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Have added more active forum threads to Homepage Recent Activity

People who go to the Homepage now get links to current forum thread discussions, instead of outdated dormant 'news' items ...

Thanks to @Aupmanyav for the suggestion :)
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:) Your appreciation encouraged me a lot, and the result is this:


Done with LibreOffice Writer
This also needs a small redo. Alternative Spirituality and Ancient Mythology appear at two places. Perhaps one link could be removed. Also Main Site is Home (when a visitor opens the site, it is already Home, so the link is perhaps redundant). Rather than all capitals, first letter capital makes easier reading. Just Links are enough, no need to embellish them in any way. That will be simpler. You see, two brains are better than one. One and one make eleven. So these are just suggestions.

Comparative Religions
Interfaith Dialogue Forum

World Religions

Main Sections
World Religions
Alternative Spiritualty
Ancient Mythology
General Articles

Special Feature

Community Forums
Belief & Spirituality
Abrahamic Religions
Eastern Thought
Comparative Studies

Donate / Suggest
to strengthen ‘Inrerfaith’
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Also during Log In, it is mentioned twice taking up more space. One is enough. Well, I know all my suggestions may not be workable, feasible. Feel free to discard the over-reach in to the waste-paper basket.

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But no 'donate' imo
And I think the Apocrypha section needs special emphasis
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I can experiment with different templates and post screenshots here for comment, but I am not confident to try messing around with the homepage CSS. It needs someone who really knows what they're doing, lol
There is no CSS change except font size. Wish I could try my hand at it to prepare a template. Before HTML 5, I used to do it I am not bad at design or improvisation, though I am no expert. Why hesitate about donations? All websites do it. Running a website costs money. Of course, policy matters do not fall in my purview.
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Lets hear from others Aup? I've no objection to you helping get the homepage sorted out.

I personally do not at all like the idea of IO requesting donations. It's survived 20 yrs without begging (or advertising) and the cost is not great.
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I like all of what I read and understand but am more visual. If there is a way to prepare the page before going live and we could look at it cool!

I am all for a brand new look, aint like there are people used to the various links...

BUT I dont wanna add extra work, and DO WANNA thank all those making tbis effort!
Aup is going to play around with designs and everyone can have a look and comment before "going live'

Meantime any suggestions?

I suggest making the Apocrypha section more prominent. Also strongly resist the donations idea.

Thanks @Aupmanyav :)