Helena P. Blavatsky

There are Theosophists who are quite misled, and there are those who remain steadfast to the original CAUSE and Purpose, every bit as well as the true Founders intended it!

The same could be said of Xianity, yes, but in the case of Theosophy there is no claim by HPB or any who knew to of her being anything other than a Messenger and amanuensis [sybilline secretary] for the Mahatmas. Except of course for her being a disciple and an aspirant, as well as one of the greatest Spiritual Servers of modern times ... and as the Masters called her, Upasika [which means lay-chela].

To all of this I can testify (that she was such a chosen Messenger, trained and carefully prepared for the Purpose) and Witness. She was not entirely successful in her efforts, yet our world would not be the same without her. Alice Bailey continued where HPB left off, being the recipient of continued teachings from the exact same Mahatma [DK, `The Tibetan Master']. In the close of the 19th Century, Francia La Due and William Dower also took dictation for the Master Hilarion, thus an interim type of Theosophy was definitely initiated.

Coincident with Alice Bailey's writings the Master M. dictated the Agni Yoga Teachings through Helena Roerich, and later there were several dictations, by numerous Mahatmas (including Master R./The Maha-Chohan), through the amanuensis or `station' Lucille Cedercrans. None of these, nor the Anthroposophical and Rosicrucian work of Steiner, Heindel, et al would have been possible ... were it not for HPB and the rekindling of modern Theosophy.

Not one of these individuals is an instance of channeling, unconscious dictation, mediumship or the sort of thing Edgar Cayce is known for. Of course, were it not for HPB we wouldn't have nearly the recognition we have today of such phenomena as channeling, seances, etc.

Those who know word one about HPB know as much of her imperfections, her wonderful sense of humor and joviality, as well as her potential moodiness (bipolar?) ... and so on, as we do of her service to Humanity. We are no less reverent, but we recognize the difference between an initiate of lower degree and the Mahatmas, Chohans or Those of Higher Degree. HPB is judged quite harshly, but usually by those who have an ax to grind, and/or by those who frankly, haven't the foggiest notion what they are rattling on about. Then again, most of these have not known her in her current incarnation ... and this, while among the rarest and most unusual honors that I can claim, is certainly one of them.

That, however, is the end of it!
Here is how a secular Hindu had his mind made right by debating with HP Blavatsky:
Not a word on what was discussed. India has rejected Theosophy long back.
she was such a chosen Messenger, trained and carefully prepared for the Purpose) and Witness.
of whom?
.. were it not for HPB we wouldn't have nearly the recognition we have today of such phenomena as channeling, seances, etc.
Which country recognizes them?
Her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine is now online for free in a handsome pdf by TS Pasadena:
It should have been priced. See how much money Scientology earns. A Magnum Opus is a big opportunity.
"None of these, nor the Anthroposophical and Rosicrucian work of Steiner, Heindel, et al would have been possible ... were it not for HPB and the rekindling of modern Theosophy."

--> Imagine, if you will, the religious scene in New York City in 1875, when the Theosophical Society held its first meeting in that city. Reincarnation and karma were unheard of, religions like Buddhism and Hinduism were virtually unknown, and “New Age” bookstores had yet to appear. Into the middle of all this, Madame Blavatsky brought her new and revolutionary ideas.

If it hadn't been for Madame Blavatsky, we would have never heard of ideas such as chakras, bodhisattvas, and the astral plane of existence. She even discussed sub-atomic particles, unthinkable and unimaginable at that time to most westerners. She was the catalyst for introducing all of these ideas to the west, which we westerners now take for granted.
The power to know does not come from book-study nor from mere philosophy, but mostly from the actual practice of altruism in deed, word, and thought; for that practice purifies the covers of the soul and permits that light to shine down into the brain-mind. As the brain-mind is the receiver in the waking state, it has to be purified from sense-perccption, and the truest way to do this is by combining philosophy with the highest outward and inward virtue.

HPB in CW IX:400-G - "Conversations on Occultism"
Thousands of men and women who belong to no church, sect, or society, who are neither Theosophists nor Spiritualists, are yet virtually members of that Silent Brotherhood the units of which often do not know each other, belonging as they do to nations far and wide apart, yet each of whom carries on his brow the mark of the mysterious Karmic seal—the seal that makes of him or her a member of the Brotherhood of the Elect of Thought. Having failed to satisfy their aspirations in their respective orthodox faiths they have severed themselves from their Churches in soul when not in body, and are devoting the rest of their lives to the worship of loftier and purer ideals than any intellectual speculation can give them. How few, in comparison to their numbers, and how rarely one meets with such, and yet their name is legion, if they only chose to reveal themselves. Under the influence of that same passionate search for “life in spirit” and “life in truth,” which compels every earnest Theosophist onward through years of moral obloquy and public ostracism; moved by the same dissatisfaction with the principles of pure conventionality of modern society, and scorn for the still triumphant, fashionable thought, which, appropriating to itself unblushingly the honoured epithets of “scientific” and “foremost,” of “pioneer” and “liberal,” uses these prerogatives but to domineer over the fainthearted and selfish—these earnest men and women prefer to tread alone and unaided the narrow and thorny path that lies before him who will neither recognize authorities nor bow before cant.

Blavatsky in Collected Writings XII:125-6 - "The Cycle Moveth"
The springing up of evil thoughts is less injurious than that of idle and indifferent ones. Because as to evil thoughts you are always on your guard, and, having determined to fight and conquer them, this determination helps to develop the will power. Indifferent thoughts, however, serve merely to distract the attention and waste energy.

Practical Occultism
For the Occultists, who say that the author of Nature is Nature itself, something indistinct and inseparable from the Deity, it follows that those who are conversant with the Occult laws of Nature, and know how to change and provoke new conditions in Ether, may —not modify the laws, but work and do the same inaccordance with these immutable laws.

The Secret Doctrine
Nature gives up her innermost secrets and imparts true wisdom only to him who seeks truth for its own sake, and who craves for knowledge in order to confer benefits on others, not on his own unimportant personality.

"Dual Aspect of Wisdom"
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From the remotest periods religious philosophies taught that the whole universe was filled with divine and spiritual beings of divers races. From one of these evolved, in the course of time, ADAM, the primitive man.

Isis Unveiled
"Unconcerned about politics; hostile to the insane dreams of Socialism and of Communism, which it abhors—as both are but disguised conspiracies of brutal force and sluggishness against honest labour; the [Theosophical] Society cares but little about the outward human management of the material world. The whole of its aspirations are directed toward the occult truths of the visible and invisible worlds. Whether the physical man be under the rule of an empire or a republic, concerns only the man of matter. His body may be enslaved; as to his Soul, he has the right to give to his rulers the proud answer of Socrates to his Judges. They have no sway over the inner man."

Helena Blavatsky, from "What Are the Theosophists?"
HT Edge's life sketch and later Impressions of H P Blavatsky, compiled by Boris de Zirkoff:


"The crowning privilege of an eventful life has been my intimate personal relationship with H.P. Blavatsky, as pupil of that great Teacher. This extended from 1887 until her death, while she was carrying on at her London residence her work of promulgating Theosophy, by her receptions to inquirers and the publication of her books and magazines. She showed me that Theosophy is the most serious movement of the age, and that it requires of its adherents entire devotion to the Heart-Doctrine; and her own life was the noblest exemplar of her teachings. In the face of illness, incessant and malicious opposition, and at great pecuniary sacrifice, she toiled heroically at her great work for the bringing of Truth, Light, and Liberation to discouraged humanity."
Madman Blavatsky screwed up the terms Left Hand Path, Black Magic as well as perpetuated misinformation regarding Lucifer. She is in my opinion a menace.