Is Free Speech in Europe confused?

Why should they be identifiable at all times? That is making the assumption of everyone being guilty. It suggests that if your face cannot be seen then you must be up to no good.

And when did we start deciding how people can and cannot choose to dress. I do not cover my face and have no desire to do so, however I will kick and scream for my right to do so.
Concealing your face is profoundly antisocial, and enables criminals to disguise themselves. You will never convince me there is anything right about it.
I am not trying to convince you it is right, just that it is a persons choice and our countries are based on freedom of choice are they not?
I mean there is nothing right about allowing the choice to go around in disguise, enabling malefactors to go around and do whatever they will untraceably.
LOL Bob it has nothing to do with disguise and I feel sure you are fully aware of that. Ladies that choose to cover their faces do not automatically become criminals, no matter how much you want them to.
I have no idea whether that really IS a lady under the bag: men have been known to conceal themselves in them, you know, where such bags are common. That's the whole point, isn't it, that nobody knows who you really are? I don't favor allowing that.
It's like: in hot weather I prefer to wear no clothes at all; however, unless I am among like-minded people, I do not have the right to do so. You have the right to wear the veil-- as long as you stay in Egypt. But I don't want it here.
And now, you may have the last word (for a while anyhow) if you wish. I am taking a break from this board.