The Myth of Progress

610 CE: Islam is founded in Arabia in the 7th century, and women are given the right to inherit estates and own property. As a result, it’s not uncommon for women to be professionals and property owners.

I think the treatment of women regarding drivers licenses, after a rape, age of marriage, selection of spouses, polygamy, stoning etc varies in differing Islamic states and varies from what is written eh?
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My brother Chris was always a vocal militant atheist. But when he contracted throat cancer in August last year, his wife persuaded him to try prayer, and always firmly believed God would heal him, to make him a witness to all who knew him.

A short while ago, he sent this message to his family:

"You guys have all heard the fantastic news by now that the scan shows that the cancer is gone, no sign of it at all, which is the most incredible news. I won't lie, I've been pretty anxious in the time leading up to the scan, expecting the worst and hoping for the best. The best in this case being perhaps that the radiation had reduced the cancer to a degree that surgery would be possible, or maybe "just another short radiation treatment to get the remainder".

The weeks of not being able to swallow solid food and constant pain, weakness and sleeping 18 hours a day. The oncologist, Dr Botha was pretty negative about the prognosis. His demeanour yesterday was completely different, I could see that even he was surprised at the outcome. Today I woke up to the first day of a new life, it's like a death sentence has been commuted. I'm incredibly thankful to modern medicine, the doctors and whole medical team, but especially to God, who has just performed a miracle. Nobody expected this result, including the doctors and especially me.

I'll always remember the surgeon, Dr Barnard's words, after he put in the stent, "I've never seen such extensive cancer in an esophagus, under the circumstances there's no point in a follow up appointment, bye".

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers, and especially to Birgit, my rock, without whom I would never have been able to see this through. She's cried with me and celebrated the little, and not so little gains. Love you all."

Sometimes we need to lose everything, to find it
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Was it this thread or faith ya meant to put that it in? Happy for Chris and your family rjm

The discussion has also been around the 'supernatural' alongside the myth of purely material progress ... I think? The doctors didn't give him a chance, in spite of all the treatment

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