The Walled Garden approach

Firstly, change the name and description of the Eastern Thought forum. Eastern Religion would be a better less insulting of description. as it stands now it seems to perpetuate the notion of godless Asians. As for this forums discription it leaves out Hinduism only listing Buddhism, Confucianism and Tao. What gives? Why insult 600 million Hindus like that?

The reason for "thought" over "religion" is simply that Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism could all contest themselves as "ethical philosophies" over "eastern religions" - and that eastern religions themselves as a very naive Western-centric view.

So the majority won out. :)

Another change that needs to be made is to put the Baha'i Faith in with the other Abrahamic religions. Truly to not do this is a direct insult to the Baha'is.

Curious how easily you perceive offense in others - the Baha'is have requested it moved, but none have declared themselves "directly insulted" - unless I misread something?

Anyway, no habla on this - the already centuries-old established major world religions are the entire focus of this site - but it is certainly worth noting that the newer religions are very poorly covered, but this should be corrected in the new site architecture, both on and off the forums.

I hope that neither the mislabling of Eastern Religions or the displacement of the Baha'i were done just to appease Muslims. If this is the rationale these are even worse insults to the respective communities.

I'm curious why you see appeasement of Muslims in such decisions? I think the real insult is that you actually even make this suggestion.
Hey, well, that other thread that was dredged up that is much like this one seems to have run its course, so I thought that perhaps there were some pre-invasion posts on this more current one that might have gotten buried in the smoke-and-mirrored mist of battle. Hope no one minds.

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