Scientific Proofs Authenticating GOD Is PERSONALITY and Physical Proofs of GOD's Living Reality!...

The universe is comprised of energy and forces, that we as human animal creatures perceive as the only reality that the limitations of our existence allow.
Who's to say the universe limits itself to what our own animal physical senses can detect and perceive? I think it's a ridiculous idea. Antitheists have no call to be smug in their certainty that there's no 'God' imo
Yes, I agree with you here. I think that even when dealing only with what we can "detect and perceive" we have major problems. Who could have studied the 'Big Bang' and foreseen Shakespeare, Beethoven and Einstein on this little planet? The complexity of the known is on a mind-boggling scale.
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What's the evidence of emphermeral thought, love or emotion?

"Every beauty and greatness in this world is created by a single thought or emotion inside a man. Every thing we see today, made by past generations, was, before its appearance, a thought in the mind of a man or an impulse in the heart of a woman."
(Khalil Gibran)
I was explaining to someone (in another forum) that the double-slit experiment has nothing to do with consciousness, when a self-proclaimed gnostic atheist with a bachelor's in math decided to attack me, thinking that I was saying that it did have something to do with consciousness.

Several pages of arguing later, after other atheists initially joined his side (also being needlessly mocking and insulting), most of them realized he was wrong and slipped out, but not him. He continued sending me some of the most vicious and condescending messages I've ever received on a forum. It made me want to quit the internet altogether and almost convinced me that, even online, other people aren't worth talking to.

He never got the hint, either, I just stopped replying in that thread. It reinforced a valuable lesson that, up until then, I had mostly only known intellectually: Even if I arrive at a certain conclusion rationally, not everyone who arrives at that conclusion does so for rational reasons, and even if they do they might not be consistently rational.

To this day, I still see that user pop into threads from time to time to spout some one-liner to the religious, or to make some tangential joke at the expense of their posts. I think that guy in particular was just a total jerk and I have no idea why the other atheists on that board seem to have so much respect for him. It definitely lowered my faith in humanity as a whole.

In his argument, he also used his irrelevant credentials (in mathematics) as an argument from authority to accuse me of not understanding the complexities of quantum physics. He was so mean about it, essentially creating arguments for why I'm an idiot and incapable of any rational thought, that I ended up shaking and crying in real life.

That never happens to me, especially not over an internet altercation. That sole interaction is the major reason why I don't want to talk about science or technical fields online anymore, although I seem to be slowly getting over it. What a capricious bully.

ETA: Just revisiting this has made me upset again, and if I hadn't made so much progress on Stoic practices since then I think I'd cry because I feel like I'm choking back tears.
Damn! I know this post was a year ago, but I feel so bad you went through that!
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