Why would God test His children?

Faithfulservant said:
I dont think the majority of this board wants to hear my belief on this subject.. so Im not going to post it.

When I first opened this thread I thought it was going to ask why God gives us trials and tribulations in which I had an answer for...

I believe God sets us up to fail at certain times because thats all we can do in trying to reach Him through our own means. He also makes it glaringly apparent to us. Its humbling. It builds character and allows us to grow spiritually.. our bodies may age but our spirits are young and as all children do.. they make mistakes and learn from them and grow because of them.

We are dealing with a God thats eternal.. our souls are meant to be eternal but they are babies to Him. Its awesome when you think about it. I look at my 3 and 14 yo and how easy it is for them to make mistakes and how badly I dont want them to make the same mistakes I did.. but its futile because they probably will.. I think thats how God must feel. He wants us to listen to Him and not make the mistakes that comes with growth.. He must also know its futile and He has to let us grow whether its towards Him or away from Him.


God never sets man up to fall (not the man who earnestly seeks Him). Sort of like saying that Jesus set up Peter to drown. In reality Peter is the one who stepped out side a perfectly good boat, and was fine until he took his eyes off the Lord. Then what did Jesus tell Peter? "Dude, you got to work on your faith..." :eek:

Seriously, my mom reckoned tests of man like this:

In a dream she is running through a meadow tall with grass and flowers. Ahead is the Lord running as well. The grass and flowers cover the ground, so she can't see where her foot falls are. But every time she looks up, the Lord is beconning her to run with Him. So she runs to catch up to Him, and trips in the thickness of the grass.

As she falls, she is caught by the Lord who is instantly next to her (she never hits the ground). Once again on her feet she looks up only to find the Lord ahead of her, again beconning her to come and run fast...so she runs like the wind, and trips and the whole things starts again, except were she to look back (which she doesn't), she would see how far she had come...

We are to be like that. Never look back, always keep our eyes on the Lord, if we trip, He'll catch us and stand us up again, and then we are to run like the wind, because the Lord is running, and we shouldn't keep Him waiting, and He has brought us so far along...

Don't give up. That is the reason behind the testing.

my thoughts


Fall and fail have different meanings to me. I can count numerous times in my life where I failed at something only to learn a lesson from the failure. Fall means to me Fallen from grace.. No I do not believe that is possible to lose my grace. I have many times also backslid which I believe personally that God allows to happen so that we learn something maybe in order to help someone in the exact same situation.. that has also happened to me a lot. I am also not speaking of failing to find Him when we earnestly seek Him.. I do not want that to come across in what I am saying. My apologies if it did.
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One thing I have learned over the years, and earnestly believe to be true:

We are never given more - than we can handle. :)

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The Qur'an concurs.
thipps said:
The Qur'an concurs.

Respectfully I ask...I thought the Qur'an redeems? Let me rephrase that, I thought (and think) Allah redeems...