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Something that has always fasinated me is the Illuminati. I've heard many myths and legends about the group, but I'm nto quite sure what it was formed for. One of the reasons I've heard of is that it was formed to keep seperation between science and religion, if this is true then what do they believe in? Were they religious or scientific? Did have another beliefe that oddly fell in between the too? If that is true then why the seperation? What is the secret to the Divinci Code or the book Angels and Demons (good book by the way)?:)

Here's what I've managed to peace together: One confusing group:p. Oh and how in the world did they manage to create a double to the word Illuminati. If you've read the book I mentioned above then you should know what I'm talking about, if you haven't then I'll try to explain:

Somehow they managed to spell the word Illuminati forwards and backwards as somekind of symbol of their's. Can you do it?
the joy to all secret societies is all the legends that are inherent in the secret...who are they what are they where are they...

I know virtually nothing but have heard half of everything...

At one time I had audio copies of 33-1/3 albums that were made telling the 'whole' story...very intriguing, tying into the creature from Jekyll Island and more.

All of it is fun, and I think if there is, was a group they sit around playing poker and chuckling at the stories (whilst pulling the strings of the marrionettes in public offices...)
Do you know where I get a copy of those audios? They sound insteresting?
oh how I wish I could find mine...Stories of Trotsky leaving New York with a ship cargo of gold to fund the revolution...of the plan for the french revolution being discovered as a courier was killed enroute...and it was published in the paper as balderdash...and then carried out weeks later...of the goal of keeping the race wars, rich vs. poor, christian v. jew, all alive so no one looks up to see who is running the and circus, feed the masses what they want and then take everything else...

the intrigue, the suspense, the is great stuff. and listening to the scratches on the record and hearing the belt rub as the turntable goes round on the recording...added to the experience...

Over 10 years ago I lost them, only listened once...and then they went in and out of my possesion as they were loaned around...couldn't tell you the conspiracist that recorded or anything...but I think it was maybe in the 50's
oh how I wish I could find mine...Stories of Trotsky leaving New York with a ship cargo of gold to fund the revolution...of the plan for the french revolution being discovered as a courier was killed enroute...and it was published in the paper as balderdash...and then carried out weeks later...of the goal of keeping the race wars, rich vs. poor, christian v. jew, all alive so no one looks up to see who is running the and circus, feed the masses what they want and then take everything else...

the intrigue, the suspense, the is great stuff. and listening to the scratches on the record and hearing the belt rub as the turntable goes round on the recording...added to the experience...

Over 10 years ago I lost them, only listened once...and then they went in and out of my possesion as they were loaned around...couldn't tell you the conspiracist that recorded or anything...but I think it was maybe in the 50's

Hi Guys. It just so happens I have a file on the illuminati in my research files. Here's what was in wiki about a year ago.
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This is an article about groups called the "Illuminati". For information on the games, see Illuminati (game) and Illuminati: New World Order. For the novels, see The Illuminatus! Trilogy.

The Illuminati is the name of many groups, modern and historical, real and fictitious, verified and alleged. Most commonly, however, The Illuminati refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, the least secret of all secret societies in the world, described below. Most alleged and fictitious uses refer to a shadowy conspiratorial organization which controls world affairs behind the scenes, usually a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. Illuminati is sometimes used synonymously with New World Order.

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1.1 Alumbrados of Spain
1.2 Illuminés of France
1.3 Rosicrucians
1.4 Martinists
2 The Bavarian Illuminati

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3 Illuminati after 1790
4 The Illuminati in popular culture
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Since Illuminati literally means 'enlightened ones' in Latin, it is natural that several unrelated historical groups have identified themselves as Illuminati. Often, this was due to claims of possessing gnostic texts or other arcane information not generally available.

The designation illuminati was also in use from the 15th century, assumed by enthusiasts of another type, who claimed that the illuminating light came, not by being communicated from an authoritative but secret source, but from within, the result of exalted consciousness, or "enlightenment".

Alumbrados of Spain

To the former class belong the alumbrados of Spain. The historian Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo found the name as early as 1492 (in the form aluminados, 1498), but traced them to a Gnostic origin, and thought their views were promoted in Spain through influences from Italy. One of their earliest leaders, born in Salamanca, a labourer's daughter known as La Beata de Piedrahita, came under the notice of the Inquisition in 1511, as claiming to hold colloquies with Jesus and the Virgin Mary; some high patronage saved her from a rigorous denunciation. (Menéndez Pelayo, Los Heterodoxos Espanioles, 1881, vol. v.). Ignatius Loyola, while studying at Salamanca in 1527, was brought before an ecclesiastical commission on a charge of sympathy with the alumbrados, but escaped with an admonition. Others were not so fortunate. In 1529 a congregation of naïve adherents at Toledo was subjected to whippings and imprisonment. Greater rigors followed, and for about a century the alumbrados sent many victims to the Inquisition, especially at Cordoba.

Illuminés of France

The movement (under the name of Illuminés) seems to have reached France from Seville in 1623, and attained some following in Picardy when joined (1634) by Pierce Guerin, curé of Saint-Georges de Roye, whose followers, known as Gurinets, were suppressed in 1635.

A century later, another, more obscure body of Illuminés came to light in the south of France in 1722, and appears to have lingered till 1794, having affinities with those known contemporaneously in Britain as 'French Prophets', an offshoot of the Camisards.


A different class were the Rosicrucians, who claimed to originate in 1422, but rose into notice in 1537; a secret society, that claimed to combine with the mysteries of alchemy the possession of esoteric principles of religion. Their positions are embodied in three anonymous treatises of 1614, mentioned in Richard and Giraud, Dictionnaire universel des sciences ecclésiastiques. Paris 1825. Rosicrucians also claimed heritage from the Knights Templar.


Later, the title Illuminati was applied to the French Martinists which had been founded in 1754 by Martinez Pasqualis, and to their imitators the Russian Martinists, headed about 1790 by Professor Schwartz of Moscow; both were occultist cabalists and allegorists, absorbing eclectic ideas from Jakob Boehme and Emanuel Swedenborg.

The Bavarian Illuminati


A short-lived movement of republican freethinkers, the most radical offshoot of the Enlightenment -to whose adherents the name Illuminati was given (but who called themselves "Perfectibilists")- was founded on May 1, 1776 by the ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830), professor of canon law, and Baron Adolph von Knigge, in Ingolstadt, Bavaria (now Germany). The group has also been called the Illuminati Order, the Order of the Illuminati, and the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the conservative state of Bavaria, where the progressive and enlightened elector Maximilian III Joseph von Wittelsbach was succeeded (1777) by his conservative heir Karl Theodor, and which was dominated by the Roman Catholic Church and the aristocracy, such an organization did not last long before it was suppressed by the powers that be. In 1784, the Bavarian government banned all secret societies including the Illuminati and the Freemasons. The structure of the Illuminati soon collapsed, but while it was in existence many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members.

Its members, drawn primarily from Masons and former Masons, pledged obedience to their superiors, and were divided into three main classes: the first, known as the Nursery, encompassed the ascending degrees or offices of Preparation, Novice, Minerval and Illuminatus Minor; the second, known as the Masonry, consisting of the ascending degrees of Illuminatus Major and Illuminatus dirigens, the latter also sometimes called Scotch Knight; the third, designated the Mysteries, was subdivided into the degrees of the Lesser Mysteries (Presbyter and Regent) and those of the Greater Mysteries (Magus and Rex). Relations with masonic lodges were established at Munich and Freising in 1780.

The order had its branches in most countries of the European continent, but its total numbers never seem to have exceeded two thousand. The scheme had its attraction for literary men, such as Goethe and Herder, and even for the reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar. Internal rupture preceded its downfall, which was effected by an edict of the Bavarian government in 1785.

Cultural effect

Despite the organization's lifespan, the Bavarian Illuminati have cast a long shadow in popular history, thanks to the writings of their opponents. The lurid allegations of conspiracy theory that have colored the image of the Freemasons have practically opaqued that of the Illuminati. In 1797 Abbé Augustin Barruél published Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism outlining a vivid conspiracy theory involving the Knights Templars, the Rosicrucians, the Jacobins and the Illuminati. Simultaneously and independently, a Scottish Mason and professor of natural history named John Robison started to publish Proofs of a Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe in 1798. When he saw the similar work done by Barruél, he included large quotes from the latter's work. Robison claimed to present evidence of an Illuminati conspiracy striving to replace all religions and nations with humanism and a single world government, respectively.

More recently, Antony C. Sutton suggested that the secret society Skull and Bones was founded as the American branch of the Illuminati. Others think Scroll and Key has Illuminati origins, as well. Robert Gillete has claimed that these Illuminati ultimately intend to establish a world government through assassination, bribery, blackmail, the control of banks and other financial powers, the infiltration of governments, and by causing wars and revolution to move their own people into higher positions in the political hierarchy.

Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, claimed they intended to spread information and the principles of true morality. He attributed the secrecy of the Illuminati to what he called "the tyranny of a despot and priests".

Both seem to agree that the enemies of the Illuminati were the monarchs of Europe and the Church. Barruél claimed that the French revolution (1789) was engineered and controlled by the Illuminati through the Jacobins, and later conspiracy theorists have also claimed their responsibility for the Russian Revolution (1917), although the order was officially shut down in 1790. Very few historians give credence to these views; they regard such claims as the products of overfertile imaginations.

Illuminati after 1790

Several sources suggest that the Bavarian Illuminati survived, and perhaps even exist today. Conspiracy theorists highlight the link between the Illuminati and Freemasonry. It is also suggested that the United States' founding fathers – some being Freemasons – were rife with corruption from the Illuminati. Often the symbol of the all-seeing pyramid in the Great Seal of the United States is cited as an example of the Illuminati's ever-present watchful eye over Americans.

The truth is probably much more mundane. The United States' seal has never been a Masonic or Illuminati symbol. Its design was submitted by Pierre Du Simitiere to the committee of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. Of the four, only Franklin was a Freemason, but his ideas for design were not accepted by the committee. The all-seeing eye was a classical symbol of the time, but the eye atop a pyramid seems to be an invention of Du Simitiere, and approved by the committee.

Very little reliable evidence can be found to support that Weishaupt's group survived into the 19th Century. However, several groups have used the infamy of the Illuminati since to found their own rites, claiming to be the Illuminati, including the Ordo Illuminatorum, Die Alten Erleuchteten Seher Bayerns, The Illuminati Order, and others.

The Illuminati in popular culture

The historical Illuminati have had several influences on popular culture, many of them satirical, humorous, or intended as pure fiction:
? Illuminatus! by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson is a three-book science fiction series published in the 1970s, which is regarded as a cult classic in the hacker community. The occult group Illuminates of Thanateros can be safely assumed to have named itself inspired by this book and claims heritage to the Illuminati at least in spirit.
? Two games from Steve Jackson Games are based on the mythos: Illuminati and its trading card game reincarnation Illuminati: New World Order. "Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati" states the advertising.
? Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum is a labyrinthine novel about all sorts of secret societies, including the Illuminati and the Rosicrucians.
? Deus Ex, a video game, features the Illuminati. Its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War also features the Illuminati in a more active role.
? Angels and Demons (German title: Illuminati, Dutch title: Het Bernini Mysterie), by Dan Brown, is about an Illuminati order plot against the Catholic Church. The book actually claims the Illuminati movement to be founded by Galileo Galilei and others as an "enlightened" reaction to persecution by the Catholic Church.
? The Illuminati was featured in a couple episodes of the Walt Disney animated series Gargoyles, but it played a background role for the most part. As well, one of the major antagonists of the series, David Xanatos, was referred to as a member of the Illuminati.
? The Principia Discordia, the infamous holy book of Discordianism, includes the Illuminati as one of the Greyface forces opposing Discordians.
? A small belief movement believes the Illuminati are a group of aliens that hold humanity on strings and control everything. This movement reads much like a science fiction novel (and was probably derived from one).
? In Simon West's movie "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (2001) a group of high society 'bad guys' call themselves Illuminati, developing a plan to rule the world. They and Lara Croft's father claim that the Illuminati have existed for millennia for this purpose.
? The movie National Treasure features both the Illuminati and the Freemasons.
? Yoshitoshi Abe's first anime series, Serial Experiments Lain, a cult classic in the technologically literate circles of anime fandom, features some references to the Illuminati and the Majestic 12 as a partial explanation of strange events.
? UK author Clive Barker, in his epic Imajica, imagines the Illuminati as a place where supernatural items are collected - and hidden/destroyed, so that the general public may never see them. Many of the items come from other dimensions, which the book expands on in great detail.
? US author Anne Rice, in book five of her vampire chronicles, "The Tale of the Body Thief", has a character named David Talbot who is involved with the group. She imagines them as a library of sorts, also dealing with the supernatural, and who of course are well-aware of the existence of vampires.
Interesting. I always knew that Thomas Jefferson had something to with the group. The masons is what I'm really interested in. Has anybody seen "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage? Good movie.

flowperson said:
What ? The triple post where I said ugh ?

Wise guy, egh?
Negotiations between the Black Dragon Society and the Illuminati are proceeding in a positive direction. Hopefully, some sort of deal will be worked out over the coming days based on a 50/50 division of dollars between the Black Dragon Society and the West. The BDS will use its dollars to develop forbidden technology, end poverty and stop environmental destruction. The Illuminati will presumably use their dollars to reconstruct devastated Western economies.

Weekly geo-political news and analysis
Been aware of B. Fulford for some time now.
Hard to tell if what he says is accurate and real or not.
But all these behind the scenes powers that be are very hard to get a reading from at the best of times, so ........perhaps.
It would be good to see these things finally come into reality.
The Black Dragon Society has been re-activated. The Black Dragon Society reaches into intelligence agencies, governments, crime syndicates, financial institutions etc. around the planet. Unlike other secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Black Dragon Society is not united by fear but rather by friendship, trust and shared values. It is actively seeking to overthrow the New World Order in order to promote a campaign to permanently end war, poverty and environmental destruction. It also seeks to actively implement technology, such as free energy, that was suppressed by the oil and nuclear loving control freaks of the N.W.O.
The original society was set up by Mitsuru Toyama in response to Adolph Hitler’s plans to enslave and exterminate “non-Aryan” people. They helped the Russians defeat Hitler by providing them with top level Japanese intelligence about his plans. They also assured the Russians they could take their forces away from Asia and send them into the battle of Stalingrad. They were allied with the Chinese Red and Green Society and shared the goal of creating a peaceful and prosperous planet.
The society went underground after World War 2 and has now re-activated itself to stop the genocidal plans of the N.W.O. thugs.
The society includes as its members top people at MI6, the Pentagon, the NSA, the Japanese military/intelligence community, the KGB, the Serbian secret police, martial arts societies, the Yakuza, the triads and others. They are allied again with the Red and Green. They can, if necessary, mobilize over 100 million fighters in all regions of the planet on short notice.
Then I found this:
Black Dragon Society (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Black Dragon Society is based on a real world WW II organization of the same name; however, this society wasn't nearly as sinister as its comic book counterparts.
Three different comics companies used the Black Dragon Society as villains in the 1940's, they were National Comics (DC Comics), Fawcett Comics and Quality Comics. Interesting enough DC Comics came to own the other two companies so all the different incarnations of the Black Dragon Society now belong to them. All Star Comics #12 had the "The Black Dragon Menace" in which a Japanese spy ring called the Black Dragon Society of Japan steals eight American inventions and kidnaps their inventors.
Modern Dragons

The modern versions of the Black Dragon Society show up in the pages of Power Company #1. This version appears to be made up of fanatical, east Asian Eco-terrorists with the stated intention to put and end to the exploitation of Pacific oil fields by the west. They take the executive board of Petroil hostage, and kill all their security and support staff. A superteam known as the Power Company shows up and shuts down the Black Dragons before they can kill their hostages.
However, at the end of the story, it is reavealed that this was only a TV commercial for the Power Company. The Black Dragon Society in the set consists of dressed-up actors. Whether the commercial was based on a real incident, and if the Power Company ever battled the real Black Dragons, is not known. does read like a comic book.
But these days even real politics reads like a comic book, so who is to say.
Will the real illuminati please step forward? Thanks. Also, are there any illegal immigrants who need a drivers license at this time? Please form a line here, and police officer Corothers will be happy to assist you.
illuminati and secret reading has led me to feel that they were a force for good, generally speaking. secret cos they questioned the power and knowledge of the church and as such risked torture and death. they prolly did influence society but this was more by having humane, free thinking members that occupied high up places in their respective country's political and social life in order to bring about freedom of speech and human rights in general, summat the church feared greatly. also i feel they possesed and practised alchemical and occult (ancient science) knowledge.

the whole utube, nwo thing and it's association with the illuminati was and is propagated by religious nuts and lapped up by conspiracy theorists, not that all consp. theories are nonsense. folk like to point the finger at other countries, religions and imagined shadowy societies as it's better than taking responsibilty for their own travesty...we think we become more by condeming others..."in the condemnation of others lies the justification of ourselves" j krishnamurti...

i think we each own a part of the shadow or have a little hitler in us, times that by 6 billion and you have this unholy mess we call the world....consciousness being possibly holographic, if one changes fundamentally within then he/she affects the whole consciousness of man, anything less is action postponed and responsibilty passed over...endless pontification so we can sit on our butts, me too...

secretative? ope ur coolio 17th n still tearing it up....