Which religion do you follow?

Which religion do you follow?

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YO-ELEVEN-11 said:

Asians do it all the time. Many them think we're odd because we insist on choosing only one, which means you miss out on the wisdom of others.
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These poll results are pretty cool here so far. 23% Christian 21% not listed, and 16% not sure. This tells me that Brian is really running a true comparative site here that is not slanted one way or another.
Booko said:
Asians do it all the time. Many them think we're odd because we insist on choosing only one, which means you miss out on the wisdom of others.

Wow, what continent is this on?
I follow no religion but consider my self a Taoist. I draw a distinct line between Taoism and Religious Taoism.

as you think, so shall you be
My parents and friends of my parents and my friends believe and also I believe that they are all just praying to the same God although they call God with different names.

Its been a long time that I come back here.

So there's many new topics here.
I'd have to say I follow them all, but none at the same time. Well, not all, but the major ones like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, esoteric, alternative, Gnostic etc.

I don't really anchor myself to any one in particular, but I am more partial to Gnostic Christianity, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Qabalah (which is not really a religion, I know).
My religion isn't up here.... I follow me. I am my god. I am the most important person in my life to please. I live to serve myself, to benefit myself, to bring glory to myself, to honor myself and so on and so forth you get the pattern. And for some reason.... I have voted christian... lol. For the record jehovah isn't my god.....
Well, its nice to see that my thread has more posts than any other in the Comparative Studies forum and that many more people have voted. =)
I haven't yet read this thread all through so i'm not too sure where the convo has been going...

RubySera_Martin said:
Hey Mason, I see it was a while ago that you posted this. Are you still here? How would you vote?
Hi RubySera,
I voted "i'm searching for the right religion for me". If u click on the numbers, at the end of the bar chart at the top of the thread, u can see who and how other people voted. =)
Well actually u could, as i put 'None' and 'i'm searching...' in the same field; to mean either, not both,.. as that's not really possible, is it?

:p lol

I voted Christianity.

I am a Christian in the true meaning of the word, I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. In my past I battled with associating the label of "Christianity" to me or not, especially considering their are many assumed associations to that word in our modern times (such as Catholicism). In the end I decided that I would not let (what I deemed as) the mistakes of people mis-representing Christ change how I represent Christ. If I truly disagree with those I think mis-represent then I would be giving them power by denying the title that is fairly obvious, that if I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ I am indeed a Christian.
The "Mine is not listed here" religion is as old as religion itself. We meet in secret underground caves under marshmallow roots on the third night after an eclipse. We classify ourselves as unclassifiable and believe we're just downright unbelievable!

I'm a Lucidicist Wizard. It's a religion I made up and includes my ex-Bahai girlfriend, my little brother, and a couple of friends who are too far away to be all philosophising and dancing and never write enough anymore :(

It's basically like Buddhism without the long words and niggling debates, or mystic solipsism.