More on Charlottesville's tragedy

I get the feeling if Obama's tweet had been the President's he would have been criticized for it and if the President's tweets had come from Obama he would have been praised.:rolleyes:
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Many sides, many sides.... It is so funny every time he repeats himself it is when he is adlibbing and not following the teleprompter... You take the repeats out and other obvious adlibs and can easily see what the speech writers wanted him to say.
Robert e Lee recommended against statues or grounds memorializing the confederacy...including he didn't wish the flag to fly ...

Lol, he realized...the south lost... That uniting was more important... They fought for inhumane industry...they used the bible, just as the kkk, uses the bible, and the homophobes , use the bible to justify their prejudices and bigotry... WWJD?
A word from:
Mr. Anthony Brian Logan
This young man should run for public office

And now, quite a few words from:
Mr. HK Edgerton
I'd love to set down and chat with this fine Gentleman someday

I salute you sir!​
Yeah....old videos.... He ain't singing the same tune any more.... The money train disappeared as the token black spokesman.

Started out as NAACP local chapter president moved to born again confederate flag activist.... Its a job.... Until they don't pay and some KKK push you around and then ya get your hand caught in the till....

Some people are paid actors...
Yups. Don't like the speech, attempt to discredit the speaker. Time honored tradition in our country.

Mr. Ederton is still out there though. Still as outspoken as ever and yes, before someone makes a big deal of it, just like many former Presidents, Statesmen and other noteworthy individuals, he supports himself by charging a fee for public engagements and endorsements. More power to him, he's 69 years old. Here's a more recent article and a link to his website along with his most recent appearance and biography page.
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lol...this is like trotting out scientists who deny climate change....or saying that the confederacy was an integrated army and blacks fought to remain slaves...or that the secession was not about slavery but states rights....

Sorry. Sure, you can find a shill for anything, but that flag means oppression, hence the reason Lee would not fly it. If someone wants to talk history or southern heritage fine...nobody wants to squash that... but it is still a heritage built upon racism, slavery and the blood of blacks... (yes, as is our country's) it doesn't belong memorialized or enshrined, but in history books and museums about the deadliest war for Americans, and a people who wanted to tear apart the union.

I am all about admitting the mistakes of our country... I catch hell for it all the time... The removal of these statues is not a mistake. Of course one could alter the words to tell about the traitors that are on horseback and how they took part in killing 750,000 Americans...

We should have more statues of Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglas and other blacks and former slaves who helped win the war....not the white traitors who lost it...
There's always going to be apposing POV on any subject, but nobody's listening to the other side here. It's simply not that cut-and-dried.

I think the problem is, white supremacy groups are getting all the press and folks have come to equate that with the south. Just as media coverage of Islamic extremest have unfairly tainted the image of all Muslims for many. One hate group adopts the Confederate battle flag as their call to arms and suddenly that's all it represents. Look at Hitler's use of the Hindu symbol for well-being turned 45 degrees. The Swastika has become so synonymous with hatred in the west, I dare not display it on our Mandir. Hardly any non-Hindus know what the symbol actually means and that is indeed unfortunate.

Sure, we should honor black leaders and their heritage, but maligning another groups cultural heritage and pulling down great works of art to do it is not going to improve race relations one little bit. In fact, IMHO it'll make matters a lot worse. Every white supremacy group out there is going to use that as a recruiting tool and mark my words, their numbers will increase.

People without a racist bone in their body are up in arms over this. If you ever wondered how ordinary peace loving people could become radicalized... this is it.

So again, to HK Edgerton, Anthony Logan and people like them, I salute you and your efforts to set the record straight. It's high time we put an end to hatred and narrow-mindedness on both sides.
You are correct....our natives used the swastika or something like it as representing hateful regime ruined it forever...

Just as one hateful regime ruined the stars and bars forever.

Did you hear the chants if those opposing the statue removal? They were marching in mass, and shouting in unison...

Somebody wants to change....they need to say wait....and put down their torches and make an exodus from that parade screaming blood and soil, and no jobs for Jews....I didnt see that happen....did you?
It is sort of like wearing a ravens or Is hat or Jersey....

You are wearing those colors....all one can assume is you support that team.

Fly a rainbow flag, I am going to assume you are in favor of lgtbq the US flag upside down...Im gonna think you think we are in distress...

Fly a swastika and stars and bars? Assumptions will be made.