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If you were a soldier in Iraq, would you kill an Iraqi soldier protecting his sovereign country if it was your life or his?

Just curious to the response on this question. As we know many have been put in this situation. There are American soldiers that refuse to go into Iraq on such moral issues and even find themselves in the courts. Something that is covered by Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11.
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My answer would be, as a person who feels I'm guided by God, I'd hope not to end up in a situation like that. Regardless of the "situation" braking one of Gods 10 commandments 13 Thou shalt not kill, there is no excuse for breaking it. I'm sure there is no small print saying, oh yeah, you’re allowed under certain conditions like invasion of sovereignty.

Being in that situation if I ever was to be, I'd probably instinctively shoot to kill. I think I'd mess it up on a subconscious level and get shot myself to be honest.
I know a soldier from Vietnam who found himself in that situation. He was being shot at, and he felt the Holy Spirit told him it was not right to kill. So he filled his gun with sand so he could not shoot it, even if his "animal instincts" took over. I would not fight in a war. I would try to defend myself if I were attacked individually at threat to my life, but I would wound only enough to get away. I do not believe fighting to protect one's property or to avoid oppression is morally justified. As Jesus had said, if a man takes your cloak, give him also your tunic. If he forces you to walk one mile with him, walk two. The beatitudes say that spiritual blessings will be given to those who persevere under hardship, strife, and persecution, and who remain humble and peace-makers. I believe it. This life is only temporary, and I always keep in mind the moment I will be standing in the Presence of God.

Nothing but my own life and bodily security, and only when immediately threatened, is worth it to me to go against Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek. And I would still wonder if I did the right thing by fighting back.
I seem to recall a suggestion that "Thou shalt not kill" is better interpreted as "Thou shall not murder". Also, I should wonder why anyone would join the military if they are essentially pacifist.
I agree, Brian. I don't base my decisions on the commandment "Thou shalt not kill," but rather Jesus' teachings on the matter as well as what I feel is the path of best action for myself.

As for the military and pacifism, I don't know too many pacifists who join the military. I do know people who thought it was the right thing to do at the time, and then later came to conclude they had made a mistake, or their conscience disagreed with the particular military action they were supposed to support. Tough situation.
I seem to recall a suggestion that "Thou shalt not kill" is better interpreted as "Thou shall not murder". Also, I should wonder why anyone would join the military if they are essentially pacifist.
Interesting you say that Brian because there are some situations where people are literally dragged into. In
Greece, Italy, Cyprus the military service is compulsory. I expect if I was to ever move to Cyprus (maybe sooner then later) I will have to compulsory join up to the military there even though I was born in the UK. Cyprus like many other Greek Islands is constantly under threat from Turkey, recently in the news if you have noticed, Turkey flies fighter planes over Greek air space and over the Greek Islands at its own will braking international laws and peace treaties. If Turkey doesn't make it into the EU then I believe she will eventually invade Cyprus and a few Greek Islands. The northern part of Cyprus is full of American military equipment and has been building up and upgrading since the invasion in 1974 even at times of peace talks. I sometimes wonder if you can indeed justify a murder in a religious point of view, maybe it depends how selfish the murderous act actually is? I mean look at Joan of Arc, she was even prophesised and had visitations of past Christian saints and spoken to by God.
& in another place it says, there is a time for war a time for peace, & a time to kill...& so forth & so on & so be it

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
I mean let's say someone assassinated Hitler before he sent all them people to there deaths because they knew what he was going to do. Do you think God would let punish that person? Obviously within reason murder can be justified and if I'm not mistake in the New Testament can fighting for the faith be justified can some tell me more on this? If it means to kill aggressors for the benefit of thousands of people’s lives I suppose, martyrdom and murder can be justified.

I joined the military in 1973 out a sense of duty. at the time I felt that as a citizen of the US I was obligated to do so. I went in right after Vietnam and many of my instructors had fought in Viet man. I was trained to use weapons, learned self defense but I don;t know if I could shoot anyone and I have medals for sharpshooting. I enjoyed shooting but it was only at targets and not people. I love war movies and war games on the the computer and as far as the Risk game, well let's say I am good at world domination but to actually shoot someone I doubt if I could unless I was defending loved ones.

One of the reasons that military training is designed to 'brainwash' soldiers is that in a time of war you cannot have everyone standing around having a discussion about the rights and wrong of killing. When push comes to shove and bullets are whizzing past your head, your instincts and training kick in. You do not shoot to wound or in fact to kill, you shoot to stay alive and keep your comrades alive. Simple as that I am afraid.

Also, most soldiers do not join armies to fight to take over someone elses country, they join to defend their own country. Ask the soldiers in the original Iraq war what they were sent there for. I bet not one says oil or take over a country. They were told it was to protect the Iraqi people from a ruthless dictator capable and willing to use weapons of mass destruction to destroy the wests way of life.

For soldiers, war is indeed hell and not something that can be rationally discussed or understood.