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China Cat Sunflower should voluntarily withdraw from the Christianity board?

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O.K., given that I, China Cat Sunflower, cannot be considered a mainstream Christian in any sense of the term, and given that I will not limit myself voluntarily to asking make-nice rhetorical questions, but am intent on putting forth my own non-mainstream point of view: Should I be allowed to participate on the Christianity board?

I will abide by the consensus.
Oh, just a couple of qualifiers:

This isn't an end-run around the authority of the Mods or Administrator. If you vote to expell, I won't be leaving CR, I'll just confine myself to other boards. I won't take it personally either way and you don't have to explain your vote. I won't argue the results, as a matter of fact I won't add any additional input.

I voted no *wipe the shocked look from your faces*. I dont think anyone should be banned from the Christianity board at all if they have a desire to discuss Christianity even if they are discussing alternatives thoughts and actions as long as its not attacks.
I vote no also..

believe it or not.. we have some similiar experiences and at some point I would like to have a discussion on them and we cant do that if you're not there.. lol

Everybody has a story to tell and a view to share and all of them are valuable.
stay stay stay stay stay!

i also feel pushed out of that forum, so you are not the only one. anyone who was raised in the bible should be allowed to post there even if thet have drifted away or have opposing views.

we can start christian topics & bible outside of the christian forum as well. like going down to comparative & escoteric, parsha, where we have more freedom.

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Hey Cat, your occasional irreverance is just what reverance needs for balance-in any forum, (one of the reasons I appreciate Zen). In fact, I love seeing how "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" plays out.:D Sorry, but I've been waiting awhile to use that line. I didn't vote however as I'm not sure I'd be considered a registered voter in that precinct.;) Have a good one, earl
Kindest Regards, China Cat!

I did not vote, chiefly because I think it would set a bad precedent on my part.

Having said this, I hope you have seen that I appreciate your contributions, even when we disagree. It would be a shame in my opinion if you chose to no longer participate, but let it be as you wish.
I voted you out my brother!

Twas the best thing I did was sit back and take a short sabbatical. It appears it was good for the boards and good for me.

We all need to gain an appreciation for the Christ spirit within each one of us.

I love those that are able to quote chapter and verse and find the exact scripture for the topic.

and those that question and raise the hairs on the back of our necks...yikes he just said that....outloud?

and those that are the calming influence...

and those that tear scripture to pieces....either by defining the historical context...the parable below....the metaphysical understanding....or some deeper meaning that connected to a personal experience in their lives...

tis awesome.

Yeah, take a hike China, sit back and watch the words scroll by...fight the urge to hit quote or a day or two (you gotta read though..otherwise it has no affect)...go to the buffet...plate in hand...and don't put anything on it...tis a good experience...
As I PM'ed to China Cat Sunflower, I don't think it's a good idea to ban members from any individual board here - simply hope that there's a general attempt to respect those boards and their purpose by whomever posts on them.
First of all I have no problem with you at all. I hardly even know you of course (I hope that can change:) ).

Jesus wouldn't expell you from the board....we should all strive to be that accepting.

I say post away all brothers and sisters. You know....even if someone were to attack someone on this board and cuss (and I'm not saying this is you China), wouldn't it be amazing if we were to not simply expell them in a knee-jerk reaction. That would be too predictable and weak IMV. We should, instead, forgive and educate. (I'm not saying that we shouldn't challenge people's bigotry, but a swift dismissal and wave of the hand doesn't promote solidarity either.)

The first amendment wasn't written with Pollyanna in was written for Howard Stern, Hugh Hefner, Marylin Manson, Sinead O'Connor, Bill Maher and even Zacharias Moussaioui (I'm not sure about the spelling).

It's easy to be tolerant when the other person's behavior is socially acceptable.
The key is to expand our circle of tolerance and step outside of our comfort zone.
True to a point, but to be honest, there are plenty of trolls and spammers on the internet who would love nothing more than to turn CR into their personal soapbox/affiliate advertising campaign.

When I first build an internet community around year 2000, I inherently wanted to help every troubled soul come through and be as kind and as tolerant as I could be to them.

Eventually, and from bitter experience, I learned that you simply cannot do this - and that when you try to hard to incorporate the worst offenders, the silent majority move away.

At the end of the day, online communities need basic ground-rules, and though every community will enforce them in different ways, I like to think we try and be accomodating as possible. Sometimes, though, we have to draw a line to protect the community.
That's true Brian.

Some people are just not going to play by the rules and, unfortunately, they can ruin it for the more reasonable majority. I guess you're right.

Tis' a shame though.:(
Kindest Regards, all!

If I could add a subtle but salient point, free speech is a moot point here. Respectful dialogue is the point. The freedom to post ends when respect ends. As long as there is respect, there should be tolerance. Some haven't yet learned that tolerance is not acceptance. We can agree to disagree, and still remain friends. And some haven't learned that disagreement is not a personal slap in the face, it is merely a differing point of view. We can all "just get along," but we all have to work hard at it.
Hey Kitty Kitty Kitty That Smells Good.... :D

Does that get me banned from the Feedback board?

Well, if not, that probably gets me banned from the forum altogether, or if China Cat Sunflower thought that was funny, then it was creative thinking.;)

I haven't had the opportunity to converse with you too much but I have read your posts. I appreciate your ideas. They are not copy & pastes ideas like some others; and I take you to be a genuine guy who has an interesting take on Christianity. Though we all tend to disagree on the Christianity boards I think that all the differing ideas are shaping us and making us all more solid in our understanding and diverse all at the same time. Hey, if Dor, Faithful, and Bandit didn't vote you out, I surely couldn't! I also liked wil's response. When the Christianity board starts bugging me a bit, I often find that my ideas are better off on the comparitive studies and politics boards. Sometimes I even find the pagan boards interesting. You've got a lot of ideas, and they are good ones. But sometimes you may find yourself fighting a losing battle with those who are shooting for heaven on the straight and narrow path.

[By the way China Cat Sunflower, I hope you thought that was funny. I really don't want to be disrespectful to you in any way.

wil said:
I voted you out my brother!


Come on now you guys, do you really want an unrepentant heretic on your precious Christianity board? Especially one who doesn't know how to spell expel? It's not too late. E-mail your friends, call your pastor, sign 'em up and have them vote off the infidel!

China Cat Sunflower said:
Especially one who doesn't know how to spell expel?


I was going to mention that, but I could find no loophole in the COC which would allow you to be expelled for being unable to spel. :p

Well, the walled garden approach would suggest that someone who can't spell shouldn't answer questions in the Magick board, though....


.... Brcue