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Chalice said:
The oldest Jewish scriptures are held at a circular shaped museaum in Israel called "the Dome of the Book". It houses scrolls found in the "dead sea scrolls" - they are original, and very accurate to todays scriptures.

auwe - this is fascinating to me, I have never heard of the "Dome of the Book " until now .... I'm just sharing some thoughts, not trying to convince anyone of what I believe and see .... I look at connections in symbols to try and ascertain the inner meaning of stories, legends, etc.... this, to my way of thinking, is the underlying connection in ancient religions and traditions .... I feel that references to "domes" or "mountains" are symbols of the human head itself and that is a place in the center of the brain known as the holy of holies, the altar, the bridal chamber, the cave , the location of the holy grail (many names, many different traditions) .... in this place in the brain the spiralling energies within the body (male and female energies, the twin's .... again different names, different traditions) merge and open us to visions and revelations .... other names for this center of the brain is also the "hall of records" .... the "place of all knowledge" .... maybe even the "study hall ... some will get this connection) .... so how perfect, a circular structure that houses the ancient texts .... and there is another story that tells us the same things about a circular structure (which is again the skull of the head) .... the story of the knights of the round table and the search for the holy grail .... twelve pairs of cranial nerves must work together to operate the whole system of seven energy centers through which the energy most pass .... the twelve knights of the round table symbolize the 12 pairs of cranial nerves and the skull, in the center of the round table floats the "holy grail" covered by a "shroud" .... (there is a covering between the hard part of the skull and the soft brain called the 'arachnoid' .... the spider's net, the bridal veil, the shroud) .... so the round table or circular structure symbolizes the human head, the location of the 'holy grail' is the center of the brain which opens the door to all knowledge 'the hall of records' which fits so well with 'the dome of the book' ..... by the way there are five shapes, assumed by the grail, they equate with the five elements of spirit and matter: the spear is fire, the cup water, the sword air,and the stone earth, the fifth element which is soul or spirit completes the quincunx .... again, just some thoughts to share and how beautiful the symbolism in the 'dome of the book' .... i'm sure there are many other thoughts on what the circular shape symbolizes .... he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine

p.s. bb .... just rec'd the book 'under the shadow of the ladder' and have started to read it .... i like it already .....
it's the "shrine of the book", pokawahine - here's the website:

it's a jolly interesting place which i have visited several times. i also had an extremely illuminating conversation with one of the scroll experts a few years back, when i asked him if it was possible that the differences in the texts between the accepted masoretic versions and the DSS's versions could be down to them being "private versions", which could be amended without controversy and he said it was certainly a possible explanation. hey ho. enjoy the ladder!


"The History of the Building and Its Significance

The Shrine of the Book, situated near Givat Ram and Israel's government institutions, was inaugurated at a gala ceremony on April 20, 1965. The building, designed by American-Jewish architects A.Bartos and F. Kiesler, is considered a milestone of modern architecture. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is an "ideological"structure, a kind of sanctuary which seeks to convey spiritual messages. The stark contrast between its white dome, which symbolizes the lids of the jars in which some of the scrolls were found, and the black wall opposite the building alludes to the tension between the spiritual world of the "Sons of Light" (as the sectarians referred to themselves) and that of the "Sons of Darkness" (the enemies of the sect) expressed in the scrolls.

The corridor leading to the main hall of the Shrine of the Book resembles a cave, recalling the mysterious surroundings in which the ancient manuscripts were discovered."

Mahalo for the web site .... it is so beautiful and I love the corridor leading to the main hall in the symbol of a "cave" .... dark and light are the balancing pairs, the yin and yang .... in my family line our name means "the night torch" .... it is the dark and light and all its inner meanings .... the inner sanctum of the brain symbolized as the holy of holies is symbolized as the "cave of the bear" in some native american traditions .... in the brain it houses the 'pineal gland' which is also known as the third eye or the all-seeing-eye, the pineal gland is also known as the 'epiphysis' ... it is in this cave that one enters the great void, a place where all solutions and answers live in harmony with the questions that fill our realities .... it is also known as the 'dream lodge' or "brahama's cave' .... and is surrounded by the 'council of twelve' .... the ancestors that guide us on our walk .... the 'shrine of the book' is a powerful place in all its symbols and a sight to behold with our inner and outer eyes .... he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine