Biosphere up for sale


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I read an article in the paper that the Biosphere2 is up for sale. the biospherians only lasted 2 years in it.

An interesting article of what the 8 people endured goes to show that Man cannot create a self supporting environment even with the unlimited funds that wealth can provide.

Makes me appreciate my belief in creation and the creator who designed the Biospehere 1... Earth.
That's a good article. :)

I remember right, I'm sure I saw a programme on the project that also stated that they completely overused the fertilisers in the soil - effectively, putting in 100 years worth of nutrients into the soil, which kicked up CO2 production in the complex.
That is fascinating, Faithfulservant. Certainly should make us pause and think carefully about how we are treating biosphere 1.


hmmm--it probably would make a good reality TV show...
ROFL I was thinking the same thing... Biosphere being a cross between Survivor Big Brother and Real World! Id watch it.
I remember way back when this was going on there was a scandal because the biospherians weren't supposed to be getting any outside food, but someone smuggled in pizza. That might have been a rumor... I still found it really amusing. That person must have really wanted some pizza.
LOL! Noble experiment, or "There goes the neighborhood?" Good article--I am pretty sure that I am related to one of the eight people (seriously). Probably the one who ordered the pizza....:)

The ratio of people and animals to land was off. Two people on three acres and an appropriate amount of animals for that size of land could have worked well for two or more years.

The article fails to mention that the people did not perform their respective duties to the letter, some duties being given up alltogether. The water to land ratio was also off. Earth is a 70/30 water to land ratio.

For an earth based colony it was a failure. But for a Martian based colony/camp it was a success.

my two cents.


The whole thing was just a big scam. They pretended to be scientists, but all the real scientists from real universities long ago abandoned them when they realized they were being courted merely for appearance's sake.

Any scientific insight that was obtained from it all was in spite of the project, not because of the project.

"Voodoo Science: The Road from Foolishness to Fraud" by Robert L. Park discusses Biosphere 2 as one of the cases in their examination of pseudoscientific fraud.

I'm a little bitter about it because I can't help but think about all the money wasted on Biosphere 2 that could have been used for valid scientific research. It just goes to show that people who are good at sales pitches can get attention and funding whether they deserve it or not.
I sent the article link to my aunt, and her observation was so simple and quite possibly true that I thought I would post her comment here:

"Interesting fact: The weather outside the bubble controlled the experiment and in the end caused the failure."