Esoteric approaches to Foundations of Christianity


This reminds me of a Moody Blues song, Eyes of a Child. :)

I got the twilight zone joke, btw. Brings to mind other great classic episodes, like `Eye of the Beholder.' ;)


Dondi said:
You didn't get the joke. I was referring to an episode of "The Twilight Zone" where these alien visitors come to Earth to interact with man and invite them back to their planet. The aliens bring this cryptic book which apparently supposed to be a manual on how the aliens can benefit man titled "To Serve Man". At the end of the episode, however, one of the human scientists discover that the book is really a cookbook on how to serve man....yum..yum.:eek:

My response was to taij's quote about how we should
serve our fellow man.:rolleyes:

What, me not get a joke? :) :eek: (Actually, I was trying to be a bit cutesy as well. I need an icon for "I hope you know I'm trying to make a joke, but I'm no Robin Williams, so there may be some gray areas":D :D <---throwing in an extra for good measure.)