How will you know your messiah when you see him?

If bananabrain was still here, he'd be able to tell you what they are because he was/is Orthodox. Hell, he'd be able to explain the rules and regulations for The Moshiakh (I think that he had posted them in this forum before he left.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
If you're looking for an Orthodox perspective, ask rosends. He is an Orthodox rabbi.
How will you know it is truly him?

I am neither Jewish nor Christian, but it is clear that the Jewish Bible is the only true source for identifying the Messiah. He will do what Jesus failed to do, namely, make Israel and Jerusalem the cite of world worship where all peoples will congregate, which Jesus failed to do; live to be "long in days", whereas Jesus, if he was historical, died young; reinforce Torah in a new and startling way, whereas Paul repudiated and invalidated Torah in the name of his Jesus; and install universal peace to the world, which Jesus never did etc. If the Messiah appears, all these things will be fulfilled and the messianic expectation will have been satisfied.