Happy Purim to those who celebrate it

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*the Interfaith Forums :kitty: contingent enter, pulling little wagons laden with goodies for anybody who wants to partake*

Don't worry. Everything's glatt. :D

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
a joyous purim to everyone .... I still don't really understand the meaning of purim (I've read several commentaries, but I'm still a little confused about terms like 'reverse blessings' etc.) .... so if anyone has a simply explantion for someone like myself, please feel free to share ....

I work in an Indian run casino and on the first day of purim I saw an elderly jewish man at one of the machines .... how did I know he was jewish??? well he had a small grey crochet cap, a very while full beard and fit my stereotype .... so I passed him several times and finally worked up the nerve to approach him at the machine .... first I say good day and then asked if I could ask a question, he stopped and looked up right in my eyes .... I asked if he was jewish and he said "yes", I asked if he could tell me about the meaing of purim .... his eyes lit up and he had a huge smile on his face and then he lapsed into an explanation of purim telling me that this very day was the first day of purim .... now for the problem, he spoke in english but he had such a heavy accent (that I could not place) and I couldn't understand 90% of what he was telling me (besides the loud noise of the slot machines all around us) .... all I caught was "Esther ..... lots of wine ..... and a very joyous day" ....... so not wanting to bother him any longer, I wished him a joyous day and he wished the same for me ..... all I know for sure is that my whole day changed after this small interchange and I was filled with a sense of joy in everything that happened because his whole face was so animated and joyful when he gave me the explanation that I could not understand .... the joy was contagious .......

but I still don't understand the meaning ..... mahalo nui, poh