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    Later on you say that God can in fact have a thought so complex that (S)He cannot understand it. So, a failure to understand something does not provide a contradiction to Gods omnipotence?

    My take would be that this is impossible since not understanding a thought can only come from a lack of knowledge which is something that God does not suffer from.

    My apologies if I have misunderstood but this seems to be a jumble of contradictions. You say God is without limitations but then go on to suggest that God is limited(can’t lift a rock or understand a thought). You say that He can be many things then go on to say that these things that He can be have their own limitations.

    If God is all things at the same time, is He then both not able to lift the rock and able to lift the rock/understand the thought at the same time? If God creates this rock He cannot lift and then decides that He wants to lift it, what does that mean for His omnipotence?

    I do agree that God is not limited by logic, this is because God IS logic, every one of His “actions” are pure logic. Which is why imo the closest a human can come to a “language” of God is probably mathematics.

    It is a subtle distinction but an important one. I do not think God cannot know the future, I think that God does not know the future. He could know the future but this would remove our freewill. I don’t think not knowing the future provides a challenge to Gods omnipotence because I do not think the future exists yet and is therefor not there to be known, unlike the past(existed) and the present(existing) the future is merely a possibility of all that might exist.

    If I were to imagine a man with no face and then asked you what colour are the mans eyes, you could not answer the question even if you had all the knowledge in existence because the only knowledge of this man is what I have thought and I have not thought about the colour of his eyes. The knowledge simply doesn’t exist. It would in no way affect your omniscience.

    I lean towards the many worlds theory but really I think God could make either way work. I mean based on what you said earlier about God being all things at the same time shouldn’t you believe that God is both the creator of a Universe with one set of realised possibilities and also the creator of a multiverse?

    Isn’t not experiencing time another limitation on God? Also does anyone really understand what experiencing time all at once even means?

    What doesn’t make sense about it? Why does it have to be either nothing exists or everything exists?

    Because I don’t know if everything exists.

    Why does a multiverse of every possibility eliminate purpose?

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