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Hi, my name is Rose and I live on the Central Coast of California.
I havn't shared on a christian forum previously.
I've shared on many other types though.

I enjoy sharing what I've discovered, for myself.

I grew up in a christian household, and found myself, after many years, finally able to relate to Jesus, in a personal way.

My back ground is I've finished with all my esoteric studies (and healing modalities). So I am well versed, on those types of study. You can say "I've graduated", from them.

I'm currently studying bible prophecies of the end times and working on understanding some of the old testament via contemplation (something I've learned), methodologies.

My feeling is that all will be revealed (made clear) and perhaps the time is now, when we need to hear god's word, even, if in the past, it didn't make sense (to us) or seem to apply, to our current, lives (as it did, at one time, to our ancestors).
Welcome to IF

Hope you will find what you search about
Central...I like that...they keep trying to call SF northern...but I think northern starts around redding and Eureka...

I look forward to your discussion as you look through the shelves...
Yes, that's true of SF people. I used to fly into Oakland Airport everyday. The call sign for the Bay Area was Norcal Approach, not Midcal Approach!
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