How has the pandemic affected your spiritual practice?


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Going to church or temple again?

How did your habits/ritual change?

Still going online or back to in person?

Me? My church is talking about in person.

I miss working with the kids...but the whole pandemic thing slowed down tje world.the same time my health slowed down me.

Mostly my practice ...that that it is, has remained similar. As I have been watching from afar online for 3 years now...
My personal practice of meditation is solitary, so no changes. There were two events or meet-ups of like-minded individuals which I'd have liked to attend, that got cancelled. One of them still took place in an online setting.
Other services were available on You Tube, with the daily Mass open for physical attendance, except during a couple of hard lockdowns. But with all the advance booking, social distancing and masks and hand sanitizing etc, I just didn't visit the Abbey for a year, really.

England is basically back to normal now, with travel restrictions. It is good to be able to just walk across now when I want to go. I sometimes go to Mass or to the early morning lauds, or evening vespers services. I feel no pressure or obligation, but I always come home uplifted. I still wear a mask The monastery guest house is open again now to take visitors. staying for a week.
That sounds wonderful. Enjoy, RJM!
Thanks @Cino.

I did a lot of retreats there in years past. I used to live for them, really. But since moving three years ago I now live so close that I just walk across.

The monks welcome visitors. All monasteries do At Buckfast single male visitors get a small room in the monastery guest house and are invited to attend the monks' seven daily services (not obliged) and eat meals in silence with them.

Women or couples are accommodated in a guesthouse in the grounds but not actually inside the monastery.

There's no charge, but they accept a donation if a person wants to. Maximum stay is for a week, three times a year. It's a battery recharge, so different from the everyday world, but so close to it.
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My spiritual practice is debate on internet. I am an atheist, no worship, no temple visits. And I have no unanswered questions. I have already found the answers. Therefore, there is nothing on which I could meditate (as I did for a short time decades ago).
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Thoughts do not clutter my mind. They come and go. I do not hold on to any. Therefore, no need for meditation. ;)

Wow, Aup, my admiration for you continues to grow. This position is little understood in human kind. People have never understood this about me, that I achieve through nature what others have to work hard at every day: empty mindedness. "Do this, do that; read this, read that, use this technique, use that, yada yada"... Well, no thanks. Don't need all that clutter in my pristine head space.

In refusing the din and clamor of the experts and wannabees, I remain open to actionless action. It is rare to meet a fellow practitioner on this lonely road of life. Thank you for your wisdom.