Nature of Faith


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[font=바탕]Nature of faith [/font]


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[font=바탕] Faith is to accept the reality that is unseen and an acceptance of the reality of the unseen. To accept the reality that is unseen is to accept the spiritual reality or the truth that is non-concrete. Reality is the truth, and the truth is the principle of the divine force. Accepting the principle of the divine force is accepting the truth. The principle of the divine force is the divine force. For the principle of the divine force is the character of the divine force. The character is the essence of the divine force. It identifies who the divine force is or it is his nature or who he is. One cannot have true faith in the divine, if the divine does not express his character. The truth is expressed in many ways, doctrine, sacred text, rituals, ceremonies, and other components religion generally use. To accept is to understand the truth. To understand the truth is to understand the character of the divine force. To understand the character of the divine force is to gain intimate knowledge or a deeper knowledge. Intimate knowledge is a personal knowledge much deeper than factual knowledge. To obtain intimate knowledge comes from a genuine acquaintance with the truth. A genuine acquaintance with the truth leads to intimate knowledge of the truth which leads to true faith in the truth and the existence of the truth. The more intimate knowledge of obtained the more one learns to accept the divine being, the more he accepts the character of the divine being, not only he is accepting the truth, he learns to embrace it and to be close with the truth. When one gets closer to the truth, he is in the process of the life of faith. The life of faith is a spiritual journey to obtain the knowledge of the divine being. The intimate knowledge is revealed by the divine being, and once it is revealed it becomes the revelation of the truth. The intimate knowledge consists of the knowledge of the true character and the will of the divine force. When one understands the intimate knowledge he understands the true character of the divine force which is love. The revelation of love is this; that the divine force which is love, loves you and humanity. This is the revelation of love, that it reveals a deeper perspective of the divine force. When one understands this revelation or the truth, and accepts it, the will of the divine fore is also revealed, and when one understands the will this leads to obedience. And this is what faith does; by faith (acceptance) of the will of the divine force, one learns to obey the divine force[/font][font=바탕]s will. By faith (acceptance) of the character of the divine force, one learns to embrace it, and therefore by faith he embraces the divine force. Acceptance is also to believe. To believe does not mean, [/font][font=바탕]I think God will do this[/font][font=바탕] it is [/font][font=바탕]I know God will do this[/font][font=바탕]. This is what is also called Trust. To believe is to trust. One cannot trust his friends if he does not know his friends. He learns to trust his friends when he gets to know them. He learns to accept them as they are. It is arguable that Faith can be both trust and acceptance. [/font]

This essay is not complete. I need some feedbacks or comments. Please give honest comments but comments that are not blunt. I'm having a problem with understanding the difference between acceptance and trust.

First I thought it quite circular, leading me down a winding road. Then I found myself enjoying the trip.. then I thought it awful interesting that while I felt like I was headed down this path of literal truth, found that it opening an understanding of anyone's faith in any religion and how it develops a deeper understanding of that unique truth and connection to G-d.

I'm gonna print it and absorb more...but I wanted to get my inititial thoughts down before they departed.
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