Did aliens once exist with humans?


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Ho ho ho, get your tin foil hats out, folks. :)

More seriously, I'd like to treat this as a conceptual exercise, so let's leave rationalistion and preceptions at the door, if we may, and simply play with a hypothetical...

I've noticed a trend in various religious traditions, that effectively has a superior form of being helping out humanity in its formative period - a type of being that can be viewed as being spiritually intercessionary between Man and God.

Let's take one:

In the Bible, we apparently have angels walking amongst humanity - and blasphemies of blasphemies, some interbreeding occurs, and this is so damning that the progency - the Nephilim - are banished to a remote place on earth ready to await judgement in the End Times.

If we look at this story with a modern (and unrestrained) look, it would be easy to interpret some part of this story as being some form of advanced alien race coming down among humanity, helping it develop, and then being punished for not respecting the bounds between the two.

Now, call this a little insane, but every now and then, I seem to see this same motif appear in various other disconnected cultures, whether as plural (Nephilim) or singular (Prometheus).

Sure, in anthropoloigical terms, I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable concept reason for rationalising the view of intercessionary beings as a form of metaphor.

But...somehow I have problems ascribing possibly shared human experience as entirely metaphor - after all, from a geological perspective, shared experiences of a "Great Flood" don't have to be the same flood - ie, a global event - but instead shared similar experiences of dramatic localised flooding. A literal seed for a greater mythology.

There's something about the whole concept of intercessionary beings (call them gods, Angels, whatever) having shaped humanity that I find inherently compelling - as something to explore, rather than feel a need to believe in..

No, I'm not invoking a New Age language of Atlanteans or other speculative details - I'm simply talking about conceptual possibilities, that don't necessarily infer probability.

I'm thinking in terms of some form of advanced race helping shepherd an extremely young human race, equipping it in certain forms, before eventually leaving to allow us to find our own way.

As a hypothetical, is there really a suggestion of this in different cultural traditions? Or are there more compelling explanations?
Hmm... I'll have to think on this one. I will say that various ideas about mythological creatures from "other-worlds" at least hanging around on earth and running into human folks is a common theme around the world. Faery like creatures are common, as are vampire-like creatures and dragons.

Many tribal societies see themselves as descended from totems- mythical animal ancestors. Many also believe that there is a reincarnation cycle between certain animal species and humans.

But I'm not sure how much any of these creatures is equivalent to aliens, at least in our modern conceptualization.

I will say I've seen quite a few alien-like beings (like we're used to thinking about them) in rock art around the world. Though much rock art was probably drawn in a trance state, so not sure how much of that impacts the subject material.

If multiple worlds theory is correct and there are countless worlds inhabited by sentient beings, it may be possible that some found a way to manipulate time and space such that they are able to come and go. But it's in the realm of "anything is possible" to me. For various reasons (none scientific or anthropological, all mystical), I do think that many worlds exist and there has been exchange of folks in the past, though of course I cannot know. I do not know if that exchange is necessarily the same folks that the Bible refers to as angels and Nephilim and surrounding events- the Biblical passages and my mystical experiences regarding this don't mesh up very well, so I'm tempted to think they're two different series of events, or chalk it up to both sets of information being very vague and incomplete (not much is said in the Biblical account).
Indeed, there's a real danger of confusing modern concepts as applying to ancient world concepts that had a different meaning.

And in raising the topic, there's a real danger of running into Erich Von Daniken territory, which isn't my intention. :)
Kindest Regards, Brian!

I have only a moment to post.

I find myself puzzling over this from time to time.

Like Path said, there are various examples of rock art and such that do make one tend to wonder. While I sympathize with the concerns about Von Daniken, et al, I can't help but wonder if maybe he (they) do see something the rest of us are skittish to look at.

I know that the subject of the Nephilim has been fodder for discussion for a while here. I am curious that the subject of Ezekiel's "wheel within a wheel" has not come up. I am not very well versed, and haven't the time now to expound.

Even in my own search, about the opening of the door of consciousness and the related subjects (rational thought, religion, etc.), I find there is a huge leap that is not adequately explained by evolution alone. I am still not prepared to make the assertion that "aliens" are responsible for this leap in humanity, but it does pose a possibility.

And then, where does one draw a distinction between "alien" and "spirit?" Does an alien require a flesh and blood body? Of course, there seems to be some form of requirement, or why the necessity of vehicles or "space suits" if the rock art is anything more than fanciful imagination?

Just my meager thoughts...purely speculative and wide open to interpretation and correction.... :)
Indeed, there's a real danger of confusing modern concepts as applying to ancient world concepts that had a different meaning.
I am curious that the subject of Ezekiel's "wheel within a wheel" has not come up. I am not very well versed, and haven't the time now to expound.
You are not the only one that is curious. Between the wheels, the lights, the sounds, the fire, the crystal dome over the heads of the occupants...sounds an awful lot like some sort of craft.

And I guess the concept of the Annunaki's universal gold fever providing us with our frontal lobe to evolve and plunder the planet so they could come back later and remove it from Fort Knox is not part of this discussion...fun, however...

Philosophically, contemplatively I think it arrogant to think we are alone, or the first...

as far as space/time travel goes...

if they were here, why did they leave?
Kindest Regards again!

Just a couple of more thoughts to throw into the mix.

It is pretty well recognized that ancient humanity looked to the skies in search of some concept of G-d and / or heaven. Astronomy was one of the first "sciences" to develop. I suppose this is as easily explained by the weather or astronomic "sky shows." Yet, if there had been some intervention (for lack of a better word at the moment) by an outside alien influence, would it not seem natural to look "home?"

I also thought of certain stories I have heard regarding Peruvian Indians high in the Andes mountains, and their almost seeming worship of riders in the sky. Not in the past tense, but in the continuing sense; here in the past, present and presumed future.

The plain of Nazca is one place I wish to see with my own eyes before I die.
Of course, how are we to know if they have really left?
red rain of Kerala...

funny just got an email on this link.... but according to what we are fed by our gov'ts and the media...tis the crackpots that believe in aliens...and according to the 'crackpots' tis the gov't covering it up. Strange how some pretty big brains, war heros, astronauts and the like end up turning into crackpost though...
Kindest Regards, wil!

wil said:
according to what we are fed by our gov'ts and the media...tis the crackpots that believe in aliens...and according to the 'crackpots' tis the gov't covering it up. Strange how some pretty big brains, war heros, astronauts and the like end up turning into crackpost though...
I've noticed that too. Then again, as a big fan of the X-files, I have to be careful where I draw my lines... :D
My own understanding of Humanity's interaction with alien civilizations is a project quite in its infancy. Most of my life I have always just had some kind of an inner sense, even when this manifested simply as an unwillingness to pass judgement, or to form an opinion. I felt that there was something "to" the Roswell incident as a child, and when I finally began to hear the story - after age 25 or so - things started to gel. After a 2001 Washington, DC National Press Club webstream in 2001, I was sold.

By 2001, however, I was quite comfortable with the worldview of an esotericist, and with the idea that nearly every Star is encircled by a series of worlds each populated with its own equivalent Human evolution. Some of these civilizations are said to exist in other spiritual dimensions, which Hinduism has long recognized as the various dvipas. Jambudvipa, or Earth as we know it, is just one of six other planets, for example - which are part of Earth's evolution, yet (obviously) not existent in material form (named Plaksha, Kusa, Krauncha, Saka, Salmala, and Pushkara Dvipa). And esoterically these six non-physical worlds are certainly populated, though perhaps not all at the same time, but rather in a recurring sequence, as evolution moves from one to another over many millions of years.

So I had to wonder, just where might our alien friends be visiting us from? Not if or whether ... just where? The why, even, seems clear enough, for any (or all) of perhaps half a dozen reasons off the bat. Fortunately, all these are benevolent, imho, and if that seems an arbitrary assessment - well, I'm just looking at all the evidence. After all, if we're going back millions of years, and especially if we're speaking of such concepts as "seeding" or hybrids, it's hard to make a case for our alien friends being anything but Friendly. :) Still, people try ... :(

And the most recent books I've picked up are the type that look at precisely these notions of literal intervention, in some cases involving physically manifest beings ... without making mention (yet) of the nephilim, or annunaki, or any particular historical period other than the "earliest days" of the human race. I've encountered some challenging new ideas, although most of them can be reconciled quite well with esoteric teachings, which find their echo in all the world's mythologies and symbolisms. The notion that our spiritual (and even material) evolution has somehow deviated, from an otherwise intended "Divine Plan," seems to be present in any literature that I've come across which explores the idea of Alien contact in much depth. This is inherently tied in with one of the most basic (and obvious?) reasons for the very (possible) presence of the aliens here - both now, and all along. Especially if they do (at least some of them) travel inter-dimensionally, and beyond or outside of "time as we know it."

I like the view that I've seen many other people put forward: That other Humanities out there, many of them, have managed to survive their spiritual infancy. Their technology has not gotten the better of them, but has been relegated to wise use in the alleviation of all suffering ... and the Realization has come that the race of (Whoever-ians) would survive only if the planet as a whole became the common focus and Vision - with all its varied forms of life and its delicate ecosystem viewed through the lens of the Sacred, rather than from the perspective of greed, profiteering and exploitation. Nuclear energy, and perhaps energies & forces of far greater significance and magnitude, would obviously need to have long ago been sublimated for Creative purposes.

The result, is a planet with an active, directing "Collective Conscious," and whether or not we invoke a "God" figure to serve as the chief directing agency of this conscious(ness), the presence of a definite planetary Conscience for the Whoever-ians remains. The many Humanities out there that fit this description would surely have as much concern for us, in recent years, as we would have for the mentally unstable neighbor who has taken to firing a bazooka from his front yard for some kind of sick amusement. Even if all this guy's doing is blowing up his own house, and killing members of his immediate family, we tend to frown on that. While certainly we hope that he won't get really stupid and point that thing at us, we aren't really concerned about that - knowing that Karma/God tends to keep things in check. We are somewhat worried about the neighborhood in general, but we are especially concerned for the life, sanity, and well-being of this very neighbor with the deathwish, and for the survival of the rest of his family. This is very basic - it's Love, and has everything to do with being one's Brother's Keeper. And so, with all the gentleness, humility, and concession necessary in such cases, we approach this lunatic with the hopes that perhaps a miracle may happen ... :eek:

What was going on a million years ago? Well as best I can tell, some form (sic) of Alien intervention would have been required - simply because of the familiar ex nihilo, nihil fit. I do not subscribe to a literal interpretation of the Genesis Creation story, nor to any literal interpreation when it comes to the world's many mythologies and spiritual traditions. But the alternative is not the blind, haphazard, utterly random chaos which somehow gets confused with the noble concept of Evolution. The very notion of Evolution implies a goal, a purpose, a motive, method, and even the likelihood (if not necessity) of Stewards, of Guides. Earth Humanity, the present guides of our own evolution - let alone in aeons past!?! Well that's phlebotomous! I mean, preposterous! :p

We know that wasn't how it happened, and I find that talking to a hardcore Darwinian is like discussing higher mathematics with a parrot. I have never been much of a fan of Ockham's Razor, so unless we find ourselves inventing epicycles and homonculi, why not speculate about the role that other Humanities played in helping us get our start? And why wouldn't they have looked in upon us occasionally? I'm not talking about the simple ETs of neighboring planets (intra-solar or otherwise) whose evolutions were/are progressing at the same pace as ours - although, if they are even a few short years more advanced than we are technologically, why not them? No, I'm really thinking about the notion that has already been hinted at - of beings whose own form is quite rooted in what we tend to call "the Spiritual realms," or Heavenly/Heavenlike worlds. Esoteric teachings are replete with information about the visits of such beings at several crucial stages in Human history, most notably 16-18 million years ago. Aliens they would definitely have been, yet most Christians are not quite accustomed to equating the Ancient of Days ... with the Lord from VENUS!!! :eek::p

At any rate, I have never been able to grasp even the most basic picture of evolution as presented in Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine - without there being vast gaping holes in my understanding. And yet, in these three volumes (and in similar writings) esoteric authors describe in detail the participation of many differing orders of "alien beings" in both our material, psychological, and spiritual evolution ... from the very Dawn of Time, even in prior Solar Cycles. I have learned in recent years that Edgar Cayce presents a very similar notion of our Evolution as having been - and being - the ongoing project of a combined host of entities of differing spiritual or evolutionary status ... some roughly equivalent to Humanity itself (such as the Deva, or Angelic evolution), some less evolved (the elemental essence which forms the very substance of our thoughts, feelings, and physical aura), and a great many more advanced (involving an infinite spiral of Hierarchies which does not stop even at the level of THAT Being, whose body of expression is our Galaxy as a whole).

No news here for a hylozoist, but what I have come to cherish as I have studied esoteric writings, is the source of this Wisdom. The source is the world's varying mythologies and religious traditions, including those which have been brought up already, and many others ... such as the Maya, Hopi, the Tibetan (Buddhist), the Greek and Egyptian, as well as those of the Atlanteans themselves - little as we know about this mythical race and former stage of Humanity. The teachings I am most familiar with, after many years of esoteric study, all point in agreement toward the Stars as the "Home" for the Souls of significant portions of our own "Earth" Humanity - a significance which I have long pondered when meditating on the words, "Ye are in this world but are not of it." Significant portions means as many as 2/5ths, not a few "walk-ins" here and there, curious (and true?) as this notion may be.

These are just some musings, without diving headlong into any particular tradition ... although if I were going to look to one for some of the clearest indications of Visitors or Divine Stewards from afar, I'd look to the Egyptian. Even in the last few thousand years, during her decline, the Mystery Religion was still practiced, and Sothis/Sirius figured as prominently in Egyptian culture and everyday life as the history and personalities of Old Testament Judaism figure in the lives of most Christians today. Were those guys Moses, Abraham, and Noah real? And is God? Certainly. And were Sirians, Pleiadians, and other visitors real? Yes, although the lines between alien, demi-god, and God in the Highest very quickly begin to blur ...


Taijasi, I didn't read your whole commentary. Did you mention Pleaidians? I think that is how it is spelled. I read a book about these extra terrestrials but it was over my head. Basically the author states that these are beings that are helping us in our spiritual evolution. She asserted that they could time jump and that they and others are extremely interested in this particular period in our development; 1987- Dec. 2012. They are anxiously waiting to see what as a whole we are going to do, will we love or will we carry on in our divisive, violent tendancies. She also seemed to emphasize the break down of time as a learning device for these extra terrestrials, stating that the the period of 1987-2012 is actually just a nanosecond which is extended over 25 years to extract from it all learning possible. Kind of reminded me of calculus and the intense scrutiny of an angle, or was that trig?
Namaste didymus
I never was able to get through those books either...

Namaste Chezz...nice pix...I'm wondering about the stars in the sky occupied by folks...someone looking down through tears in the ether? or from the heavens...I think it would be fairly common when we had all these concepts of greek and roman gods holding up the planets..chariots dragging them around...to add drivers in the comets...interesting the positioning though...and the thought of what stirred the imagination to create the old gods...

could have been....