What denomination or sect are you?

We can get the answer (or reach near it) but people want to get correct answer with wrong beliefs. That is not possible.
Nope, a related group, I guess but not my mob. Try here: https://www.reformedoldcatholicchurch.co.uk

1. In conformity with canon III A (7), all candidates for ordination or incardination must receive the approval of their local Ordinary. 2 A candidate for ordination shall have applied on the prescribed application form and shall have provided evidence of his or her religious and secular qualifications along with details of suitability for ordination and a criminal background check. He or she must provide evidence or otherwise affirm that he or she has been baptised and confirmed."

The seminary is online. How is a priest ordained? Is it done online? What is a 'local Ordinary'?

Does one just have to submit this form, to become a priest:

I am just asking questions.
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Ok, I'm starting to understand:


"... The formation of the Old Catholic communion of Germans, Austrians and Swiss began in 1870 at a public meeting held in Nuremberg under the leadership of Ignaz von Döllinger, following the First Vatican Council. Four years later, episcopal succession was established with the consecration of an Old Catholic German bishop by a prelate of the Church of Utrecht.

In line with the "Declaration of Utrecht" of 1889, adherents accept the first seven ecumenical councils and doctrine formulated before the East–West Schism of 1054, but reject communion with the pope and a number of other Catholic doctrines and practices..." etc

And the Reformed Old Catholic Church takes it's Apostolic succession and validity from that?


" ... The Reformed Old Catholic Church (ROCC) is an autonomous Catholic church that derives its apostolic succession from the Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands, the Chaldean Catholic Church, the Syrian-Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Liberal Catholic Church International and the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.[1] ROCC is established as a charity in Scotland and is governed by an International College of Bishops under Presiding Bishop Andrew Hall.

It has its own seminary - the Sacred Heart of Jesus Theological Seminary which provides training for several independent catholic groupings.[2] ROCC is established in Europe, North America, Australasia and Africa (where it is particularly active in Nigeria)..."
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I am sure that when they did wrong you corrected them. God sees the problems caused by free will and still persists! He should have realized his mistake by now.

When we do wrong it has negative effects, when we do right it has positive effects. God has created a reality with auto-correct functions, it is not His fault if we ignore the red squiggly lines.

There only 1 solution to the problems caused by freewill. That is to remove freewill, then the universe becomes a machine where science would be the answer to all questions... I'm beginning to see the appeal in this for you :D
Basically, there was no need for God to come up with a creation (if there is any. According to my belief, there is none. God and and all that we perceive is an illusion - Advaita, non-dual Hinduism).
Basically, there was no need for God to come up with a creation
But this is ascribing human needs and motivations to the divine? It's like a flea on a dog trying to work out why the dog wags its tail?
^Obviously the wagging tail creates a breeze to cool the pious fleas down as they say their pre-blood sucking prayers.
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Yeah, men cannot answer many questions but most are satisfied with just any answer - like Earth was created 6000 years ago or that humans were created from clay or that it is flat. It took a millennium to convince them otherwise, some are not even now.
Life came from inorganic chemicals -- it's the same thing?
Lol! NO! It is not and I believe you know it.

The Bible and priests.and rabbis have not been saying for 2000 years our creation myth is allegory a representation of reality which it is easier to explain the science of abiogenesis, by err Genesis, yeah that's the ticket!

When you read clay it means.,

When you read day it means...

When your read G!d it means...

When you rid rib it means....
Nonsense. Of course it's the same thing. What sort of clay do you want it to be? You're sure it has to be clay, not mud? Not earth? Sand? Ocean silt?
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I suggest this book:

He is one of the top biologists working on abiogenesis. Unfortunately not the sort of depth that can be learned from a 10 minute YouTube or quick flick through a wiki article.
(Not referring to you @wil)
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