The Arc of the Covenant

It's not threat, Flow, its incredulity.

The command 'be still and know that I am God' has a direct relevance here, first in the sense that meditation upon Scripture should be a means of entering a dialogue with its Divine Author in stillness, in contemplative prayer or lectio divina; the second is that all this 'stuff' is the product of much human activity, much running hither and thither to borrow from this source and that – and the multiplicity of sources is evidence itself of a latter-day Tower of Babel – which at the end of the day adds nothing of any use or value to the text itself.

Scripture is its own philosophy, its own etymology and its own hermeneutic – it requires nothing external or ancilliary for its full and proper understanding – quite the reverse, in fact.

Put simply, why, if man is man, and God is God, would either have to resort to anything as soulless and mundane as a machine?


I wholly ageee that, as you say, "G-d is G-d", but I would argue that scripture and meditation is but one avenue through which we might experience this "presence". I have had many experiences outside of stilless and this mode of contemplation that have convinced me that this is so.

I'll repeat a story that I've related elsewhere here to answer your closing comment. In the early 90's I participated in a seminar series over a few years that included prominent theologians and scientists who met over dinner and formal presentations for the purposes of examining where we've been, the current state of the world, and based upon all that what we might reasonably expect to transpire in the future.

A young woman participated in the proceedings as an intern for a part of that time, and a couple of years ago I was surprised when I opened my New York Times to discover an article based upon an interview with her. She had landed on staff at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology and her function was to consult with scientists and engineers who had moral and ethical questions and issues regarding the innovations that they were bringing into the light.

I don't remember much of what the article said except for her final observation to the effect that there was something profoundly wrong with a society that encouraged and pushed humans to behave and function more and more like robots in their everyday lives... and, all the while robotic devices and systems were being created and implemented through human activities to function in ways that surpassed the functional abilities of human beings.

Let's say that you survive the next 100 years and are invited, as a revered and prominent traditional scholar of religion, to referee and judge the annual Turing Tests. What would you do when confronted with a fully fleshed out humanoid creation that confounded your abilities to discern any difference from other human beings that you have known, in its behavior patterns and intellectual feedback? Do you believe that you could tell the difference between analog, such as you, and digital such as it ?

Parts of analog beings already operate and are genomically constructed in digital ways at their foundations as opposed to analog. Such parts, when examined in detail at their functional roots, fully exhibit the attributes of digital devices, and yet they are capable of efficientlly functioning as part of an analog whole, the human body. If you study the physiology and functional chacteristics of the human eye you will find all of this to be true.

One of your countrymen's final cinematic efforts at the close of his career examined his take on all this. Stanley Kubrick's, AI Artificial Intelligence, is a profound statement regarding this arising dilemma. I believe that you'll find it to be very informative and enlightening.

IMO, we are only just beginning the prophesied conflicts between the two and the three, and the three and the two.


critical mass level of Opposite Expression of Free Will

When HetharO, with its attendant replenishing of the Christos Seed Atom, occurs as the result of the natural expenditure of this Atom's original energy thrust, beings carrying the core Christos imprint would have had time to activate their core template to a Base 12.

Those who take the anti-Christos path of separation have chosen this over many lifetimes. All will be drawn to the time-space locations which feel most in tune with their core vibration. KS defines love as a state of vibrational harmonization; that which we love is, in a very real sense, what is in tune with our own core vibration. Beings who are more in tune with energies such as competition, power struggles, the victim/ victimizer drama, or other expressions of a separative, anti-Christos mindset, will be just as relieved when the Shield finally separate as beings who are fundamentally in tune with the Law of ONE.

You know, all that is needed to invent a New Age religion is to meld pseudo-scientific terms with moral and religious dogma. "Critical mass level of Opposite Expression of Freewill"?

You've succeeded in taking God right out of the equation. Science is now your God. We don't need to be accountable to God, just the laws of physics.

In the way that I view it all, G-d is, among other things, the "laws of Physics" at least in the local sense, if not the non-local. It all depends upon how one views and evaluates it all IMO. Accusing others of substituting science for G-d is not a valid observation by my way of thinking. Perhaps
G-d is simply allowing us to see and understand more sacred knowledge as our time progresses so that we my truly become "created co-creators" which seems to be the overall plan here IMO.

Hi Flow -

Common to all spiritual traditions is the idea of ascesis - denial of, to a greater or lesser degree, self and the world. Such terms as 'detachment', 'humility', 'virtue' ... etc., I'm sure you can see where I'm heading with this ... in short I think we can agree that all spiritual masters display a remarkable degree of mastery of self, arrived at through a long and arduous practice of self discipline.

Therefore I doubt a time will ever come when one such master ascends the spiritual heights, only to find a deity shaking his head and holding up a mobile, "why didn't you just ring?"

It's not the technology I have a problem with, it's the discreet idea that technology offers solutions to the essential problem by enabling us to bypass the necessary effort - and that, I would say, is a prevalent facet of the New Age - the desire for instant karma.

Take the 'god-spot' as mentioned elsewhere. Scientists isolate the 'god-spot' because, say, the brain does 'X' when man is in communion with God ... therefore, if we can stimulate 'X', we can open a comms channel with the Divine ... it just doesn't work that way ... in so doing we reduce the Divine to mechanics ...

Thomas and Dondi:

We are all entitled to our beliefs. You are entitled to yours and I, and others, theirs.. You are not going to change us, nor we you. Let's just let God show us the unfolding of His/Her truths in the fullness of time. I am perfectly willing to do that.

Both of you will live longer than I. But I have resevoirs of memory and experience that enlightens me every day when I learn something new and integrate it with the whole of my past, and I am as convinced of my version of reality and what is to come as I'm sure you are of yours.

Why not leave it all alone and not go out of your ways to attack those who, by virtue of their uniqueness, do not see the whole as you both happen to. I believe that is the crux of the matter. And, that seems to be what has transpired on this thread

It's not about spiritual mastery or hidden knowledge or having a good offense be a good defense. It's not at all about games. It's about G-d...your version and mine together. You happen to find them to be incompatible...I do not.

flow - aside from what is (in my opinion) an entirely unwarranted, unsupported and conjectural, not to say barking mad set of assertions about the ark, my point was that the hebrew word for "ark" does not contain a "K", "C" or hard "Q" sound. thus any arguments based on that are without merit - and that's merely a linguistic point.


Hello Bananabrain,
You are absolutely correct. I transliterated the final nun in Lev. 16:2 as a final kaf. The word in this verse does not carry the vav, it is merely ahleph, resh, nun. The text I use is very old and as you know the two letters in the final form look very similar in the older texts. Therefore instead of A, R, C we have A, R, N. which mean according to the meaning of each letter: the Ultimate promordial force that radiates life (or a connection to life) :)
However this transliteration oversight on my part, in no manner changes the content of my original post.
Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.
Love and Light, Midge