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As I sit here in the soft glow of my monitor. I find myself longing to read a good story. One with mystery and suspence. One of ancient people and there struggle through the ages. Of armies and battles fought in the name of righteousness.

Ok not really but that sounded good :D

I was really wanting to read about the supposed Lost tribe of Israel and here what Modern Judiasm has to say on the subject. I watched small parts of a History Channel Program that kind of peaked my interest.

Does it exist? If so where? When did it become lost and how?

And what significance does or would it hold to modern Israel if found.

Thanks look forward to seeing the results and reading your insight.
This History Channel program claims to have DNA evidence saying the tribe is in south africa but I cant remember the name of the people. Was impressed with a speaker from among them saying WE are NOT LOST G D Knows we are hereI would have never thought Japan
Mormon say they where the Native Indians here in US ??? or maybe that was sheep of another fold.

Thanks for the input and yes could be in Brooklyn for all I know :D
You're thinking of the lemba. A long time ago I became very interested in these people, back when I was always interested in this sort of thing. This is the Lemba page:

Abstracts of genetics studies about the Lemba can be found on the following page under number 4, but in summary it states

Those Lembas who possess the Cohen Modal Haplotype have Middle Eastern ancestry, possibly Jewish Cohen. The Buba clan is especially Middle Eastern in its paternal DNA.