Which religion do you follow?

Which religion do you follow?

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A couple of days ago i was wondering which religions are the most popular with the members here at CR, and so i thought a poll would be a good way to find out. I hope many of you participate, and only the kindest of comments are welcome. lol ^_^

Please could you also specify which religious denomination you belong to if your religion has them, and which religion you follow if yours is not listed. Ty
I don't follow a particular religion .... so I marked "mine is not here" .... I live my life by the ancient values of my culture "hawai'i nei" which is to seek balance in all that we do and to insure the survival of our children, grandchildren, etc .... and our earth .... I have studied, to various degrees, most religions and find my greatest draw is toward Judiasm if I were to choose a "religion", but then I also see Judiasm as a "way of life" and not just a religion .... he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine
I also clicked mine is not here. Many would consider me Christian, many would not. I consider myself Christian, however I see value in all religions and do not believe Jesus would deny any of them God's love and grace despite what may or may have not been written decades after his time on earth. While I do appreciate and respect other faiths, and follow some of their concepts and tenents and believe we are of a common source...I am not Bahai.

I look now at the title to the thread and have to say I follow Jesus, not Christianity.

Mostly ‘mine is not here’ votes as was mine, open minded bunch eh!

Druidry for me, except when I disagree with it. :p
wil said:
I look now at the title to the thread and have to say I follow Jesus, not Christianity.
The title is sort of in a general tongue wil, thats just how i talk. But of course take it as you wish...
I don't know very much about Christianity but isn't that what it is,.. the religion founded by/about Jesus?
Namaste all,

my tradition is the Buddha Dharma, in particular, the Vajrayana, though i do mix some Taoist practice into my normal practice schedule.


No religion here - something of a Theist. Or a Deist. Or a Pantheist. Or not. :)

I just don't see the need for any box to restrict how I see the Divine. :)
I am non-aligned. I'm interested in a great many things, one being universal spiritual concepts. I have a particular interest in Kabbalistic concepts, both Hermetic and Jewish. I'm probably more Taoist than anything, but I don't like labels. Man, that sounds confusing as heck! Sorry, I'm just a human.

Peace to all...this is my first post and i just wanna say what a great site this is...hope you guys can tell any other relevant sites!...Here goes...

Being born a Moslem i can say is the best thing that happened to me...For it is Ad-Deen which means the way of life.Islam taught me how to eat,sleep,treat others, etc...you name it its all there.The Moslems kalimah (phrase) Syahadah (declaration of faith) says it all...

"There is no god but Allah" this is the kalimah of Iman(faith) and tawheed which generally means we worship non except Allah. This kalimah also implies that God's creation is powerless and the absolute power is with and by God only.
e.g. when Abraham (as) was thrown in the fire pit by Namrud, not even one strand of his hair was burnt,where as the nature of fire burns.How could that be?It is because fire is God's creation and Only God has absolute power on fire's burning nature.And in the event of Abraham(as), the fire's burning nature was changed by God into something that gives comfort to Abraham but at the same time the fire burns the rope that ties his limbs.

"And Muhammad is His messenger" This is kalimah of amal(practice).Moslems take Prophet Muhammad PBUH as their role model in every aspects of life.He was a husband, a father, a friend, a teacher, a head of state, a politician, a war hero, a businessman etc. Once the companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH asked the the Prophet's wife, Aisya Radialla'huanha : "Please tell me what is the attitude of the Prophet". She answered "The Prophet's attitude is the Quran". This shows that all the actions done and words uttered by Prophet Muhammad is not by his own will. But it is the Will of God.

Nevertheless, Moslems als have faith in other Messenger of God, Adam,Idris (Eunoch), Noah,Moses, David,Solomon,zachariyah,Jesus..etc...A Moslem is not a Moslem if he or she does not have faith in the messenger of God. Especially the 25 Prophets of God said by name in the Holy Quran.

Qur'anic Name

Biblical Name



















































Islam is a religion for all mankind and it is not meant for Arabs only. The word Allah means God in Arabic and He is not a new God or a God for Arabs only as some perceive it.EL, Eli, Elohim, Allah, Rab, Deuce, Dios, Tuhan and etc are names which points to the same one omnipotent and omniscient God.

All the truth comes from God and any errors is due to my weakness:)
-Peace to all-
My vote was Islam I'm a Salafi Muslim and yes Islam is for all people I'm white (Irish)
Thankyou for all your votes and posts... Its seems like 'mine is not listed here' is going to be the most popular, but things could change...

I was hoping that one of the named religions would be in the lead, as this sort of makes me feel like i put in a few wrong options in the poll when i could have chosen others. Though most of you that have chosen 'mine is not listed here' seem to have rare/undefined religious paths... (i don't mean this in an offensive way). ^_^

And welcome to CR, Nahiz.
I was born a Christian and spent a few years as an Atheist. Then I bacame a Kadampa Buddhist, but now, having become a little dissilusioned with the Kadampa school I would define myself as a Mahayana Buddhist of no particular school.

I am starting to read up on Taoism and I am finding it all quite fascinating.
Well apparentley I'm the only Hindu here! : (

lol...wish my brothers and sisters would participate more.
redindica said:
Well apparentley I'm the only Hindu here! : (

lol...wish my brothers and sisters would participate more.

Not anymore :p . I also follow Hinduism ... a combo of monistic-theistic Shaivite and Vedantic branches.
Mason said:
Thankyou for all your votes and posts... Its seems like 'mine is not listed here' is going to be the most popular, but things could change...
I guess most folks or a large proportion anyway, on the site are searching, exploring or interested in new ideas. Others of us are interested in dialogue... so it's a bit of a self-selective group.

Ironically it's probably those who most want to name their own faith and are ignorant of others who probably most need to go on this site!! Yet of course they are the ones who are last likely.

As for me I voted Christian - I'm very firmly in that camp but for the sake of the world God loves, I believe respectful dialogue is important.:)
Seems to me so far the Baha'is have a significant presence. For my experience, it's rare to have more than 4 Baha'is in one discussion area (1 or 2 is modestly common.) I've never had the pleasure of more than 6 - I think we're tying a record here at least in my experience.