neverending group stream of consciousness


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So the idea is that this is a neverending stream of thought. It should look like this:

Fred: I like to eat cheeseburgers and

Bill: onion rings with ketchup but

Steve: It's not really good for me because

Leopold: cheeseburgers and onion rings are fattening and

Henrietta: I'm trying to watch my figure however

Gertrude: I also like to treat myself since

Ralphy: I know I've only got so long to live but

Marvin: it's really that I miss my father and

Seymour: I try to comfort myself by eating and

Lola: I gained 3 pounds last week but

Gail: my sister says I'm looking good so

Joe: I try to keep my mood up and

Ralphy: sometimes I play the piano etc etc.

Just put down whatever comes to your mind first. But since it's a comparative religion board I'm going to try to start it on something spiritual. Please don't do any rebuttals and try not to let it become too tradition-specific but I think it's likely things will be said that are more specific and I don't think this is a problem. I think it's okay too if two contradictory thoughts are stated. Please try to limit your posts to one specific and incomplete thought that only begins to become fleshed out in the context of the statements before and after it. When possible, try to give answers that allow for more explanation and postings rather than less. (Brian, if you think this thread could cause problems I understand.)

Starting thought: I think God is
through the seams of my subconsciousness being to see something different. In this journey I shall....
...when the moon is rising above the horizon and the waters glisten like silver...