path_of_one said:
Overall, I make a lousy Capricorn. Outside of liking order (and honestly, I haven't met too many people who genuinely love chaos, though they may be incapable of really getting organized) and the occasional debate (though I'm really more of a discussant, "can't we all just get along" mentality), I'm nowhere near the description. I guess I can be manic-depressive, but so can everyone- most people alternate between happiness and gloominess as a response to life and its alternations between good stuff and bad stuff.

I did fine in math but really dislike it. I don't like authority, generally appreciate tradition intellectually but march to my own drummer determinedly, and I have no interest in money or business, outside of being able to afford some books, my two horses, and art supplies. :)

Of course, people are quick to point out that, having been born in the morning of 12/22, I'm just as likely to be like a Sagittarius.

Cusp baby. That is what they would call you. My oldest is a "Cusp" kid, between Piscese and Aries (yay for me!). Water and fire all roled into one kid (excuse me, "young man"). :rolleyes:

You have the horses, I provide for horses (and dogs, and cats, and ferrets), that my "Cancer" wife craves. I got the saddle, that no horse has been rigged with (it sits in the shed). But I pay for the horses. My wife rides, and I abide. (oh, I know how to ride, and do a good job substituting for my wife in grooming and such, and the horses like me well enough...just riding for pleasure ain't my thing). If I need a loggerhead pulled, then the horse is a great tool (and I feed him and rub him down well for his efforts). If I need to get from point A to point B, over hill and is better than an ATV.

As far as arguments? If I don't know, I'll defer. But if I think I'm right...forget it. I won't quit. If I'm wrong, I'll mull over it awhile, then make amends. (that can get a man in trouble from time to time) :rolleyes:

I also must remain emotionally neutral (on average). Like a sine wave on an AC power circuit, neutral is the center point. Peaks and valleys are ok, but sine midline is perfect.

As some of you know first hand, when I lose emotional control, I can hurt people's psyche. (for that I'm sorry, if I hadn't said it before). And I know that kind of hurt can never be taken back.

Words are like blades, razor sharp. They can heal by cutting away the crap, or do serious damage by cutting into the heart. That is my pennance, to watch how I say things. That is true of most people called Picsese.

I have to laugh, I been nurtured by a Piscese, and groomed by a Capricorn (both at ends of their sign, and I'm dead center of mine).

Maybe there is something to this astrological stuff...:cool:


My son is a Capricorn. Sounds fairly accurate for him too.
I'm a Scorpio, although my chart reads
Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Libra; Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Second House, Uranus Conjunct Ascendant; Sun in Third House; Moon in Third House; Venus in Fourth House; Saturn in Fifth House; Jupiter Opposition Ascendant
No idea what it all means. I just know that my personal chart is eerily accurate.

To find out your personal chart and reading look here
There are some interesting things going on astrologically right now. We had a lunar eclipse on the 14th of this month and will be experiencing a solar eclipse on the 29th. Additionally, today is the vernal equinox, or traditionally "Easter" in the Pagan world.

Here's an excerpt that is relevant to the quality of the next several weeks: said:
While much could be written on all this, as there are many ways these events may impact us both personally and globally, I want to make mention of one in particular, and that is the potential for increased Soul presence as a result of the synchronicity of these most unusual phenomena. To the degree that we allow our Soul into our consciousness, we feel guided and connected to Source. During this time, I feel some will have experiences that open them to their own Soul in new and even tangible ways, as a result of the energies being ushered in during this time. I realize this is a huge (and important) subject, and a most personal one. I just felt it important to mention this, so that if you are sensing these things, in your own way, to give it attention, to acknowledge the process, as it is a most sacred one and will leave you different than it found you. These are celestial events that can create a fundamental shift of consciousness. And being open and aware of it, even inviting it in, will only facilitate the process.

More on this can be found at the website above as well as the following site:

Interesting stuff. Now is a time to dig deep into your spirit. :)
I almost hesitate to post on this topic, because of the plethora of 'it's just nonsense" feeling in the general public.

I'm an astrologist - not for clients, anymore, but for friends.

I stopped doing it for clients because I kept seeing things about people I really didn't want to know.

I'm also careful with my friends' readings, for the same reason.

If there is enough interest, I'll be happy to do an online "101" basics course, covering how to understand your natal chart and how to understand transits.
Käthe said:
*chuckle* The response so far has been underwhelming, but I'll give it a week or so.
phoey! I would truly like a reading, and any insight that you might have to offer. Small problem is that I know neither time nor location of birth. :( Not real happy with North Carolina state law in that regard (I'm an adoptee).

But let's guess that it's 8:30pm EST on 3/23/72 ... in Wilson, NC. Some of this has been at least partially confirmed, the other came to me awhile back. What I wouldn't give - to know the truth.

Anyway, I kind of know, diddly about astrology ... but if you feel like it, please, post! :) I'd be grateful ...

Hi Käthe,

I'd be interested in your online course. I've dabbled in my natal chart in the past, but I didn't get a good sense of things like squares, trines, oppositions, and all the subtle facets. I'd love to learn some more, but I tend to shy away from books on the subject. A lot of them seem a little hokey, although I did have a pretty good one several years ago.

Käthe said:
If there is enough interest, I'll be happy to do an online "101" basics course, covering how to understand your natal chart and how to understand transits.

I don't know why I even came to this thread...but once again I am presently surprised but something that came as an instinct response. I have very strong thoughts about astrology and how it plays in relationships, and a very interesting tale to go with. I for one don't understand the theory very well behind astrology but am a definite believer in tis influence in our lives. Would love to have you explain "101" :D
I'll be starting this within two weeks (sorry that I cannot commit to a more specific schedule - I'm going to away from home and perhaps without internet conection).

I'm delighted that there is interest!
Astrology, anyone? Been a minute, no?

Here's some interesting tidbits of interpretation on yesterday's lunar eclipse involving Baghdad, Iraq and Washington, DC.

And looking ahead to the Spring Equinox, what do we have? Ho!! A full solar eclipse on March 19th, 2007! That's just two days ahead of the Equinox, which lands at 12:07 AM GMT on March 21st this year.* Bam!!! What is up?

According to Nina, "The effect of the [solar] eclipse will last for about three years and nine months." About three years and nine months (calculating... calculating...) will take us right up to (carry the 1...) ... (00100111001111) ... oh, about January of 2011.

Nina also says:

The ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter, which rules the sign of Pisces, where the solar eclipse is occurring. Jupiter causes everything, good and bad, to increase. According to Lilly (spelling and punctuation modernized by me): “[Jupiter] multiplies all living creatures which are behooveful for man, and portends destruction to such animals as are hurtful to man…”

Huh. Again, interesting. Interesting times.

*If I were to write that in a different way, it would look like this: 00:07, 3/21/07. I don't know, I find the repetition of the 07s interesting, although it's sure to be just a fluke. An interesting fluke, but a fluke.
i play in the minors but like to special lize in combatiability to the coresponding planets in some one's chart. to see the spirit and ego not get along or why people just don't understand themselves
I know how to do charts and cards and all sorts of things. I'd like to know if you know any acknowledgement on the serpentcharmer?:(
Hi :)

Perhaps you would be interested in the crystal books of Cassandra Eason.

Astrology work's... It's just an other way God speaks to us just depends if your hearing :) But I wouldn't depend on Mystic Meg from the back of the Newspaper to tell you your future :D However God can come in anyway you like.

I was going to comment on this but decided better of it.:eek: