What are the denominations of Christianity that teach that hell absolutely does not exist in any way

Discussion in 'Christianity' started by Fry, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Good for you.

    We can also be "locked in" by evil committed by our parents or environment, is my point. Someone with a traumatic childhood can become overwhelmed by untreated psychological and developmental damage, and will commit evil.

    Who should take responsibility?
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    Come on .. you can take it too far..
    I think one needs to put themselves in the position of a magistrate/judge.
    If somebody has been brought up before them, they have to listen to the case, including background & circumstances,
    and make a judgemenet accordingly. It needs to be weighed up as a deterrent to discourage evil,
    and also giving people a chance to make ammends.

    Unless somebody is mad or not responsible for their actions, I'm afraid a plea of "my parents/community is responsible, not me" is not a reasonable one, imo.

    Furthermore, "untreated psychological damage" can be treated in many different ways.
    eg. social therapies, including but not limited to religious belief

    It is natural that we might rebel when we are younger, but if we are still behaving anti-socially when we are older,
    there is something drastically wrong .. either with our own souls, or the community at large.
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    Treated, sure. "Fixt", rarely.

    Jupp, us* leftists are saying that there are resources to help people who can't help themselves and that we should expand on this. For the sake of the individual and the community. One could even call in "socialism" :eek:

    *only speaking for myself here
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    Lifting up the weakest of us should be the goal, not simply clibling the ladder.
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