Who is Sai Baba?


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I'm Allen Papapetrou: Bliss Master, Apprentice. I'm here at the behest of my trainer, Master Mi'i. My assignment is to find other Bliss Masters and to learn from all I share with.

So, who is this Sai Baba, I've heard about? I've heard he comes in three flavors, or incarnations: Shirdi, Sathya, and Prema.

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My understanding of Hinduism is limited to the Fiji Islands, but I remember a poster of Sathya Sai Baba hanging on the wall of a Pandit's home with the caption:

"Love all, Serve all... Help ever, Hurt never" or something to that effect.

From what I understand, Sathya Sai Baba was an Indian Guru. To his credit, he is said to have been healed of paralysis through prayer in front of a large following, having earlier suffered a stroke and several heart attacks. He died not long ago, 2011 I believe and was thought to be the reincarnate of Sai Baba of Shirdi, who also performed some rather Jesus like miracles and was thought to be saintly.

Perhaps someone with a bit more knowledge on the subject can add to this.
The followers of Shirdi Sai disassociate themselves from Satya Sai, while those of Satya Sai sort of worship both. Both have been more or less deified, which goes against any orthodoxy.

Prem is supposedly the next incarnation, predicted by Satya. I would imagine there are about a million families pondering how they can convince the world their kid is Prem, for the 'good life' that would follow.