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As I'm sure many of the people here know I'm Catholic. And I'm sure many of the people here know that the Holy Father is dieing at this time:(. I'd like to ask all the people who see this thread to pray for him and the next leader of my church.

May God bless you all.
May God smile upon His faithful servant...and grant him the rest and peace he so richly deserves.
The Pope has been transferred.

Pope John Paul II died @ 1937 GMT today. His passing was peaceful, and he was alert until the end.

May he enjoy his new post.


Pope John Paul II faced death as he faced life--with strength, faith, and love. I don't think he was perfect--not one of us is, even the greatest of us--but I do believe he acted always from his great faith.

May the Catholic Church and her members face the trials of the present day and the future with that same spirit.
i pray for the Pope, and for the millions who will mourn for him. he was a truly unique man. i remember seeing him on TV when i was little and being hushed into mental silence by his presence... even on the TV. surely, who ever is chosen as the next pope will have some huge shoes to fill.
Here's how the BBC reported it:
Pope John Paul II dies in Vatican

Pope John Paul II, the third longest-serving pontiff in history, has died at the age of 84. The Pope died at 2137 local time (1937 GMT) in the Vatican on Saturday following a series of worsening health problems including a heart condition.

Many thousands of people gathered in Rome's St Peter's Square to pay tribute to the pontiff, while church bells throughout the city began tolling.

He is said to have continued to receive visitors until close to the end.
I really admired JPII...he was, in every way, a Leader. His passing is a great loss not only for the Catholic Church (in my opinion), but to the world in general...But, I am glad he is now with the Lord.
I Prayed for the health of the Pope as I would pray for any of God children. But my question to you is why is the pope regarded so highly as compared to other religious leaders?
hmmmmmmmmmm....he's not only a religious leader, but also a head of state (the Vatican) ...few other religious leaders (that I know of, pardon the ignorance) are also heads of state...partly, also, because of the importance that the Catholic church had traditionally as a political force (I remember from school that the first son from the "noble" families always stood to inherit, while the second one always had to go into priesthood, to consolidate the family's power)...and, I imagine, too, partly because Catholicism is the "root" religion for most other Christian churches...
That is what I can think of as for the respect generally given to popes...as far as JPII goes, he, as I said before, was a true Leader (capitalized on purpose!)...the man had charisma ...he reached for the people, and the people (of whatever denomination) responded...especially the younger generations, who, in todays world, seem often to be "disconnected" from the church ...If you had seen the reaction whenever he addressed youths, you'd have thought he was a rock star or something...He came twice to El Salvador, and, when he arrived at the Cathedral for the "Meeting with the Youth", the chanting of Juan Pablo II, te quiere todo el mundo" was deafening...He also seemed to thrive in their presence, to become younger...I particularly remember his second visit (1996), if only because I was older!...he was looking tired but, right in front of our eyes, he became renewed by his contact with all these youngsters...and, as we can see from other posts linking to various sources of information, he did A LOT for the Catholic church and for "opening" it to other religions, as well...
The Pope was a wonderful leader, and though I did not agree with him on many issues, I admired his dedication to peace and love. I prayed for him to have a death free from suffering, and am glad he has passed peacefully into God's presence.
He was a great man and I think he was a pioneer in many ways, he created foundations for the Catholic church, he did so much.. A role model for any body.