Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."


at peace
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Peace to all here!:) Thought this might be fun.

I love it when I have to stop folding towels because my cat has crawled inside the dryer and found the warm towels cozy, and I don't have the heart to disturb her peace.

I love it when I feel the earth beneath my bare feet, feel the breeze on my face, breathe in the fresh air, and feel the sun on my face.
I love it when my praises to God bring me instant peace. It lets me know that I am still connected.

I also love it when everybody is digging my shoes. It lets me know that I made a very good selection. :D
I love it when it's a warm spring day in the northwest and the scent of evergreens intermingles with birdsong.
I love it when I teach my husband how to make chili and my student surpasses my wildest dreams (okay, not my wildest). His chili is better than a fine, red wine.;)

(I confess, I am posting again in order to push the thread. I was enjoying it!)

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I love it when fall is in the air, the Texas Longhorns and Fighting Irish are on the tube and the homemade chili is on the stove.:p
I love it when I'm riding in the cool of the morning and my horse and I become like one creature- moving and thinking together.

I love moments out in the mountains when my hair all stands on end as the awesome glory of God washes over me.

I love it when I see old couples holding hands.
I love it when I watch my wife sleep. Even in repose, her form is graceful and refined. There is a dignity and nobleness about her that stuns me.

And when she is on her gelding Paint, that grace and dignity is magnified. They dance together, and I am the lucky observer.


I love it when I think about the past

Sounds too general but I do like my past, the things that I've done, places I have been, people I have met, it just gives me a smile and I continue ...
Geist said:
I love it when I can be me and not hide behind a mask.
I love it when the daughter's "date" observes the father's loving respect for his wife, and then the "date" clumsily but faithfully attempts to emulate the same with the daughter...and she does all she can to hide the grin...:D

That's great work of art in progress...(Lol)


Geist said:
I love to be loved even if its only for a little while.
Ahmen to that! ;)

Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all...

of course that is hoowiii. But feeling that way is not.

I love it when people feel safe enough to express their fears to others. One, it makes those of us hearing/reading, feel good that we can be trusted to not compound those fears, and two, it shows that the one expressing those fears is a bit stronger than they think they are.

You are going to do just fine. Know why? you know what you want. In time you'll get it. In the mean time, take it easy on self. You're pretty savy (for a kid) LOL :D . (I am teasing you G.)...