Perfect is as all things are

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    Perfect as opposed to perfection thereby attaining the highest level of what is perfect.

    Is the world perfect? Yes, in the time and space of existence? What about crime, war and sickness? Whatever is or could be remains perfect unto its nature.

    When we long for a perfect world, I don't think we have intelligence or resources to determine what that might be like.

    Suppose a loved one dies, is the world perfect or not? Maybe death is a way to replenish world for survival and continuation of the species.

    Why suffering? Don't know, but suffering has a purpose like everything else that occurs.

    The all things associated, you and me, and my two dogs are perfect in the space and time of existence.

    What is if I make a mistake, well dear friend you and many like us make perfect mistakes. You just can't beat perfect mistake.
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