minutes to live

Faithfulservant said:
...If that stabbed man needed someone who could do CPR to save His life... I do not believe that would be me.. If He directed me to someone that seeked the words of Christ or prayer ... Well I would know it was God.. and that the Spirit would speak through me.

Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."
To everything, there is a purpose...under heaven. ;)


I agree with Faithfulservant on this one. If a person does not come to Christ until the end, yes, there is little of their life that gave Christ honor, but they are with Him, not separated, if they have opened the door of their heart. I don't know if anyone has heard of the Share Jesus Without Fear....method(??don't know what to call it!), but that's what I'd do. First pray of course, then probably share a few Scriptures, at least John 3:16 ask these questions:
Are you a sinner? Do you want forgiveness? Do you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and rose again? Are you ready to surrender your life to Him? Are you ready to invite Jesus into your life and into your heart?

If they answered yes to all, I'd lead them to pray to God basically what they agreed to in the questions. Eternity is a big deal, beyond our comprehension. It's worth it to try to aid them in coming to Jesus. The only way people can come is if the Spirit has led them, so we aren't doing much except being a tool for Jesus' work.
What an interesting question! Firstly, I would obviously do everything I could to save their life. If there was nothing anyone could do and death was iminent, then I would first put myself in thier place - what would I want to hear? I wouldn't want to hear somebody quoting the bible at me, no matter how much this person believes in it, and I would also want them to take into account that I might not be Christian (I am this is just for example sake).

What I would do is share some of my personal experiences with the dying person that have shown me that death is not the end, and that have been my personal proof that there is a God and that my loved ones who have died are okay. That way, no matter what this person is, even atheist, my words wouldn't be of offence to them because they are unique personal experiences that have provided me with personal proof, then the person can take them or leave them.
Hope that makes sense. :)
What I never anticapated was the difference in peoples views of where that person spends eternity if they die without Christ

I believe that if a person dies without repenting of thier sin and puting thier Faith in the Lord and Saviour Jesus then thier destination is Hell

so I would not be telling the person life stories and to be honest I would not care what they personally believe. I would be pleading with that person to beg God for mercy and beg that person to ask God for the forgivness He offers through the shed blood of Christ. Remember eternity is forever and I dont want anyone to spend it in Hell

but as some say here this is just my belief so take it how you will

your brother in Christ

Much of the time, there is no time or opportunity for all of that, Stephen. Sometimes--in fact, most of the time, there is only time for shared love in the Spirit. One is likely to be more educated by the person who is dying, than the other way around.

I love you, even though I really do not know you, in a sense--only telling you what I know through experience.

thanks, Inlove I love you to I see you like painting, I dabble a bit myself, i have sold over 250 prints of my water colours
Hi, Peace to All,

Hi Stephen--I would like to say there are lots of paintings here on my end. But I am still learning. The one painting I have any connection with is a painting that turned out to be a self-portrait. I have quite a collection of LP Art--don't know how many people know what that means--but it is art on the covers of vinyl recordings (that is the best I can explain it). Much of it is so entirely cool--I loved the art (both music and painting) of a woman (commercial name=Joni Mitchell). She and I do not see eye to eye in matters of the Spirit, but I still know her, anyway. I took a small corner of one of her paintings, and I guess, I was going to try and copy it or something, but it just came out as me, in a different way. It is my self-portrait.

Anyway, what was the question?:)


By the way, Stephen, I have a feeling that you appreciate your name's sake. I would, if I were you. I have one, also. Stephen was all about faith. I know you know that you can read about it in the Word of God.

Hi--ummm, Stephen?

Just wanted to say I did not mean to derail the thread. I was in a hurry on Friday whan I made some posts (I am trying to learn not to post in a hurry. I do not know when I am going to learn this--maybe I already have, this time. There are only so many chances I will give myself before I give up!:) )

Got out-of-town and computer-free for a couple of days. Amazing what a difference it makes. (I had to force myself to get back on here, but I knew I needed to come see the damage I had done before I left.)

Maybe we should start an art thread or something--people could send in pics or just describe stuff--I don't know--here I go again, getting in a hurry....:) .