Religious Beliefs and Morality

I appreciate and am honored by the offer, but I think it would be more than I can in good conscience provide. I still work a 40 hour week too, so I can eat. I trust the site is currently in good hands.
There was a strong difference of opinion between Steve and Juan over a post that Steve considered to contain a death threat (though not directed at him) which caused Steve to delete the post and to ban Juan,
In the interest of full disclosure, the offense was taken over an FBI report, not a death threat. The FBI report clearly laid out that a Bernie supporter had it in for and made death threats to conservative politicians prior to shooting up a softball game. THAT is what I was banned for, having the audacity to speak the factual truth.

I respect Steve keeping up the place on his own, but he seriously missed that one. And I posted that FBI report on the heels of posting known archeology showing fossilized tropical plants on a Canadian island inside of the Arctic Circle, and he expressed dismay over that as well, so I'm comfortable with my assessment of the situation.
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I'm trying to be scarce, these days, for my own reasons ...

It's great to be learning this history of the site from long term members.. It would be good to know more, from you
I've really come to enjoy our discussions and I appreciate your support in some of the chaos.
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@Cino is an essential element of IO. He is our vital IT guy, giving from his own time and expertise.

We operate IO as a combined effort now, taking decisions after consultation with one another.

There are a few more active team members, if you're going to list credits: @Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine, @Thomas, @wil -

I, too, appreciate your sharing about the history of this place, @juantoo3
@Phyllis has been here so long she's part of the furniture. And we all love her.

I have grown very much to appreciate your contributions as well, Cino and RJM.

Other newbies I particularly enjoyed are Namaste Jesus and Aussie Thoughts. I was saddened to read of Aussie's passing.
Brian Turner (iBrian) now owns The Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles forums
I wonder if @WHKieth is registered over there (I seem to recall that was one of his genres he's written in...)

I might join if they also discuss steampunk/cyberpunk and/or postapocalypse stuff (I've binged on some Japanese media as well as some Korean horror as I've posted before.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine