good works vs dogmatism?


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[FONT=&quot]a dialogue between one another
[FONT=&quot]one: And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

[/FONT]other: No, I do not think Jesus was a god. He never claims to be God, and admits that he doesn't know many things, only God does. I am not sure any god-creator need be conscious or have thought. I think God is purely natural, a natural creative force of the universe.

one: do we have to call on jesus, worship him as god, "know in our hearts that he is truth"

other: No, I think that calling on Jesus is futile because the great man died according to the gospels. I think we need to call on Jesus as a teacher, moral mentor, and life example. We might do the same with Siddartha Gautama, Ghandi, Lugh, Cathba, and Zarathustra.

one: in order to be saved?

other: That would be unjust if one got saved only by pledging allegience rather than living a moral life.

one: are condemned if we do not do this?

other: The Bible is not consistent or clear on this. Most world Christians do not think this way. And more Muslims think we must praise the One God, Allah and venerate his greatest prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). American Christian Fundamentalism is a large minority in America but a small minority world-wide. America is 25% Roman Catholic and most place stronger emphasis on good works (moral life) than mindless dogmatism.
You've posted what looks like the Muslim viewpoint on Jesus.

Shadow my brother, I think you need to move out from the shadows. It looks like you are leaning toward the dogmatic interpretations. I don't know if it is because that satisfies your thoughts and tendencies or stirs them up.

You seem quite concerned about damnation and hellfire...putting that energy in that direction creates more of the same. What we resist persists.

edit (I now look at the post that posted seconds before mine....Dondi w/da quick fingers...)
well i awakened the spirits of my mind apparantly and tohught i sold my soul to the devil. this was probably a mental projection of unhealthy life choices nurturing messed up ideas in my subconscious, but once you become a "mystic/voice hearer" it is hard to say. this is why i am worried about hellfire and damnation
but thats besides point of this thread. i didnt know this was a muslim vewpoint, i need to know more about islam. i dont know where this goes.
i guess i wantedto fulfil some pointless need of arguing with fundamentals, bt i dont care that much. move wherever you see fit.
many of my posts are presupposing fudamental arguments in order to pick them apart (for example my "when a saved person goes to heaven thread)

if you see my responses in it or about homosexuality, i really dont think a lot of the interpretations of the bible are right at all. they scare me!
here is a another dialogue, cuz i wana be cool too!

superman: am i going to hell because i dont worship god?

preacher: for god so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

superman: but im not of this world

preacher: but if some kryptonite strikes you and you die, do you know where you will go?

superman: i thought i was invincible. i was kind of thinking as long as i am good serving humanity.. sometimes i think i like the idea of reincarnation. if i come back, i would like to come back as wonder woman, because if god exists he might be a woman. somehow it works for me.

preacher: all men are to die once then by judged by jesus christ. repent of your sins and be saved before its too late.

im just presupposing superhero/fundamentalist arguments.

did i ever tell you guys i think i can fly?
my only problem is that i understand your arguments. but you gys never understand mine
I've done this too: chastised Christians for not doing what Jesus said. They often seem more interested in dogma and sectarian pissing contests than loving their neighbor. But who am I to judge? I mean, if I'm judging I have no morally superior soapbox to look down from because I'm not doing what I would insist they do. Do you see what I mean? Besides, I know quit a few Christians who are putting their money where there mouth is. I'm not inclined to make judgements based on perceptions I might hold of people I've never met. Most people are doing their best.