A Merry Horusmas or was it Marduk?

Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by Etu Malku, Dec 22, 2012.

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    The oldest known civilizations, Egyptian and Sumerian, both had Solstice celebrations.

    The rebirth/resurrection of Egyptian god Horus lasted twelve days. The Sumerian god Marduk also had a twelve day celebration where He conquered the demons of darkness!

    The Sumerians included in their celebrations the tradition of gift giving which later Pagan Rome (my favorite Roman period) adopted it as Saturnalia and included jingling bells to drive away evil daimons away as well as candles to welcome back the Sun.

    The Greeks noticed the immortality in the varieties of Evergreens, that they had the power over death unlike the other trees during the winter and wreaths and limbs were brought inside. Mistletoes were used for fertility, abundance, and protection from evil.

    The Norse Freyja had a kissing ritual which bestowed luck, love, fertility and protection from disease.

    During Persephone’s descent into the Underworld, her God Demeter cries tears that form the first snowflakes. The same story is found earlier with the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and Her descent into the Underworld (Akkadian version is Ishtar).
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    LOL. Happy Persephone abduction day? :confused:

    No wonder I dislike this time of year!
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    Scared of Zwarte Piet are we?
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    Hey wil, good to see you! New Year's Greetings and cheerio!

    Etu Malku, I turned to today's quotation from a collected book of the same, as found in Isis Unveiled, The S.D. and other books by the same, and I found the fragment fitting ... for your considerations, for the thread and for others interested in, the same:
    True faith is the embodiment of divine charity; those who minister at its altars, are but human. As we turn the bloodstained pages of ecclesiastical history, we find that, whoever may have been the hero, and whatever costumes the actors may have worn, the plot of the tragedy has ever been the same. But the Eternal Night was in and behind all, and we pass from what we see to that which is invisible to the eye of sense. Our fervent wish has been to show true souls how they may lift aside the curtain, and, in the brightness of that Night made Day, look with undazzled gaze upon the UNVEILED TRUTH. ~from Isis Unveiled, Vol II., p.640​

    So curious, all that punctuation. Amazing. I'll bet one or two folks here would go nuts, just trying to read ol' HPB, with all her correct grammar, diction, alliteration, punctuation and inconvenient observations. Here is the woman who makes the imposter and the idiot-savant out of at least two of our regular and contributing member-visitors ... while all sorts of upsetting another tribe, where she has no bones calling a spade, a Jew. Oh yes, crucify your Saviour, and the Prophetesses, too. For be she a Hypatia, or even one of your own, you know exactly what you Lot are always willing, chomping at the bit, and frothing at the pointy-little teeth once ye realize, ye are ABLE to do ... i.e., provoke the devil, in his lair, and pray to HIM, that ye might prevail `down there.'

    Don't come to me, for ye see ... I *don't want to be* Reborn. thus the nature, of the pledge(s) of discipleship ~ and the very Seeds of Bodhisattvas are born, from those who bear the Banner ... among those who laugh and scorn. Christ came to Teach and Heal and Enlighten and motivate us all. I'd sure hate to see every last one of you go to your graves just flogging Paul, or HPB, or poor old Hypatia, for all they've stood for ~ and against. Yet take your sides, and choose your poison, but whatever ye do, stay off that fence.


    Now I'm going to reach through the ether for a 2nd and do a thing. I know it will involve none other than another `Arch(e)' yet that's entirely a part of my intent! Excuse me please, for I'm neither hell-bent nor ... m'mmm'mm'm' ... m''mmm'mmmmm'mmmm .... mmm'mmmmm'mmmmmmma .... mmmmmm'ad! :eek:

    Let me put it this way. To not look the Gift Horse {now Lamb} in the mouth is to go about it, first of all, in a kind of half empty/half full sort of mindframe ~ at least for starters.

    Yet if you think even one single thing which has happened to you is *unjust* or unfair or even untrue, in the sense that all that really was going on was that you & some other folks were pretty much learning some stuff {well, quickly and applying it vs. sitting there, rather thickly, denying it} then I'd say you're just tuned in to the RIGHT radio station. Is it `All Aboard, now look behind us, last call for the Farther Shore?' ...

    ... or are you quite convinced that it should be, `no, now dammit I want to be here *for the long haul* so ~ Yo, listen up, I hear there's a Dinah Shore re-broadcast coming on here in a little bit. If you hush, you may just hear her sultry voice {I am too young, with this sub-egoic set to know her, so I make it up as I go, as it were in life the last when I last saw her show} alright I confess, 'tis the Bard and of course, yes, I'm twice-blessed ~ but I do not count myself a Dvija-Raja, and that is why, when once you see that Moses even {and a `Jason' or any other} is put TO THE TEST, the later expression of the Man's words *do matter* from that Wonderful Day:

    "Bless't are the Pure in Heart, FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD ... " but unless I miss my oat-meat-mince-Meal i hear a Paul on scene, standing, *oh so Tall* yet ~ of these CEDARS I fear you recollect, nor know, anything at All. And yet, I'm quite sure He meant with Respect and {Wondrous Awe} would and shall ANY behold * that * ETERNAL PRESENCE.

    Four[-Square standing, as well as Fivefold and PERFECT] indeed He Represents (if not quite also technically IS) T.G.A. ... yet let us begin with our little world, okay, before we quite cast our gaze, Cave-free, toward Grand and COSMIC Arche-Tekton's `Divine Astronomy.'

    Because, you see dear Horatio {oh, aRe the Good Count also here, today? I'd be a Medium before I were a Mesmer, thus I will simply say, `I don't know,' yet I can count the woes if i don't go on with it ~ the Bard did play} ~ there are more things under Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your Spacelike, Grandiose types of philos SopheIaz, eh? A good sneeze for the wordsmith here?

    Oh nevermind, you will quite find out, in proper sequence and in due time. I am not practicing this vein in vain, u no. 's `eye' ... but that's 'e GO, and after all, what then is left for crY 'stsssssssssssss ~ than to die.

    Borrowing from Peter to please Paul, perhaps at times, but so long as it fits the larger Rhyme ... I hope they won't, much at that, bother or mind.

    Namaskar, Horakti-Ikarus ~ and .Sakti

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