Is Islam a myth?

Naturally, he had his family. Why would he like people bursting into his house? So, Allah made it clear to Muslims. Just as He made it clear that they must not marry his widowed young wives. Allah takes care of all things.
That's just not true. You have not researched Islam and / or you are just creating a straw man.

Islam teaches stories of various prophets because they were real. The Bible also has stories of some of those prophets but not all. Some are not in the Bible. The Qur'an has stories of some Bible prophets but not all. Some are not in the Qur'an.

The Qur'an corrects the Bible without even stating that it's correcting the Bible. Also the Qur'an contains major and also innocuous details about some prophets that aren't in the Bible, which shows that the Qur'an doesn't really take its cue from the Bible, it's just God telling it like it is, whether or not it's also in the Bible.

The Bible was distorted. The Bible quickly became unviable, save for some prophets that came along to reform the religion, but soon after their passing, the temple franchises moved back in and corrupted the writings.

The Qur'an appeared when it was finally all lost. I'm not sure exactly what happened to make the Bible finally all lost but it may have been the death of the Seven Sleepers who slept in a cave for about 300 years when fleeing Emperor Decius, who was persecuting Christians. The Seven Sleepers probably in my opinion died in the late 500s, and thereafter all was lost, but the people in the Levant were known to be expecting a new prophet soon.

The Qur'an does not base its differences on genealogies and heritage, it is not a tribal book but a book for all mankind, including eskimos and Australian aborigines.

The Bible said the progeny of Isma'il would be blessed.

and so on.

I recommend you read the Qur'an, hadith, and books on Islam from, ooooh, i don't know ... a community of killer whale bone carvers in Alaska. No, erm ... from Islamophobes? No, hey wait, even better idea: from Muslims. Yes try that. Try using Muslim sources including their core texts. I'm not asking you to believe, just to be factual.
Such sarcasm is unseemly to interfaith dialogue.

For the record, I was pulling from multiple conversations with Muslims. That, and factual, historical, timely, recent events.
You do care, you typically shame Muslims for their beliefs by making fraught comparisons with secularism, whilst not using the same critique for, say, atheism or other faiths or even your own self. Every time you write about Islam on here, it is negative, punitive, rhetoric. Your words are logically fallacious e.g. always interchanging Islam with Muslims, and moreover the cherry picked reports about Muslims you select are, well, cherry picked. I believe you do this to avoid one core issue: there is nothing wrong with the Islamic religion, and / or you haven't even studied it. So you take it around the houses instead, that man , he fed a seagull some alkaseltzer, the seagull suffered, Jefferson would never do that, l remember it was the summer of 1854, look this article, see, tolerance of all, but you Muslim lot aren't like that, bla de bla de bla de bla. Always the same gish gallop from you. Use facts. Be relevant.
Pots and kettles, my friend, pots and kettles...and an incredible lack of historical understanding.
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