moderator there referred me to a thread where there was some long discussion of his case.

I think that kind of a procedure in IIDB is very fair to people who are suspended or banned. I have not read all their rules, but I think they will allow a banned poster to return upon showing of change and promise to behave.

Coming back to that moderator here who was always puffing and huffing down my shoulders, I think he saw very clearly into my attitude, one of cynicism, but I am a cynic with no linguistic insensibilities.

Vajradhara and I had long exchanges here; and he never lost his cool; he would just remind me that I appeared to be discourteous. Vajradhara is one really authentic 'equanimitous' Buddhist.

Regards to that modertor here who was always hovering over my shoulders to see all kinds of offensive insinuations in my posts. I can't recall his name here; maybe he's still around; if so, I will see his name soon.

banning stories

i sent this to a forum once ive been banned under a different name : actually i named myself as TErribleTurk because i was fed up with ongoing racist attacks :

[admin edit: example post removed - let's not repost graphic material that actually gets folks banned elsewhere, thanks - this is a family viewing site]

After 4 hours later the thread was gone ;
Re: Terribly embarrassing question

Susma Rio Sep said:
I think that kind of a procedure in IIDB is very fair to people who are suspended or banned. I have not read all their rules, but I think they will allow a banned poster to return upon showing of change and promise to behave.
I got an e-mail that said I was suspended, and kinda thought, hmmm, maybe they'll lift it. LOL I never got in contact with anyone. I was burned so many times I didn't want to harp on it. They'd probably have let me back if I'd have asked, but... any question I might have could probably be answered here.
Re: Terribly embarrassing question

When first setting up CR I wanted the place to seem as friendly to people of many faiths as possible, so we had a policy of coming down on people who were specifically critical of other faiths.

When Ben cautioned you, Susma, he was simply following the Code of Conduct, as set out, as you did tend to throw out dismissive comments about other faiths every now and then.

However, that aspect of the CoC should really be removed - I'll do that after this post - as rather than encourage interfaith discussion, it can also constrict it somewhat. a Code of Conduct should encourage a community, rather than threaten it, as I fear the current one in too literal reading may do. I've already disregarded it a number of times in lieu of better personal judgement. Letter of the Law vs the Spirit of the Law, I guess.

There is a good sense of mature and civil discussion across the boards here - there is remarkably little input required from staff in shaping that, as it's been a pretty decent crowd so far.
I have changed!

Terribly embarrassing again, I must admit that I feel that I have changed, in that I am not seemingly so abrasive now as before.

Must be some kind of transition in life, owing to hormonal reconfiguration -- I guess.

But I notice also that I can't write as much as I used to do before when I was abrasive, though not with my words, but with as Brian put it a dismissive attitude, in my style.

Thanks, Brian, for your cordial regard.

Re: I have changed!

My problem early on was that I wasn't use to people acting like asses. I'd never been insulted so bluntly to my face (figuratively speaking). That rarely happens in the real world. If I ever met someone in real life who said something to the effect, 'Jews are descended from dogs' I'd first say that dogs are proud beautiful creatures and then I'd pull my blood-dripping thumbs from their optic cavity. Hard to express that outrage through words.
Re: I have changed!

Certainly a lot of people do take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to behave in a manner unlike "real life".
Re: I have changed!

And God forbid you should be of Jewish extraction (as I am) and completely unsupportive of the Zionist Israeli government (as I also am) I have had death-threats.

Re: I have changed!

I never even mentioned death threats! LOL I got those too. Except they were from anti-Zionists. And hacking threats, too. Before I knew much about how the internet functioned the hacking threats worried me. Now I know the worst they could've done is ping me to death. I live like the Unabomber so the death threats never bothered me. You can't walk in the night here for stepping on a copperhead warming itself on the rocks that collected the sun during the day.
Re: I have changed!

Maybe you should stay away from pro-Zionist forums. ;)

But, seriously - death threats - that low?