What NON-POLITICAL, NON-RELIGIOUS Headlines Are You Following?

The first skiing death of the skiing season:
For Colorado....

Sorta sounds like a good way to go. Spend the night at a resort (not saying he did this..but someday I might) eat a good meal, soak in a hot tub...and get on a lift and go balls to the wall on a double black diamond and over a cliff no one survives.

One last endorphine rush...
Yeah, especially with all the families that legitimately need shelter, and they end up back on the streets with little-to-no money for other requirements.

I mean, the lady that was interviewed lost over $1,600, and her family has to be fed... Just think about all of the food that can be purchased for that amount in your area.

Then there's the cost of a legitimate rental that she has to find!

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
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I want one!
The rebirth of Volkswagen's iconic van
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