Rebirth/Reincarnation in Judaism

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interesting... is there an explanation for how a being in either time stream can interact or influence events in the other stream?


well, vaj, G!D Is by definition a Place ("Ha-MaQOM") where all times are one time, or time has no meaning, or is flat or however you choose to characterise it. if you are able, as a prophet, to gain some of the Divine Perspective, then, naturally your view of time will be affected by seeing other timestreams superimposed on your current time, so, seattlegal, that is kind of where that thought takes me, too. of course, for HaMaqom, "all" times means *all* times, ie, in the words of elrond's mother-in-law, "things that will come to pass and some things that have not yet come to pass". which explains why some prophecy doesn't come true or hasn't yet been fulfilled. in fact, as yoda puts it, "always in motion is the future, hm, yes". except for G!D, obviously. furthermore, one time-stream will necessarily affect another due, among other things, to heisenberg's uncertainty principle which, if i understand it correctly, suggests that you can't observe something without changing it. certainly time travel 101 as taught in star trek says as much as well. at any rate it explains why prophets tend to be in such a bad mood.