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Hi everybody

Here is a new homepage design for created by @Aupmanyav. Please click this link for a temporary version.

It will be open here for awhile for discussion and suggestions, before going live. Only the homepage is affected, other IO pages will not change.

For the full-screen version the (purple) demo site logo may cover the Abrahamic Religions button, although the button still works. On the mobile version the button is visible. That temporary (purple) logo will not be a part of the page. It is just there on the demo site.

There has been a lot of debate about the background image. It can be changed and members are invited to submit images. The images have to be authorized for use and not subject to copyright, etc.

Please let @Aupmanyav have your feedback here on this thread

Below are screenshots of the full page and mobile versions


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When the logo obscures the Abrahamic Religion button just make the browser screen breadth a little smaller, that will make the tiiny logo move southwards.
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Nice job Aup :)
Thanks, RJM, sorry to have put you to all that stress. Now, I would like to hear from Interfaith members.
On the one hand it is certainly much more attractive than the current site home page. On the other hand, it’s not nearly as informative as to the nature and content of the site as the current home page, and, to some extent, gives an impression that the site is only a forum.
Thanks RabbiO for your comment. Perhaps we could include a line saying "Read more about World Religions" above the blue strips like this:

The Four links
Read more about World Religions
Blue Strip
Blue Strip
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That just clutters it, imo.

All the information is still there, that is on the original page. Care had been taken that nothing is lost

The image blocks have been replaced by hover buttons
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But this is for members to discuss and decide.
I know Aup is enthusiastic for comments
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I like the overall look and background but wish to see some religious icons... this is where I begin to dream of possibilities. But not knowing your capabilities I don't know where I can go.

I imagine the various logos appearing and disappearing in the sky area. A calming sound playing somewhere between an OHM and Gregorian chant. Some text scrolling encouraging people to look around ... "whether you're here for research, discussion, or inspiration welcome please enjoy our site."
A calming sound playing somewhere between an OHM and Gregorian chant
Ah ... soundtrack.

not calming new age bells and pipes, lol! How about Jim Reeves: Distant Drums?

Just joking ... no offence ;)
The new Jainism button links to Zoroastrianism? On my phone ...
Doesn't matter for the time being. Imo, no need to change it here, Aup?
Changing that is not a big exercise. I will do it in my next update.
Wil's scroller idea is nice. Also music - Raag Bhairavi (the morning song). :) Let me see if I can implement it.
Will also think about how I can implement religion logos.
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Soothing ragas in Indian music (various views in Google):
Bhoopali, Madhuvanti, Bageshwari, Darbari (created by arch musician Tansen for Emperor Akbar), Anand Bhairavi, Hamsdhwani, Mian ki Malhar (again by Tansen, 16th Century), Kafi, Kalyani, ...
Oh, the list seems to be endless.
So, let me try Bageshwari first.
Music element added to the homepage with mute and volume. As you perhaps know, I have hearing problem. So, I need your help to choose a suitable calm and serene audio file which I can put in. New screenshot (not yet on

Well, Wil; Here is the page with marquee as you desire (the sentence written by you). I have corrected the Jain religion link. Not yet at

Got the ticker right for large screens - smooth. Have loaded the new version at Same address:
Still have one problem. On mobile, the ticker gets into three lines* an not in one continuous line. On large screens it is OK.

Solved. It remains in one continuous line if it is given 100% spread, i.e., one edge to another. So, no problems at the moment. :D
However, the audio control is not responsive. On mobile also it retains its size, which is not OK.
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